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Poppy cake and lemon icing

Poppy cake and lemon icing

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Grease a round cake pan with butter.

Grated lemon peel is mixed with egg, butter, sugar, flour and 1-2 teaspoons of water until a homogeneous dough is obtained. Spread the dough on the work surface in a thin layer. Cut 3 circles the size of the tray.

For the filling, mix the ground poppy seeds with the egg and sugar. Add the grated chocolate, raisins, lemon peel and almonds.

Place one of the countertops on the bottom of the tray. Spread half of the filling on the countertop, then place the second countertop. Spread the rest of the filling and cover with the last countertop.

Bake the cake approx. 1 hour, then remove and leave to cool. Apply lemon icing on the surface of the cake, let it harden a little, then serve.

Lemon mousse cake

It's the cake I made for Adrian's birthday, my dear baby :). I kept looking for a cake recipe with sour cream. Because I kept trying creams with raspberries and strawberries and during this period I found only frozen fruits, I decided to make a cream with lemon and cream, light and very fragrant. The cake was successful among the guests, I hope you try it too because it is very fine.

Ingredients for a shape with a diameter of 26cm:

  • 6 eggs
  • 10 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • 6 tablespoons oil
  • 20g cocoa
  • 8 tablespoons flour
  • 1 knife tip baking powder
  • 500ml whipped cream
  • 300g old cough
  • 5 yolks
  • 3 egg whites
  • approx. 100ml milk
  • grated juice and peel of a lemon
  • 15g gelatin

Preheat the oven to 180g C.

Beat the egg whites until stiff and then gradually add the sugar alternating with water (2 tablespoons sugar, mix well, one tablespoon water). Then add the yolks one by one, mix well after each one, add the oil.

Separately mix the flour with cocoa and baking powder.

Gradually add a tablespoon of the mixture of flour, cocoa and baking powder and mix lightly over your head with a spoon or wooden spatula.

Bake the worktop for approx. 40 minutes.

We take it out, let it cool and then cut it in three.

In the meantime we make the syrup. Put all the ingredients on the fire and bring them to a boil then let them cool.

We hydrate the gelatin in the lemon juice.

Mix the yolks well with sugar and milk until the sugar is almost melted and then continue to mix (without a mixer with just a spoon) on a steam bath until the composition thickens and the ribbon falls off the spoon (it should look like a pudding).

Turn off the heat, then add the gelatin and stir constantly until it dissolves in the hot cream.

Add the grated lemon peel.

Let it cool and then gradually add the whipped cream (whipped cream should be beaten beforehand) mixing gently with a spatula. Add the beaten egg whites.

The result is a fine and aromatic cream with a pronounced lemon taste :).

I put the plate, then over it the shape of lacy paper then the ring from the baking form.

I take 2 pieces of plastic wrap and place them in the form. Over them I put the first slice of countertop, I syrup it, I put half of the cream, I repeat the operation, then the last slice of countertop and at the end I leave a little more cream with which to grease the countertop.

I put the foil over the cake and keep it in the fridge for 3-4 hours or from evening until morning.

Decorate, then (the foils are needed here) pull the nylon foils on either side (to keep the plate or paper clean).

The cream recipe is from the forum and belongs to Mrs. Dora.

1. You can supplement the amount of lemon juice according to taste.

2. I made small (or big? :)) changes to the cream. In the original recipe, powdered sugar was used, which was mixed well with the yolks and then the lemon juice and peel were added. At the end, after adding the whipped cream and the egg whites, add the gelatin. I changed the recipe because I didn't want to use raw cream yolks. This is probably how the finest cream came out.

3. This cake can be made in the variant with biscuits you need 400g biscuits.

4. The last and most important observation add the cream to the whipped cream and not the other way around, the resulting cream will be much fluffier.

Biscuit version (I put a photo to see how I arranged the biscuits)

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83 comments on Cake with poppy seeds, cheese and lemon, creamy and refreshing

Can you translate to English please

Last week I made the cake but my countertop came out in horror. I don't understand how yours grew up without baking powder or baking soda. I had to make another countertop that came out just as bad. They were very dry and not to be cut in half. Even today I made the top but with an extra egg and the increased quantities plus baking soda. It turned out great. The cream is super good. I really like the cake! Kiss you! : *

I was attracted to the recipe, so I also made it for Christmas 2012. For the holidays, along with 2-3 other cakes, I also make one with lemon cream, which is more sour. It turned out very well. I made it in a slightly larger tray so I increased the quantities by 50% but for lemon curd I kept the quantities from the recipe and it was perfect. It is tasty and refreshing. Thanks and congratulations for all recipes, I will try others soon. Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year !!

I made the cake turned out super, thanks for the recipe

believe . )))
k I like ff much fried asra
to stay)

Hi, my name is Elena, I generally like cakes with sweet cheese and lemon .. I like ff a lot, that's why I will try to do it too, I just want to know if I can use instead of cottage cheese mascarpone, I'm not in ro and here in austria I don't have much cheese to use instead of the cow one only mascarpone yes it's good & # 8230if you can tell me..thank you

ffff interesting, really decadent & # 8230

it looks perfectly good, but it didn't work for me

Hello, Mrs. Laura! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I've already done it twice and it's wonderful. It melts in your mouth. I used cow's cheese mixed with Exguisa.


I made this cake, it's very good, only for a normal oven tray you should have specified that 2 tops are made because a top of 4 eggs you can't really cut it in two and it looks like in the picture here

I specified and I repeated that the tray used is one of 20 & # 21526 cm. I'm glad you liked it, that it was good for you.

Hello Laura,
I would like to try this cake too, but I'm not very successful with poppy seeds in my family. Do you think that if I made the top with cocoa, the combination with cream would work?
Does the cream have a sour tint?

Thank you very much,

Madam, Anelia, I think you are a sour and characterless person. Affirming your contradictions? Isn't it? are you related to the deceased Ceausescu? if you are referring to lemon acids, in order to make your recipes better, please give us the address to send you a scale, of course for the kitchen. Maybe this way you will also receive the native talet in the kitchen.

Hi, Laura. I came back with pictures, I left it in the fridge overnight, it's good for fainting. And all my clumsiness was good, the countertops fit perfectly. I kiss you, I passed this on to my miracle book.

Malina, she looks beautiful and I'm glad that, in the end, she's a success. :) You're welcome! Is the tray the size I specified?

I have a square one, 24/24. yesterday my guests were full of your cakes, I praised you to everyone. to live and cook together for 100 years!

Hi, Laura. I also made the cake, everything was perfect, except for the countertop, which is too thin and I had to make two, instead of one. I made a mistake somewhere and I don't realize where, when I put the butter with the ground poppy seeds and the flour, my countertop fell off, although I know how to mix it easily, with a spoon, I still make cakes out of it. the cream is wonderful, and the lemon as well, anyway, the cake, on the whole is very good, but, if I was more skilled, maybe my countertop would come out.

Dear Laura,
first and foremost congratulations for this wonderful blog. I spent hours on it, what do I say for days! I made and remade your meatball soup and it came out of nowhere. I just remember and my mouth watered. I'm from Transylvania and we have more soups in our house, your meatball soup is the first one I made. Zuper! Thank you!
For two months I've been wanting to try the poppy seed cake, it looks so good !! I took action today. Hmmm & # 8211 I didn't quite succeed.

1. The countertop & # 8211 maybe I mixed it too much, despite all the warning in the recipe. It hasn't grown and the taste is so-and-so. It's more subtitled than half of your countertop.
Next time I will use Domnica's trick and I will leave the whole countertop as a base. Now I cut it in half in length, not in thickness.

2. Cream & # 8211 to taste, amazing! You lick your fingers, not another. It thickened on the fire but did not harden from the gelatin.

2.1 Gelatin & # 8211 I used Knox, an envelope weighs 7g. How many grams are in your envelope, Laura? I put it in 3 tablespoons of water, it hardened almost instantly, I have no idea if it should be. I mixed it with the robot in the cream but the cream remained soft. Only after an hour does it stop flowing in the refrigerator.

2.3 I didn't find cow's cheese like in Romania. I used Philadelphia brick cream cheese, probably 400g is too much for the consistency of the cheese. This cheese is about like melted breeze (in triangles) & # 8211 hasn't been in the country for a long time and I don't know what else to compare it with. I'll use Mascarpone next time or I'll play a bit with my own & # 8211 less cheese, more gelatin, etc.). 2.3 Cooling the cream next time I will put it in the fridge for about 45 minutes before spreading it on the counter. In the recipe it is not very clear what and how and if you do not have experience (like me) it is easy to make mistakes, especially when you make the cake for the first time.

I never got to the lemon curd :) I have a considerable amount of cream left. hello I'll put it in the pancakes tomorrow :)

Dear Laura, it would help me a lot if your recipes had degrees of difficulty. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would put this one at 4. The number is very subjective and it would be great if readers would vote. That way you would have an average of votes from beginners to advanced.

I have been eating your cakes with my eyes for months and I would really like one to succeed & # 8211 but I don't know how to choose something easier to do :) I'm afraid I'm a beginner who got stuck in advanced :)

I read a few more comments and it seems that I need to increase the starch, not the gelatin for the soft breeze. I have no experience with adjusting recipes & # 8211 I would enjoy suggestions from more skilled cooks.
Thank you.

Dear Adela, thank you first of all for your appreciation, I am glad to know that you have tried some recipes and they have succeeded, may it be good for you!

And now, concretely: how big was the tray in which you baked the top? I wrote above that I used a small tray, only 20 & # 21526 cm., If a tray with a larger surface is used, the top will be thinner, or the quantities must be adapted to the size of the tray.

You see, that's the problem, I have no way of knowing the ingredients that people from other places have access to, and not only the quantity in an envelope, but also the concentrations, the qualities of the ingredients would seem to be different. I use gelatin from Dr. oetker, the envelope weighs 10 grams and it is specified on the envelope that it is for 500 ml. of liquid. If you use another product, read what it says and follow those directions, mine may not be appropriate. If it says it coagulates 250 ml. of liquid, you definitely need 2 sachets.

Do not put the gelatin cream in the fridge, you will not be able to spread it on the counter, it will coagulate in a table the size of a bowl. I let it cool (I mean boiled cream) until it reaches room temperature before mixing it with whipped cream. Grease the first half of the countertop with cream, put it in the fridge (or even in the freezer for 10-15 minutes) and place the lemon curd over the well-frozen cream. Next, the second half of the cream at room temperature and countertop and cool for a few good hours.

A metal frame for cakes can be useful to place around to pour the cream without worrying that it could spill until the gelatin acts. I am attaching a picture with such a frame.

Many of the recipes already have the degree of difficulty, I still haven't managed to introduce rich snippets for all the recipes.

I hope I have clarified, to some extent, some of the unknowns. I increase the cake and I'm still waiting for you.

Thank you for the detailed answer. It helps me very much.
The tray is in order (I bought it specially, just like the poppy grinder) but the ingredients must be adjusted. And I'm sure I mixed too much, I had to leave the dough a little fluffier. But that's how I learn.

It's the first time I've used gelatin so I don't know how to look.
I will try again (I have to buy poppy seeds) and I will post the results.

These comments are very good for those outside the country who do not have the same ingredients. We fit them somehow. I am sure that it will come out and I know from the taste of the cream that it will be excellent.

A beautiful and tasty weekend!

Thank you for the recipe and for being a great source of inspiration for me. I have been following you since I lived in my dear Timisoara and I am following you even now. I tried the recipe and it was a success, but I allowed myself to give it a personal note (like any banateanca!)
Here's how it turned out for me

Hello, I kept reading the comments and many of the housewives failed this cake, I did it three times the last time being yesterday and it came out very good, the first time I made it I got the cream because I have soft ( it flowed) I used sweet cheese, but I consumed it like that and I realized where I went wrong and then I succeeded, if you don't mind Laura I want to say a little how I prepared it, I baked the top in two trays of the same size I made two sheets directly I didn't bother with the cut, and I put mascarpone in the cream because it's harder than the other cheese, I put the gelatin directly in the warm cream and it dissolved well and then I kept the cream cold for an hour before put it between the sheets, (it was loud) I can't brag that I'm an expert on cakes but when I make a new recipe I read it well and if comments are made I read a bit and through them, many times the comments help, I did many of the recipes you have on our blog and I succeeded. greeting cards for recipes!

Mrs. Laura, I made this cake and I managed to get a megabuna, I kept cutting one edge with my husband, then another and we don't stop adjusting all around, I think we won't be left with much tomorrow =)) . We love it and everything turned out perfect, and the cream cheese, and that lemon jelly, yes, it's sour but it brings a touch of tanginess in the whole combination, what's more, megabuna! I recommend Gustin starch to the person who didn't manage the jelly, it can be found at any supermarket and it thickens the creams perfectly. :).
Kiss your hand, Mrs. Laura and HAPPY EASTER! Tonitta, Brasov

Toni, I'm so glad you made the cake. You're right, it's a cake with a strong lemon flavor, but if you like lemon and its acidity, you can't help but appreciate it. Good luck and keep a little for the Easter meal. : P I wish you a Happy Easter!

Glazed check with lemon and poppy seeds

1. Combine flour with granulated sugar, baking soda, baking powder, a generous pinch of salt and poppy seeds.
2. Separately, beat eggs with melted butter, milk, vanilla essence and lemon peel.
3. Incorporate the dry ingredients into the liquid ones, until you get a homogeneous dough.
4. Pour the cake composition with lemon and poppy seeds into a cake tin lined with baking sheet.
5. Shape in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 55 minutes, or until browned and passed the toothpick test.
6. Meanwhile, to get the lemon icing, beat the lemon juice with the powdered sugar.
7. After removing the cake with lemon and poppy seeds from the oven, spread the icing on top and serve the cake after cooling.

Tosca cake with poppy seeds and vanilla cream, a syrupy and flavorful cake

Just as I did with the TV Cake and I replaced the cocoa leaves with fluffy top, in the recipe for Cake Tosca with vanilla cream and poppy top I replaced the biscuits syruped with coffee. I turned them into a fluffy top with ness and the poppy top is now syrupy. So, a much more fragrant countertop and madness of tastes that raises this cake to the rank of delight.

If you want to try the Tosca cake recipe, I will leave you the link below.

Cake with poppy seeds and meringue

The poppy and meringue cake (on the tray) is also one of my favorites. When we are tired of heavy creams, hop here the saving idea. With lots of poppy seeds, thick and creamy layer and small surprises: raisins and cranberries. The crunchy meringue on top keeps the poppy layer creamy and moist and gives it a special flavor.

This cake with poppy seeds and meringue is made with a tray of tender dough (tart). It is generous and very fragrant. Of course, the recipe includes vanilla and grated lemon peel, both in tender dough and in poppy cream. They can't be missing from this recipe!

If you are a fan of poppy cakes then I recommend you classic beigli recipe with poppy seeds (or walnuts) & # 8211 see here.

Or that of tender croissants with poppy seeds recipe here.

From the ingredients below I made a 33 x 42 cm tray with poppy seeds and meringue cake.