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Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

This December, I did my best to create a festive holiday mood in my apartment without going overboard. My objectives were to use what I already had, avoid buying things that I would need to store, and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. A Christmas tree was out of the question (where would I put it?) and way too much work, so I got creative with my holiday décor.

I grouped together my grandmother’s vintage vases and added holiday-themed elements like cranberries, white flowers and candy canes. Then, I picked up some leftover Christmas tree branches from Lowe’s and plucked them in a vase for my dining room table. I even repurposed the fresh flowers from three bridesmaids bouquets and used them in my centerpiece and on my kitchen counter. Can you believe the hydrangea is two weeks old?

After Christmas last year, I couldn’t resist CB2’s elf candleholders when they went on sale for $3 each. They don’t take up much space in my closet, so I’m happy with the purchase. Aren’t they fun?

Sometimes a nod to Christmas is all you need–some sparkles, white, red or green colors will do the trick. Do you agree? How did you decorate your place this year? What are your favorite easy holiday decorating tricks? Do tell!

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