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Pomegranate shots

Pomegranate shots

Pomegranate shots

With ice-cold gin

With ice-cold gin

Serves 17

Cooks In5 minutes plus freezing time

DifficultySuper easy

Nutrition per serving
  • Calories 1 0%

  • Fat 0.0g 0%

  • Saturates 0.0g 0%

  • Sugars 0.3g 0%

  • Protein 0.0g 0%

  • Carbs 0.3g 0%

Of an adult's reference intake


  • pomegranates
  • 1 bottle gin

Recipe From

Jamie's Family Christmas


  1. Peel some pomegranates and remove the beautiful deep purple-red capsules from inside. At the end of the meal, simply fill your shot glass with pomegranate seeds, pour in your iced gin and shoot the cocktail back. Don't swallow until you've crunched the pomegranate seeds and got a real burst of fragrance and flavour in your mouth. Then swallow the lot and continue the conversation... or have another one.

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