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Warm sandwich with ham and Brie cheese

Warm sandwich with ham and Brie cheese

A quick snack, which goes very well with a glass of milk.

  • 4 slices of homemade bread
  • 2 slices of turkey ham
  • Brie cheese
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 2 teaspoons peach sauce with pepper

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Hot sandwich with ham and Brie cheese:

I prepared the ingredients for the sandwiches: I cut 4 slices of bread, I washed and dried the lettuce leaves and I cut a few slices of Brie cheese.

I greased the slices of bread with peach and pepper sauce, on one I put a slice of ham, folded in two, and on the other the slices of cheese.

On top of the ham I placed a salad leaf and joined the slices. I put the sandwich in the sandwich maker until it browned nicely and the cheese melted a little.

I did the same with the other sandwich.

Leek tart with Brie cheese

I like tarts for the ease and speed with which they are made, for the practically innumerable combinations you can use. It is an ideal entree for a table with several guests, but you can turn them into a appetizer as well. It is enough to cut the dough in the form of smaller discs and you get semi-busses, as we did in the Quick Busses with goat cheese, tomatoes and pesto sauce. This time, I offer you a delicious combination of sweet leek, creamy Brie cheese and fragrant thyme.

By the way, did you know that Brie is the best known of the French cheeses, which is why she is nicknamed & # 8220The Queen of Cheeses & # 8221? Obtained from cow's milk and bearing the name of the region in which she was born, Brie can be served very well for dessert, along with some grapes or apples. And for those who are even more daring, there is the option of combining it with nuts, raspberries or strawberries, after which everything is & # 8220clothed & # 8221 in a chocolate sauce :).

Returning to my tart, for more efficiency, I used a puff pastry I bought. But if you have more time, I recommend you try a Pate brisee, according to the recipe HERE. And if you want an even more consistent tart, you can also add a mixture of liquid cream and eggs like Quiche Lorraine.

& # 8211 puff pastry dough 400 g
& # 8211 leek 2 pcs. (250 g)
& # 8211 butter (65% fat) 30 g
& # 8211 Brie cheese 250 g
& # 8211 thyme 1/2 tablespoon (I put it dry, but it's preferably fresh)
& # 8211 pepper

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Cut the leeks into small pieces and sauté them in melted butter for a few minutes. Just enough to soften the leeks a little. Mix it with half the amount of thyme. Spread the puff pastry in the shape of a tart, press so that it molds to the walls of the mold and cut out the excess dough. Prick the dough with a fork so that it does not swell too much in the oven. Distribute the warm leek evenly.

Place the Brie cheese on top, cut into pieces. Sprinkle with the remaining thyme and a little freshly ground pepper. Put in the hot oven and leave for 25-30 minutes, until the puff pastry has swelled and browned nicely.

Let the tart breathe for a few minutes before slicing. If it remains, it can be reheated in the microwave.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have known this recipe from my mother-in-law and I have been repeating it for at least 16 years! I always like it and I propose it with great confidence!

15-16 cannelloni, meat filling and flavors, white sauce -besciamella type, tomato sauce -passata type

-500-600 gr. mixed meat (chicken, veal, lean pork)
- oil, butter (one tablespoon)
- lemon peel
- a large white or red onion
- celery - two green stems or 2-3 root sticks
-a small cup of warm water (or vegetable soup). Do not add salt or vegetables!

Grind the raw meat and put it in a pan with the rest of the above ingredients, all chopped (first photo) over medium heat for 5 min. then cover and simmer for 40 minutes.

Remove from the heat and add the ingredients from the second photo:

- a total of 100-150 gr. of mortadella and boiled or raw ham (prosciutto cotto or prosciutto crudo) according to pleasure and taste. everything ground!
-3 large tablespoons of grated parmiggiano
- salt (attention, the parmesan is already salty)
- grated nutmeg, grated lemon

The composition obtained must be a little creamy, not dry at all, so add a little more melted butter or vegetable soup (I simply put warm water).
The risk is that the paste after baking will dry too much !!

The procedure of filling cannelloni requires a little patience:

Put a pot of water to boil and when boiling, add salt and reduce the heat, add cannelloni pasta 5-6 at a time, leave them only for one minute and take them out with a wide palette type - strainer by placing them on a clean fine cotton towel (not the thick type to wipe on your hands!)

Now you can fill them but not much until they run out (I admit, I have a bit exaggerated in the photo) and place them in the tray greased with butter (the shape of the tray is decided by you depending on the amount of pasta obtained)

Béchamel sauce (or white sauce):

MY besciamella recipe is extremely fast (the classic recipe contains flour and butter and the appearance is a "floury" one that I don't like, instead the starch gives it a fine, delicate consistency)

- cold milk 300ml + cold liquid cream 300ml.
- potato starch (2 full teaspoons),
- salt, nutmeg, grated lemon. DO NOT put pepper!

Put everything on the fire (before dissolving the starch in cold milk) and mix quickly from the moment it starts to boil.
The salsa obtained must not be too dense, too bound !! Add warm milk in this case.
Place the salsa with a large spoon over the pasta but don't overdo it, it shouldn't puddle!

Classic tomato sauce (tomato paste)

In a small pot put 4-5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with garlic (3-4 cups) over high heat for. half a minute, take the garlic out and carefully add a bottle of tomato puree (500ml.), a teaspoon of salt and a sea of ​​sugar and lots of basil leaves!

Do not put oregano or thyme as usual when it comes to Italian food, the taste does not match any type of Italian salsa!
Bring to a simmer over medium heat. 15 minutes and covered.
Place the salsa over the pasta and not too much!

-You can prepare the sauces earlier, while you prepare the meat filling.
- Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C (not ventilated!), Leave the pasta for 20 minutes - half an hour always checking (remember that each oven is different and so the baking time may vary)

3 minutes before, remove the pasta and put grated Parmesan cheese on top, let it brown and au gratin nicely.

Mix white cheese with spreadable cheese but also with pieces of boiled or canned fish. Don't forget to add spices or herbs & ndash garlic or shallot, fresh herbs, Tabasco sauce, favorite spices, etc. You can also try a vegetarian version & ndash & replace the fish with nuts. To be tasted with crispy vegetable bars or with breadsticks.

Fill the emptied cherry tomatoes, small mushrooms, slices of cucumber or potatoes cut in half with any type of natural or fragrant cheese.

Bougourdi & # 8211 hot appetizer with feta cheese

It's about a traditional Greek dish that I found more in the northern part of Greece (Macedonia region) and less in the central or southern part. It is an extremely simple appetizer to prepare, without too many ingredients, but surprisingly tasty and just right to quench the hunger produced by a glass of fragrant ouzo.

If you make individual portions, put half the amount of feta cheese in the clay pot. Place a tomato cut into pieces and a half of the hot pepper on top (if it is very hot, put less). Sprinkle with spices and sprinkle with a little olive oil. Place the Gouda cheese on top (preferably sliced ​​and completely cover the feta cheese) and, possibly, sprinkle a little more pepper.

Do the same for the second portion. Put on the grill and leave for about 10 minutes or until it browns a little on top (if you do not have a grill in the oven, you can do it in the preheated oven, but it will take longer). At the end of the time, the feta cheese should have melted slightly and the tomatoes should have softened. Serve the dish immediately, hot, possibly with slices of bread greased with a little olive oil and then fried.

Pumpkin and cheese croquettes.

A seasonal appetizer & # 8211 fluffy, delicious pumpkin croquettes with a core full of cheese fondue!

  • 600 gr cooked pumpkin pie
  • 125 gr homemade breadcrumbs
  • 125 gr parmesan race fin
  • 1 or
  • salt and pepper
  • 3 fresh finely chopped sage leaves (optional)
  • 60 gr brie cheese without shell, cut into small cubes
  • fine breadcrumbs
  • You get the pumpkin pulp by baking the pumpkin slices (including the peel) for 30 minutes at 200 degrees, or as long as necessary until the fork easily enters the pulp. Once cooked, separate the core from the peel with a spoon and then crush it with a fork until it becomes a puree. Put the pulp in a large mesh strainer and let it drain well for 30 minutes.
  • Prepare all the ingredients.
  • Mix the pumpkin pulp with the breadcrumbs in a bowl. When it has absorbed all the liquid, add the rest of the ingredients and homogenize the dough.
  • With wet hands form round croquettes the size of ping pong balls.
  • Press the middle a little to make room for 4-5 small cubes of cheese, then reseal and shape into a ball.
  • Pass the croquette through fine breadcrumbs and proceed until the dough is exhausted.
  • Refrigerate for 30 minutes then fry in an oil bath until golden. Remove them on absorbent paper.
  • Eat them hot. When hot, the cheese will melt and form a creamy core.

How about the most tender and delicious moment at breakfast? All you need is a slice of fried chocolate spread on top of which to put slices of banana. A true royal. Ideally, you should prepare homemade chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, milk, agave instead of sugar and a little butter. It is not so easy but it is healthy.

For the most delicious Sunday sandwich you need mascarpone, honey and pieces of fruit. You can use for example a more cooked peach or even strawberries. Delicious and extremely appetizing. If you also add chopped and fried almonds, you will surely enjoy the most delicious sandwich. You can replace the cake with a croissant.

Potato tart and Brie cheese.

Potato tart and brie cheese is a popular appetizer in France, less widespread in our country despite the fact that we have the tastiest potatoes in the world.

  • 5 large potatoes, the same size
  • 2 onions (you can replace with the white part of the leek)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 200 gr Brie cheese (with shell)
  • 150 ml of skim milk
  • 150 ml cooking cream
  • salt, pepper, ground nutmeg
  • a tablespoon of butter (40-50 gr)
  • 1 roll of broken dough
  • 1 bunch green parsley

You can buy the brisée dough refrigerated or you can make it yourself:

  • 250 gr flour
  • 125 gr very cold butter
  • 1 yolk
  • cold water ice
  • a pinch of salt
  • tart shape (preferably with detachable bottom) 26-28 cm in diameter
  • worksheet
  • rolling pin
  • goal
  1. If you have decided to make the dough yourself: mix the flour with the cold butter cut into small cubes until you choose a dough with a sandy appearance. Put the yolk in the middle and start kneading by hand, adding ice cold water a little, until a homogeneous dough is formed. Knead quickly, give it a ball shape and wrap the dough in cling film. Leave to cool for at least 30 minutes.

  2. Put a 2 l pot of water and salt on the fire.
  3. Peel the potatoes, cut them into 4 mm thick slices.
  4. When the water boils, boil the potato slices for 10 minutes. When they are ready, remove them with a whisk and let them cool and drain well.
  5. Peel the onion, cut it into scales (I had already finely chopped it from another dish, I used that one).
  6. Heat the butter in a pan and cook the onion well. It must lose its pungent taste and become glassy.
  7. When ready, add the finely chopped green parsley. Set it aside.
  8. In a bowl, beat the eggs well, then add the milk, cream, hardened onion (only after it has cooled), salt, freshly ground black pepper, ground nutmeg.
  9. Cut the Brie cheese into small cubes. If you don't like Brie cheese, you can replace it with Taleggio, Scamorza, Comtè, Gruyère or, even better, goat cheese.
  10. Grease the tart shape and line it with baking paper.
  11. Spread the dough sheet in a 3 mm layer, carefully roll it on the rolling pin and place it in the form. Coat the bottom and walls of the mold well with the dough, cut off the excess, then prick the entire surface with a fork.
  12. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  13. Carefully wipe each slice of boiled potato.
  14. Place the potato slices between the edges towards the center, sprinkling cheese cubes between them. Overlap the potato slices and form another row until all the ingredients are used up.
  15. Carefully pour egg cream and cream between layers.
  16. Bake for 45 minutes.
  17. When ready, remove and leave to cool on a kitchen grill.
  18. Eat lukewarm tart. It is ideal for a snack at home, lunch box, at school or picnic. It goes great with a tablespoon of fatty fermented cream.

A gluten-free breakfast

Even if you do not suffer from gluten intolerance, you can try to reduce its consumption. You will also be able to alleviate some problems that are difficult to treat in a conventional way. You can replace gluten with breakfast with:

- gluten-free bread, based on corn or rice.

- gluten-free breakfast cereals & ndash buckwheat, millet, soy, sugar-free rice flakes.

- home-made cakes with semi-wholemeal rice flour and cornstarch.

- pancakes, goffre, pancakes, also based on rice flour, but also based on quinoa, millet or yellow corn.

Simple, safe and fast, at home!

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