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Lemonade with mint

Lemonade with mint

For this lemonade I squeezed the juice from a large lemon and a lime in a bowl. If you have a citrus juicer, all the better, if not, the citrus can be squeezed very well with your hand and teaspoon. Cut the fruit at one end with a knife, then insert a teaspoon in the center of the fruit and begin to rotate so that all the juice and pulp of the fruit will be released into our container. We are going to rotate the teaspoon inside the fruit until all the pulp is grated and taken out, and the peel remains empty like a carcass. We still have a little juice on our hands, which is true, but we can get more juice than by the traditional method of squeezing the fruit only by hand.

After doing this operation and squeezing the two lemons, the yellow and the green, I grated a fresh ginger root. I added the amount of ginger given on the grater obtained in the bowl with the juice of the two citrus fruits.

The next step was to add plain water to dilute the lemon juice. Add as much water as you like, according to everyone's taste and preferably cold. I put half a liter because I didn't want it to be too concentrated or too diluted.

Then I added a few teaspoons of sunflower honey. It is delicious, it has a new aroma that I have never tried before and I am very happy to have discovered it.

To finish off my energizing homemade lemonade, I broke a few fresh mint leaves and mixed them into the lemonade. It is good to try to break them into several pieces to release the fresh mint flavor.

I mixed well with a spoon to melt the honey and mix all the flavors and tastes and the last step was to pour the delicious lemonade into glasses.

It helps us cool down on hot summer days and at the same time is an ally of the immune system. It's like a medicine we take to prevent a cold or a cocktail that helps us maintain our weight. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, mint is fragrant and gives it a fresh drink, honey is a natural sweetener, and ginger, in addition to its special aroma, keeps microbes away and quickly causes burns in the body. I am waiting for you on with other soft drinks.

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