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Cake with yogurt and strawberries

Cake with yogurt and strawberries

Gelatin and pour over 100 ml. cold water and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then heat it on a water bath, stirring slowly until completely dissolved.

Beat the whipped cream with the mixer. When it starts to homogenize, add the vanilla sugar and the whipped cream hardener.

The contents of the box of cream cheese "Something fine" is put in a bowl and crushed together with powdered sugar. Then add the strawberry yogurt, mixing it well with the cream cheese.

Mix whipped cream with cream cheese and yogurt and gelatin.

The biscuits are cut to the size of the cake tray and passed through a quick syrup so that they do not soften.

In the cake pan lined with food foil put biscuits all around, and at the bottom put strawberries cut in two or whole.

Pour the cream over them, put strawberries and biscuits on top of the cream.

It has to stay in the fridge for a few hours or even overnight. I kept it for 3 hours and it was enough.

When it is well frozen, take a plate, place it on top of the tray and turn it over. Remove the foil and garnish with whipped cream.

Kitchen of my house

-wash the strawberries, dry them and cut the pieces.
-mix the eggs with the sugar and salt powder until they become creamy, then add the yogurt and mix, then add the flour, baking powder and sifted vanillin, and finally the oil.


I love this dessert, it can be made with any type of favorite fruit (peaches, cherries, strawberries, pineapples, raspberries, etc.), it is soft and goes great with coffee or tea.

3 eggs
1 jar of creamy white yogurt (125 g)
200 g of sugar
250 g of flour
1 sachet of yeast
1 pinch of salt
1 sachet of vanilla
10 tablespoons sunflower seed oil
200-220 g of strawberries already cleaned.

-wash the strawberries, dry them and cut them into pieces.
-Beat the eggs together with the sugar and a pinch of salt until they are creamy, then add the yogurt, mix, then add the flour, yeast and vanillin, then finally the seed oil.
-Put the mixture in a greased and floured pan, then put the strawberry pieces on the entire surface and with your fingers gently push some pieces into the mixture.
-bake at 180 & # 176 for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 160 & # 176 and leave for another 25-30 minutes (take the stick test).
-let the cake to cool, then serve it sprinkled with icing sugar.

Strawberry jam with mint, basil and chilli

-1 kg of strawberries
-250 gr sugar
-1 basil twig
-2 mint branches
-1 hot peppers

Put all the ingredients in the bowl in which you boil the jam and, over low heat, leave them all until they boil and the sugar melts.
If it foams, foam it.

When the sugar has melted, turn off the heat, cover the bowl and leave it to soak overnight.

The next morning, take out the spices and simmer until it thickens. Pour the jam into hot jars in the oven, turn the jars with the lid down to drain and leave until cool.

Advice! To reduce the foam made by the jam, you can add a little olive oil.

Strawberry and yogurt cake

Yesterday I was gone all day and on the way back I found in a village towards the house a lady at the gate selling strawberries 8 ron / kg. I quickly gained a kilo and came home. They weren't too sunrise, but at least I knew they were organic from the lady in the yard.

I put them in the fridge and thought I would do something with them the next day.

I didn't find a head-to-tail recipe on the net that would delight me, so I made a mixture of about 3.

1 tablespoon brown sugar (or 4.5 tablespoons, depending on how sweet you want it to be)

300 gr strawberries, cut into 2 or 4

2 small Greek yogurts, as fat as possible

Separate the egg whites from the yolk. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and add the sugar until it melts.

Beat the yolks with the oil, yogurt and baking powder for 1 minute.

Lightly mix the egg whites with the yolks and add the flour.

Photo: my basic help, Maria

Line a tray with baking paper and add the dough. Place as many strawberries as you want on top.

Put the tray in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 35-50 minutes. It took me 50 minutes.

Step by step preparation of the cake with yogurt and strawberries.


  • 3 eggs
  • 90g old
  • 200g yogurt
  • 50g oil (or melted butter)
  • 250g flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 drop of salt
  • 250-300g strawberries
  • 1 piece butter to grease the pan

Method of preparation:

The first time we wash the strawberries and let them on some paper napkins to drain the water well.

Grease a tart form with butter and sprinkle with flour. I used a ceramic tray with a diameter of about 24-26 cm. You can also use the metal tart shape.

Turn the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Eggs are mixed with sugar and salt until the composition increases in volume, just like pandispan. Add a little oil and then yogurt.

We turn off the mixer and incorporate the flour and baking powder, little by little, mixing with a spatula. We also add vanilla. When all the ingredients are well blended, pour the composition into the tray and smooth it so that the dough is uneven.

On top we add the strawberries cut in two or four, depending on their size. We place them neatly or at random and put the tray in the oven for about 25-30 minutes, at 180 degrees Celsius.

Remove the cake with yoghurt and strawberries from the oven and leave it to cool a bit. Then carefully remove from the pan, dust with sugar and cut into slices.

It is a simple, unpretentious cake, but perfect for a family dessert. The top is dense and slightly soft, and the ripe strawberries give an intense taste to the cake.

  • 400 gr of commercial yogurt berries
  • 300 gr mure
  • 300 ml sweet liquid cream
  • 20 gr gelatin
  • 100 ml water for hydrating gelatin
  • countertop biscuits

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Unbaked yogurt cake

Yogurt and banana cake
The cake with yogurt and bananas is a quick and simple cake but not only that. Are you looking for a refreshing yogurt cake? Are you looking for a cake with yogurt without baking, a simple and delicious cake? Then you will fall in love with this cake.

Yogurt and banana cake is the best cake with biscuits and yogurt. How to make yogurt cake? Why is this yogurt and banana cake so special?
I begin the description of this cake without baking with a picture that makes a thousand words.

Yogurt and banana cake a refreshing yogurt cake
Yogurt and banana cake a refreshing yogurt cake
For me, the look and taste of a cake matters a lot. I don't shy away when it comes to a homemade cake that you have to work on for hours on end or from a refined dessert that requires attention and patience. I love the cakes that you have to prepare meticulously because I am aware of the joy of the final result and the spiritual satisfaction that comes with it. But if we are talking about cakes without baking, that is, these quick cakes that do not require the use of the oven, they are my favorites.
Yogurt and banana cake how to make yogurt and banana biscuit cake
That's because they are quick and cheap cakes that are easy to prepare. If you are in a time crisis or just want to prepare something good in a few minutes, this cake with yogurt and bananas is perfect. You need 7 simple and quite accessible ingredients, ingredients that you can easily combine to obtain the cake without perfect baking. Why do I say this cake is the perfect dessert? First of all, it is a cake with yogurt and whipped cream, so a cake with refreshing cream. From the start it is a summer cake, a dessert that can be confused with a creamy ice cream. Here we are talking about taste. If we refer to the appearance, the cake with yogurt and bananas also occupies a leading place here next to the Albinita cake with uncooked honey.

The first layer is one of cocoa biscuits syruped in natural banana juice. The next layer is that of bananas, in fact bananas cut in half and arranged so that they are visible on the section anyway I slice the cake.

Of course, the next layer is the cream with yogurt and whipped cream. Here I used strawberry yogurt, you can use any fruit yogurt you like. It is important to be creamy. The last layer, ie the lid layer is one of cocoa biscuits. And these syrups, just like the first layer. I decorated the yogurt cake with banana slices and melted chocolate but you can decorate the cake to your liking. I think a little powdered sugar or grated chocolate would work very well.

Yogurt and banana cake, how to make this cake with biscuits and yogurt?
Yogurt and banana cake serving method YOGHURT CAKE AND BISCUITS
For the cream of this cake I used sweetened liquid cream and creamy yogurt with strawberries. I did not use sugar because both were sweet. But if you are replacing sweetened liquid cream with whipped cream then you will need to add a little powdered sugar. This is to everyone's taste. It is also valid if you use a simple creamy yogurt without fruit. It is best to use sugar depending on the two ingredients.

Yogurt and banana cake adygio kitchen
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Cake with yogurt and bananas without baking
Cake with yogurt and bananas without baking, a quick cake with biscuits, yogurt, bananas and whipped cream.
10 mins
1 min
Total time
11 mins
Type: Dessert Cuisine: Romanian Portions: 12 peopleCalories: 239kcal

30 pieces of cocoa biscuits
600 g yogurt with strawberries
250 ml sweetened liquid cream
250 ml banana juice
3-4 pieces of bananas
250 g mascarpone
10 g gelatin
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We start by putting gelatin in a larger bowl and then moisturize it with about 100 ml of banana juice.
yogurt cake and banana moisturizing gelatin
Turn to the cream and put the mascarpone cream in the bowl of the mixer together with the whipped cream. Mix for about a minute or so, until you get a firm cream.
yogurt cake and banana yogurt cream
Turn off the mixer and add the strawberry yogurt. Mix lightly with wide movements until smooth.
yogurt cake and bananas strawberry yogurt
Put the gelatin in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.
We take it out and pour it over the cream. Stir and the cream is ready.
yogurt cake and bananas with gelatin cream
Cake with yogurt and bananas cake assembly
We start by syruping the biscuits. We pass them through the banana juice and wait for the excess to drain. We put them in the tray that we will use, respectively in an adjustable shape. I set the shape so that it could fit 3 rows of 5 biscuits each.

Once we have finished putting the biscuits in syrup, we put the bananas cut in half. In order to have a cake that looks as good as possible, we also put smaller pieces between the big ones.

Cake with yogurt and strawberries

Wheat Piscot : Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Put 12 tablespoons of sugar in the yolks and froth it with the mixer. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Gradually add the foamy yolks to the beaten egg whites and mix gently until smooth. In a bowl put 12 tablespoons of flour to which we add 1/2 sachet of baking powder and mix. Gradually add this mixture to the egg mixture, stirring gently until all the flour is incorporated. We pour the resulting biscuit composition in a tray lined with baking paper that we put in the preheated oven. After the top is baked, leave it to cool and then cut it in half.

Filling: We cut the washed and peeled strawberries into slices. Dissolve the 3 gelatin sachets in 100 ml of cold water. Put the 750 ml yogurt in a deeper and more spacious bowl, put sliced ​​strawberries on top and add sugar to taste (I put about 10 tablespoons of sugar in the amount described). Meanwhile, froth the whipped cream. Put the soaked gelatin on the fire to dissolve (attention. It heats up easily! It does not boil.) After which we pour it into the yoghurt and strawberry composition. Mix lightly, adding the whipped cream. The filling thus obtained was poured over half of the countertop, which we placed back in the tray in which we baked the pandispan. Cover with the other half of the countertop, and on top we glaze with chocolate or we can sprinkle powdered sugar. Let the cake cool for 2-3 hours so that the filling thickens, after which we can serve it.


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