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Homemade vanilla sugar recipe

Homemade vanilla sugar recipe

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A lot of European recipes for biscuits and cakes use vanilla sugar in place of vanilla extract. My mother would make a large canister of this vanilla sugar in August in preparation for all the Christmas baking she was going to do in November and December!

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IngredientsServes: 96

  • 400g caster sugar
  • 1 whole vanilla bean

MethodPrep:5min ›Extra time:7days resting › Ready in:7days5min

  1. Pour the sugar into an airtight container. If the vanilla bean is whole, slice it halfway through the long way, open up the pod; use a spoon or kitchen knife to scrape out the black gooey specks. Stir the specks into the sugar and bury the vanilla pod in the sugar. Cover the jar and let stand for at least 1 week.

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Vanilla Sugar Recipe in 3 Easy Steps

With just 2 ingredients, this vanilla sugar recipe is so simple and easy to make at home. Only 5 minutes needed! Tips shared for choosing the right vanilla bean for making incredible homemade vanilla sugar.

What is Vanilla Sugar Used For?

Vanilla sugar is incredibly versatile.

I keep a small jar in my baking cabinet (next to the spices) and use it for just about anything: sprinkled over juicy, ripe strawberries, stirred into oatmeal, and mixed into strong coffee and tea. It’s great on waffles, apple tarts and panettone, and it makes the best cinnamon toast on warm sourdough bread. Every time I open the jar, I’m hit with the most wonderful, sweet aroma…

But here’s the best part: vanilla sugar is practical enough for everyday use but equally as impressive to give as gifts. It’s easy, fast and incredibly satisfying to make.

Homemade Vanilla Sugar in 3 Easy Steps!

  • Grab some vanilla beans
  • Combine sugar and vanilla in a food processor (it can also be done by hand)
  • Portion in cute little jars

So… How do I pick the right vanilla bean?

There are several types of vanilla beans to choose from, ranging in source of origin, flavor and cost.

Here are 3 common varieties:

  • Tahitian:floral aroma with a rich, fruity flavor
  • Madagascar Bourbon:sweet aroma and delicate flavor
  • Mexican:full bodied, rich and smoky

My preference is Tahitian Vanilla Beans (Grade B). The flavor is versatile and it does not overpower.

Another important factor to consider is cost. Vanilla beans are pricey! To save a few bucks, Native Vanilla has some bulk price options (i.e. 10 vanilla beans for $12.99 with free shipping!). The quality is excellent.

What’s the difference between Grade A & Grade B vanilla?

Grade A vanilla beans are considered high quality or “gourmet” because they’re soft, plump, shiny and have a high moisture content. They’re also expensive.

Grade B vanilla beans can be stiff, crackly and dry.

Which one is best for vanilla sugar?

Grade B is typically best because of its low moisture content- the sugar won’t clump up when the mixture is combined. The vanilla beans still pack plenty of pure vanilla flavor, and as an added bonus, they cost less than Grade A beans.

How tO store vanilla Sugar & Vanilla Beans

Vanilla sugar will keep indefinitely when stored in an airtight jar. In fact, the longer it sits the better it will taste!

As for the vanilla beans, cover tightly in plastic or wax wrap. This is important so they don’t dry out.

TIP: As your vanilla sugar supply dwindles down, top it off with more sugar and deseeded vanilla pods as you collect them.

Where Can I Buy Those Cute Jars?!

This recipe fits perfectly into 4 oz (125 ml) latch top jars (pictured here).

Here a a few options to choose from, similar to mine. You can also purchase in bulk from a restarant supply store.

Recipes to Try with Vanilla sugar

*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for the support friends!

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How to make Vanilla Syrup

The Ingredients & possible substitutes

You&rsquoll only need a handful of ingredients:

  • whole vanilla beans &ndash you can also use ground vanilla beans (1 tablespoon) or vanilla extract (1 tablespoon)
  • water
  • sugar &ndash I am using white sugar but can also use dextrose (for a low fructose version) or brown sugar.

The Basic Steps

As always you can find the whole recipe below in the box. I want to show you the basic steps first, though.

All you’re doing is pouring alcohol over split vanilla beans and letting the concoction age over time. Give it a shake every now and then. It’s that easy.

  1. Vanilla Beans: You can find vanilla beans at most major grocery stores in the spice aisle. If you can’t locate them, try purchasing them online. I use and highly recommend these options– they’re also what I use when I make vanilla sugar— Madagascar vanilla beans, these Tahitian vanilla beans, or these Tahitian vanilla beans. (Note that each are different quantities.) I’ve made vanilla with them all. The beans are a generous size, nice and plump, high quality, and perfect for homemade vanilla. Vanilla beans labeled “Grade B” are specifically sold for extracting purposes, but I’ve made vanilla with Grade A beans and it tastes great. Use either.
  2. 80 proof Alcohol: Vanilla extract is most commonly made from vodka, but you can use bourbon, brandy, or rum instead. I usually use vodka, but the one bottle of bourbon vanilla I made 7 months ago is DIVINE. No need to splurge on expensive alcohol. This is probably the only time someone will tell you to buy the cheap stuff!! All the vanilla’s flavor is from the vanilla beans, so spend your money on those. Avoid flavored vodkas as they often contain artificial flavors, which negates the purpose of making your own pure vanilla.
  3. Glass Bottles or Jars with Tight Seal: We recommend 8 ounce bottles. These bottles have a convenient swing top with a very tight seal. Great for gifting. Sterilizing the bottles is ideal, though we’ve skipped that step with no problem in the outcome of the vanilla. If your bottles or jars don’t have any plastic pieces attached, we recommend sterilizing them before using.
  4. Funnel: A funnel is optional, but it makes pouring 100x quicker and easier. (These funnels collapse, so they’re great for storage.)

Vanilla beans are expensive, but 5-6 of them make an entire CUP (8 ounces) of vanilla extract and you can reuse the beans. Compare that to $4 for 1 ounce of store-bought extract.

Non-alcoholic version? Pure extracts are made from alcohol because it’s the easiest way to extract the flavor out of the food. I’ve never made vanilla extract with a nonalcoholic alternative, but there are a few tutorials online if you give it a quick search.

Homemade Vanilla Sugar

In the Netherlands, and other European countries, an often used ingredient is vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar is widely available in supermarkets, but it’s also super easy to make. And the home made version of vanilla sugar is ten times better versus the store bought one.

All you need is sugar and a vanilla bean, and a little jar to put it all in .

First, cut your vanilla bean lengthwise in half.

Add half of the sugar in the jar.

Add the seeds to the sugar.

Mix in the seeds with the sugar.

Cut the vanilla bean in three parts (if needed, if your jar is big enough you can choose to keep them whole)

Add the vanilla bean to the sugar.

Pour in the rest of the sugar into the jar.

And that’s it. Put a lid on the jar and shake or stir the sugar every once in awhile to get the vanilla seeds all into the sugar. After 2-3 weeks the vanilla will have infused the sugar enough to be used. After awhile the vanilla sugar will turn a light brown color due to that’s when you really know the vanilla has infused and packed your sugar with flavour.

Vanilla Recipes

Once you acquire a taste for vanilla, this sugar will become indispensable. Use the vanilla sugar in any recipe that calls for both sugar and vanilla, as well as in hot coffee or sprinkled on buttered toast.

Place the Amadeus vanilla beans in a large bowl. If you want the sugar to flavor more quickly and are using "gourmet-grade" beans, you can split them lengthwise and distribute the pods and seeds throughout. You can also use the pods alone, if you have removed the "caviar" from the inside of the pods for use in another recipe. For our Grade 1 extract vanilla beans, just put the beans into the bowl whole - they will be too dry and brittle to work with, and may already be split to expose the insides.

Add ¼ cup of the sugar and mix well. (You may want to use your fingers to thoroughly mix the vanilla beans with the sugar as the beans may be moist and stick together.)

Add the remaining sugar and mix well, distributing the vanilla beans throughout the sugar. Transfer to a storage container, cover and store at room temperature indefinitely. Use as you would regular granulated sugar in baked goods and desserts. [After several weeks, you can remove the vanilla beans and use them again and again, until all their flavor is finally dissipated!]

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Vanilla Sugar Recipe made Just like Oma

By Oma Gerhild Fulson

This Vanilla Sugar recipe is an inexpensive way to make your own flavoured sugar for use in baking. Many German baking recipes call of this. Now, you can use your own.

Ingredients: white sugar, vanilla bean,

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This classic cookbook (German Meals at Oma's) has not only a variety of different recipes, but also key notes to help even those with little experience in the kitchen learn to make excellent German cuisine.

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Homemade Vanilla Sugar Recipe

The easiest thing in the world to make is your own Vanilla Sugar. I'm posting this for our fellow Group Recipe friend, Juels who asked how to make this. All it takes is two ingredients and you'll have a lovely sugar infused with the fragrance of fresh vanilla to sprinkle over your baked goods, use in your coffee, cereal, fresh fruit, etc. Read more See less

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  • 1 pound of granulated sugar
  • 2 vanilla beans
  • *See note below for larger quantity
  • You can also make vanilla sugar with powdered sugar. Imagine a nice light dusting of vanilla sugar over some French Toast or freshly made danish, muffins or even a warm lemon poundcake.


  • 1 pound of granulated sugarshopping list
  • 2 vanilla beansshopping list
  • *See note below for larger quantity shopping list
  • You can also make vanilla sugar with powdered sugar. Imagine a nice light dusting of vanilla sugar over some French toast or freshly made danish, muffins or even a warm lemon poundcake. shopping list

How to make it

  • Pour your sugar into an airtight container and slip the two fresh, whole vanilla beans into the center of the sugar and cover with the sugar.
  • Seal the jar and store it for at least one complete week.
  • You can use the sugar at this time for almost anything. The longer you leave the beans in, the more intense the flavor will be. You can always reuse the beans for up to six months. That's all there is to making Vanilla Sugar.
  • The photo above was borrowed from
  • Note. Try to find fresh, pliable and very fragrant vanilla beans. I once purchased some beans on Ebay which were dry and not very fragrant. I was disappointed with the purchase. I'd like to suggest that you check out the Vendors on They have really fresh vanilla beans and great prices, too.
  • You can slice up your bean and use the seeds but why waste a good bean when you can use it for several months? After several months of making this sugar, you'll still be able to use the beans in other recipes.
  • *For a five pound bag of sugar, I generally use only five or six beans.
  • Do NOT put your beans into the refrigerator. Keep them in an airtight baggie or jar in a dark cabinet in your kitchen to maintain the fragrance and pliability of the bean.
  • Save up some cute bottles and fill with the sugar, adding a whole or half of a vanilla bean to the bottle. These are great when added to gift baskets with a tea, cocoa or coffee or baking theme!
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this is wonderful i just love vanilla i have a recipe for the homemade vanilla like.. extract its yummy too thank you annie.

The Cook

The Rating

this is wonderful i just love vanilla i have a recipe for the homemade vanilla like.. extract its yummy too thank you annie.

Why, thank you, Annie! I kept your e-mail with instructions, but now I can just bookmark this along with the beautiful picture! Whole Foods is about 1 hr. away from me, but it's on my list to get over there and get those beans! I really do appreciate. more

So this is all it takes to make vanilla sugar? Dang, girl! I had no idea. I've been buying this expensive Vanilla sugar at Gelsons for years. I feel so inadequate. Ok Ok, I'm gonna put this together and will make some thanks to you!

Vanilla Recipes

Good quality vanilla extract takes only minutes to make in your own kitchen and its flavor is unsurpassed. Use this homemade vanilla extract as you would any other commercial variety.

The official FDA formula for "Pure Vanilla Extract" calls for 13.35 oz. of vanilla beans per gallon of extract, and not less than 35% alcohol. We recommend using the cheapest store-brand vodka that is at least 70 proof (equivalent to 35% alcohol). That is because some of the more expensive vodkas add a little flavor to distinguish themselves, and you don't want that flavor to interfere with the vanilla flavor you are going to create.

To make 8 oz. of extract, about 22 of our Grade B extract vanilla beans should do the trick. For a full quart of vodka, use 1/4 of the FDA amount, or a little less than 1/4 lb. of beans (*) . Because these beans are quite a bit drier than "gourmet"-grade beans, you may not be able to split them open to expose the seeds. That's okay - you can put them in the vodka whole, "as is," or you can chop or grind them first. We recommend using a coffee grinder, as opposed to a food processor - the blades are more suited to the coarseness of the beans.

  • Approx 1/4 lb. (3.5 oz.) Amadeus' Extract-Grade Vanilla Beans(**)
  • 1 quart vodka (any low-cost &ldquogeneric&rdquo brand is best it&rsquos neutral flavor won't interfere with the taste of the vanilla)

Place the Amadeus vanilla beans in a 1 quart bottle with lid. Add the vodka and shake well. Store covered in a cool dark place for at least 4-6 weeks before using. Shake the bottle several times a week.

When your vanilla extract is ready, you can use a food colander or strainer to strain out the remaining bean residue. We have even had some customers report using a ladies nylon stocking as a filter!

The extract should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and, like fine wine, gets better the longer it sits.

(*) Blending vanilla beans: Use a combination of traditional planifolia-variety beans with the more exotic tahitensis-variety extract-grade vanilla beans to make a superb "blended" vanilla extract that will impart an unparalleled taste sensation to your favorite recipes!

(**) Using gourmet-grade beans for making extract: You can also use any type of our gourmet-grade vanilla beans to make excellent home made vanilla extract, including our wonderful Tahitian-variety vanilla beans, with their delightfully-different, exotic flavor.

Amadeus Vanilla Beans 7482 Denrock Avenue

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DIY Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe


  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil (almond, olive or coconut work best)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract
  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. You can add more or less oil to your liking.
  2. Store in an air tight container. Since this recipe doesn&rsquot contain any preservatives, it&rsquos best if it&rsquos used within a month or two.