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Cucumber smoothie

Cucumber smoothie

Cucumber Smoothie Recipe from of 27-05-2014 [Updated on 19-01-2017]

I told you that I would try to make a smoothie with some vegetables and I did it starting from the cucumber, what to tell you, I really liked it a lot and that's why I'm here with you to share the experiment :) This cucumber smoothie it is really a light recipe, instead of sugar I flavored it with a pinch of salt and a nice grind of black pepper and the Greek yogurt gave it even more creaminess, I will certainly do it again, maybe tomorrow for lunch. Basins to those who pass through here


How to make cucumber smoothie

Wash and trim the cucumber, cut into cubes and put it in a blender with the ice cubes

Add the yogurt and start blending

Then season with salt and pepper

Serve the cucumber smoothie in cold glasses

11 detox drinks: how to drain excess fluids and purify the body

Every now and then our body needs a detox. Stress, a high-calorie diet, swelling and many other small problems, often annoying, but with these tips, you will find your shape and well-being in no time.

What does it mean to do a detox? Often we need to cleanse our digestive system, accelerating the elimination of toxins, excreting excess fluids and revitalize our body.
The causes are different, maybe we overdid the food, or we were not well or we feel too stressed. A little detox helps to regain physical and mental well-being.

Flavored water with fruits and vegetables, vitamin smoothies, drinks rich in superfood or a light broth, here is 11 detox drinks full of recipes to purify the body.

Cucumber-based smoothies to include in your diet

According to some information published in the magazine Phytotherapy, cucumber is a food known for its high water content and low calorie intake. Furthermore, it is attributed antioxidant, antidiabetic and lipid-lowering properties. Thanks to all of this, it is a vegetable suitable for hydrating us, taking care of our weight and promoting our health.

However, it is important to clarify that no food, in itself, is able to offer the body "miraculous" effects. This is why these cucumber-based smoothies should only be considered as a complement to a healthy and balanced diet, which includes all types of nutrients.

1. Cucumber and pineapple smoothie

An article published in Encyclopedia of Food and Health points out that pineapple is a low calorie fruit rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, minerals and fiber. Furthermore, provides an enzyme called "bromelain", which gives it antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

For the reasons mentioned, this delicious cucumber and pineapple smoothie is a good complement to promote digestion, reduce swelling and strengthen the immune system.


  • A cucumber.
  • 1 cup of pineapple (150 g)
  • 3 glasses of cold water (600 ml).
  • Add 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g).


  • First, wash the cucumber and, without peeling it, cut it into small pieces. Then, peel the pineapple and cut it.
  • Then, put both in the blender glass, pour in the water and blend for 1 minute.
  • Finally, serve the smoothie in a glass and add the honey.

Mode of consumption

  • Drink a glass of this smoothie for breakfast for 1 week.
  • For best results, we suggest you drink it without filtering it first: in this way you will absorb all the fiber.

2. Cucumber and apple smoothie

Another excellent complement to the properties of cucumber is made up of none other than apple. This food, in addition to having a delicious flavor, contains dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

According to research published by the magazine Nutrients, its consumption regulates the intestinal microbiota and promotes the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


  • 1 cucumber.
  • 1 stalk of celery.
  • Honey (to taste).
  • 4 glasses of water (800 ml).
  • 1 apple of any color.


  • First, wash the apple, cucumber and celery.
  • Cut all the ingredients and remove the seeds from the apple.
  • Then, put everything in the blender, pour in the water and blend until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Finally, serve it in a cup and add the honey (in moderation).

3. Cucumber and tomato smoothie

Another cucumber-based smoothie that you can take advantage of to refresh and nourish yourself is the one that contains tomato. According to some information published in Phytojournal, this vegetable is a source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E and lycopene, nutrients that help promote the well-being of the body.

Its consumption, just like that of cucumber, stimulates digestive health, fights inflammation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, having a satiating effect, it also contributes to healthy weight loss.

Egg Benedict with whole egg hollandaise sauce, wholemeal English muffin, pork-free bacon, light pancakes with applesauce and orange, lemon and cucumber smoothie

Prepare the English muffins: let the water and milk cool on a very low heat, remove from heat then add the sugar and yeast. Let it rest for 10 minutes then pour the two flours on the work surface and start kneading by adding the liquid. Add the salt and work for about 10 minutes (I in the mixer) until you get a smooth dough. Let it rise in a greased bowl, until it doubles in volume.
Then deflate the dough and roll it out to a thickness of about one and a half cm. Cut out many 7.5 cm diameter circles and let them rest covered with a cloth for about 20 minutes.
Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat and cook the muffins a few at a time for 4/5 minutes per side.
If they look raw on the sides, put them in the oven for a few minutes (but it didn't help me)

Prepare the pancakes: mix flour, baking powder, baking soda and apple into very small cubes. Separately mix egg, buttermilk, oil and applesauce. Combine the two mixture turning for a maximum of 15 seconds, without worrying if any lumps remain.
Cook spoonfuls of the mixture on a non-stick pan greased with a little seed oil.

Prepare the whole egg hollandaise sauce: put the egg in a bowl, and the bowl over a pot with very hot but not boiling water on the stove. Beat it with the electric whisk together with the water, for five minutes on the clock.
Aside, melt and cool the butter, which will be incorporated a spoon at a time, always beating with a whisk. The sauce will gradually take on consistency, thickening.
Almost at the end add the lemon juice and season with salt.

Prepare the smoothie: put the peeled and chopped orange in the glass of the blender together with the lemon juice and the peeled cucumber. Blend until you get a smooth and creamy consistency.

At the time of serving cook the poached egg, preparing a saucepan with 5 cm of water, a tablespoon of vinegar and a little salt. As soon as the water boils, lower the heat because it just quivers and gently pour in the whole egg. Cook for 3 minutes, then drain with a slotted spoon.
Divide the English muffin in half and toast it on a hot pan.
Place the drained egg on the toasted half of English muffin, cover with a little hollandaise sauce and place a slice of fake bacon browned in a pan. Combine the pancakes seasoning them with a little sour cream and maple syrup and serve with the smoothie.

- the English muffins can be frozen cooked.

- i panleftover cakes can be frozen, and warm up just before serving them perhaps in the toaster.

- the hollandaise sauce should be consumed immediately, or in any case within a short time from when it is prepared.

- the vegan tag refers to the drink only. The light plates tag refers only to pancakes, while the one without oven, without tools, without means to English muffins.

Cucumber smoothie

Most of our recipes are easy, but some are a little more complex in terms of time and cooking skills: you can identify them by the degree of difficulty, medium or advanced.

Preparation time

This is the time it takes to prepare this recipe.

Total time

This is the time it takes to prepare this recipe from start to finish: marinating, baking, cooling, etc.


This shows how many servings you can make with this recipe.


  • 300 g cucumbers, peeled and chopped
  • 300 g of white Greek yogurt
  • 200 g of ice cubes
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of freshly ground pepper

Finish the preparation

Blueberry Lemonade: a pleasant mix for those who don't like sour flavors!

For those who do not particularly like the sour taste of lemon and ginger, here is a very good variant based on lemon and blueberry. The latter softens the flavor and makes the drink more pleasant, perfect for draining and deflating, as well as being a smoothie rich in anti-oxidants that help against skin aging and strengthen immunity!

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Cucumber Smoothie - Recipes

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I really like this smoothie, it's rich, healthy and delicious. Kisses, Imma

Thanks Imma, you don't know how pleased I am :-D

Try it and you will know how to tell me again ^ _ ^

Perhaps the purpose of the exerciser, is not the use itself, but the assembly! The energy consumption that you have described to us, is immediately worth the purchase. :-D
Weird cucumber and pear combination !! to try immediately. :-)

hahaha. you know I thought so too. Anyway, once assembled, it was able to reward me .. just as I was sipping this smoothie ^ _ ^
Try the pairing and let me know if it convinces you, in the meantime thank you and wish you a happy week & lt3

What a great idea to add sesame to it! looks great and healthy! See you soon :)

Thanks Erika, I'm sure it would win you over at the first sip ^ _ ^

the secret of your dazzling shape revealed! assemble and disassemble gymnastic contraptions! at this point I think riding a bicycle will seem like a walk)
sesame. after coconut (or on a par I don't know) my second most serious addiction.

hahaha. it could be cataloged as a new sport :-P cmq even the tool itself is a lot of stuff :-))))
Thanks Vale, I'm glad to have discovered another weakness of yours .. I'll take advantage of it ^ _ *

oh mom i don't even know what an elliptical bike is. anyway you do well I also adverse to the gyms I have some tools in the house, great fresh and original smothie, kisses!

hahaha. i knew the tool but i didn't know the name..i discovered it from the instruction booklet :-P
Thanks Lilli, I'm glad to find you in tune with me :-D


^ _ ^ has really regenerated us x well!
Thanks Maria and have a nice day & lt3

your smoothie is very interesting, fresh and balanced. You're right, I also have an aversion to gyms, which is why I don't do sports, I don't have the constancy to do it. I have to take an example from you, on Wednesday & # 39 I will start & # 39 to go for a walk with my friend, at least once a week, so & # 39 it will do me & # 39 good for my hernias. Kisses Sabry

Brava Sabry, you have to start from something and the brisk walk is certainly healthy :-D
Thanks for your visit and see you soon & lt3

Golosissimo Consu, I like the idea of ​​the cucumber that contrasts the sweetness of the pear, it fits all right !!
The elliptical bike, I have always heard of it but I have never tried it because I am also very averse to gyms !!
A big kiss and good elliptical rides !!

Thanks Silvietta, I'm happy to have won you over with this combination :-D you just have to try ^ _ *
ps: elliptical rides are giving me great satisfaction :-)))))

Maybe I'm a shameful laziness, but what is an elliptical bike? If it's a piece of equipment to keep at home, I really like the idea, since I periodically plan to join the gym, but then I never do it.
What about this smoothie? Very interesting mix of flavors.
A big kiss

Exactly, it is an exercise machine to keep at home .. a sort of space bike :-D If you look for it on the internet, a fantastic world will open up.
Thanks Lisa, I'm really happy that you enjoyed this smoothie .. try it and it will win you over for sure ^ _ ^

No now I want to see the photo I have no idea what it is .. I type on Google afterwards, but how much I admire you as a lazy girl .. I should do gymnastics which are in pieces and my hernias make me cry but I'm sure I'd be fine with this thirst-quenching wonder. i like the phrase `` summer meets autumn. & quot thanks darling I hug you

Maybe x your hernias would not be the + right tool :-( surely a walk at a brisk pace or maybe a little swimming pool could be + indicated activities ^ _ * then if you found on the internet what gadget we are talking about you you will agree with me ^ _ *
Thanks I have to tell you..x everything..x always be there & lt3

yes i looked and you're right i couldn't use it but 'swimming would do me so much good and as soon as simone needs me less i will really go'. I say thank you 1000 times to you too

All ingredients we love, you can try this smoothie in a nutshell, but without the effort that precedes it!
A hug
Eva and Valentina the anarchic

hahaha. effort or not, this smoothie is always appreciated ^ _ ^
Thanks girls and have a nice week & lt3

hahaha auntie. I imagine you struggling with the 10000 pieces of the elliptical bike, I would have given up on seeing the instructions already. I recommend not to burst this one too ^ _ ^. As for this delicious smoothie right now it would take me just 35 & # 176 and humidity at 200% I have the pressure on the ground. Kisses dear

Here too the humidity is skyrocketing U.U so console yourself and enjoy a fresh smoothie, you will see that you will immediately regain your strength ^ _ ^
Thanks True and good week :-D
ps: hihihihi. even my husband told me not to "violate" this tool too. I will try to do my best ^ _ *

Oh my, what an adventure, darling, but now you are fully equipped to face the winter :)
I am very faithful to jogging but I know that I will regret it when I run with the sticks of ice hanging: D
Good and really refreshing this smoothie with unusual flavors, I like it !!

I also love outdoor sports but here as the cold arrives there are not the right spaces to practice them: - ((((I have to be content to enjoy the summer environment and my warm winter living room ^ _ ^
Thanks Marghe and good evening & lt3

Auntie but what have you got. hahaha I don't even know what it is. to move a little I joined the gym, that SOTOT home. otherwise with the fife that I would move!
Your smoothie is very balanced and smells of healthy hunger-breaker just for a proper snack! I like it very much

hahaha .. blessed are you that you have it downstairs ^ _ ^ I hibernate in winter, so it's good that my gym is directly in the living room :-D
Thanks Clara, try this smoothie after training, it will regenerate you :-D

Mmm..a tasty idea! I will try them! Silvia

Thanks Silvia, I'm very happy .. then let me know if you liked it ^ _ ^

Wow. an interesting mix. I want to try it.
Happy monday doll.

Thanks Paola, then let me know if it satisfied you :-D

Uh I bought it too !! three year ago and I whipped it in the bedroom. I must say that as a coat stand it is a marvel !! -)
seriously i used it for a month, my husband used it too, then for a while enough, it did the function of the clothes hanger. Then this spring we were a little ashamed and now he dominates in the living room. There her destiny has improved a little because we use it every now and then, thanks to the television. But we are hopeless. I envy that he has constancy in these things. Then I complain about the extra pounds. But on Thursday the Latin dance course starts again. Also this year I manage to drag my husband too. of necessity or so or I go there alone and since the teacher is particularly nice. -)

hahaha .. hardly in my house the tools become hangers .. I usually consume them so much that my husband is thinking of advertising me to test some company before putting the product on the market :-P
Anyway the dance, as well as uniting the couple and rekindling the passion, burns a lot of calories .. so it is welcome :-D
Thanks Manu for your visit and see you soon & lt3

Detox smoothie, with apple, cucumber and ginger

Detox smoothie, with apple, cucumber and ginger, that's what it's called, is the new smoothie purifying, detox, slimming, rich in vitamins as it is prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables.

With summer just around the corner and with all the delicious fruit we can find, I with my blender become one, here is my recipe for the Smoothie, nutritious, substantial and beneficial.

Perfect for those on a diet, for those who want to eat lightly, for those who love fresh fruit

The green apple has many properties, the one that interests us now is that it manages to activate the metabolism, the cucumber helps eliminate toxins and counteract water retention, ginger as we all know has many properties but what we need is which facilitates digestion.

This will be the first in a long line of Smoothies to all tastes. In summer, with a few ice cubes they will be even better, thirst-quenching and moisturizing.

Cucumber smoothie

Most of our recipes are easy, but some are a little more complex in terms of time and cooking skills: you can identify them by the degree of difficulty, medium or advanced.

Preparation time

This is the time it takes to prepare this recipe.

Total time

This is the time it takes to prepare this recipe from start to finish: marinating, baking, cooling, etc.


This shows how many servings you can make with this recipe.


  • 300 g cucumbers, peeled and chopped
  • 300 g of white Greek yogurt
  • 200 g of ice cubes
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of freshly ground pepper

Finish the preparation

Cucumber smoothie

The cucumber smoothie is perfect for enjoying vegetables in a different way than usual. Fresh and quick to make, it is the perfect hunger breaker for young and old.

Cucumber 1
Ice 6 cubes
White yogurt 150ml
Salt q.s.
Pepper q.s.


To prepare the cucumber smoothie, start by washing and removing the ends of the cucumber, then cut it into small pieces and put it in a blender.

Add the yogurt, ice, salt and pepper and blend everything

until the mixture is smooth, creamy and & # 8220 fluffy & # 8221 (it is the effect of ice).

Pour into a cold glass, decorate with a slice of cucumber and your cucumber smoothie is ready. Easier than that.

Video: 3 Συνταγές για Υγιεινά SMOOTHIES. Απο τα πιο αγαπημένα Μου!!! (January 2022).