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17 Easy & Healthy Side Dishes

17 Easy & Healthy Side Dishes

Barbecue season is upon us and it’s blazing hot outside, so I’ve rounded up a selection of my favorite simple side dish recipes. The best part? You won’t need to turn on the oven for a single one. Hooray!

You’ll find fun, crisp, cooling side dishes below. All of the recipes are vegetarian (many are vegan and/or gluten free as well), so they’re particularly potluck-friendly. Regardless of your own dietary preferences, these recipes will balance out heavier fare and freshen up your plate.

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1) Sun-Dried Tomato, Spinach and Quinoa Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“This is a great recipe! I’ve made it twice for two different groups, and everyone likes it. It’s easy, and alternative ingredients can be used, so there can be variety each time it’s made.” – Karen

2) Jessica’s Marinated Chickpeas

Gluten free

“I’d have to say this is one of the best chickpea salads I’ve ever made! Sweet, spicy and delicious. So flavourful.” – Carley

3) Herbed Red Potato Salad (no mayo!)

Gluten free and vegan

“This potato salad was delicious! I love that it doesn’t have mayo in it. I took a big bowl to a local campaign rally and cookout. I noticed that a lot of people brought potato salad, but mine was the only empty bowl at the end of the evening. Thanks for a great recipe.” – Carolyn

4) Gaby’s Cucumber Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“oh my goodness. this salad is SO addictive! I made a 4 person serving and my husband and I ate the whole thing up. We added some arugula and radishes to make it more of a dinner salad with a side of protein.” – Jaime

5) Hot Pink Coconut Slaw

Gluten free and easily vegan

“This was delicious! We devoured it all. Our 3-year-old even said “Num, num!”, and she is not usually a huge cabbage fan.” – Amanda

6) Favorite Quinoa Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“I was surprised to read this recipe and realize that I happen to have all of the ingredients in my kitchen! I whipped it up today and it is so delicious. Definitely going to make this again!” – Jenna

7) Fresh Black Bean Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“I saw this in my inbox this week…saved it because it looked so good! Got invited to a day of boating and beaching and thought this would be wonderful to take. It is delicious and that was before I even put it in the fridge! Thank you for this!” – Bethany

8) Green Bean Salad with Toasted Almonds & Feta

Gluten free and potentially vegan

“I made the green bean salad tonight for dinner. My husband and I loved it. Never would have thought adding the basil would give such an interesting twist of flavor. Love your cookbook and all the recipes you share. Thank you!” – Kim

9) Chickpea Salad with Carrots and Dill

Gluten free and vegan

“Made this tonight for lunch for the week. I’ve already eaten so much of it and don’t think it will even make it to Monday. So good, Kate. Took your advice and added a little extra sherry vinegar.” – Heather

10) Crunchy Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“I’m normally not a big fan of peanut sauce, but I think that’s only because I’ve never had a good one – wow! I was practically licking the bowl I used to make it! Thanks for another great recipe, Kate. This will be my standard lunch recipe for the indefinite future.” – Alyssa

11) Favorite Broccoli Salad

Gluten free and easily vegan

“Sooooo good! My husband and I devoured a whole batch of this for dinner (And I usually hate raw broccoli) I made second batch right away and put it in the fridge to marinate for tomorrow!” – Rachel

12) Greek Lentil Salad

Gluten free and easily vegan

“Love the salad. I love all the different ingredients, so I knew I would be happy. The trick was if my 13yo and her friend would like it. Success. My daughter wants me to make it more, and her friends mother has asked for the recipe. Definitely going to be on our summer menu from here on out.” – Dave

13) Crispy Apple & Kohlrabi Salad

Gluten free and easily vegan

“I made this salad last night ahead of time, and added the toasted seeds and cheese (gruyere) at serving time. It’s so delicious! I also traded the tarragon for mint. I will use this recipe whenever I get kohlrabi in my CSA box. Thanks!” – Erin

14) French Carrot Salad

Gluten free and easily vegan

“I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the French Carrot Salad. It was so easy to make and the salad dressing is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful, healthy recipes!” – Yvette

15) Celery Salad with Dates, Almonds and Parmesan

Gluten free and easily vegan

“Kate, another big thank you. This celery salad is delicious and something I would never have thought of myself. The toasted almonds and dates were great! I also successfully cut the recipe down to a single person size. Keep those salads coming!” – Dhyan

16) Simple Seedy Slaw

Gluten free and vegan

“Made this for our super bowl party and it was a big hit, especially for my son who dislikes mayonnaise. I didn’t change a thing on the recipe and it was really good! Thank you!” – Leslie

17) Summertime Fruit Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“I’m not exaggerating when I say this was the best fruit salad I’ve ever had. Thanks so much for the recipe!” – Melanie

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