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5 tasty quiche recipes

5 tasty quiche recipes

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With its creamy filling and buttery pastry, quiche is a great addition to any lunchtime spread or picnic blanket. It’s the perfect dish to show off seasonal ingredients and tastes particularly good eaten alfresco on warm sunny days.

Whether you want something classic or looking for a twist, we’ve got you covered. Dig into these delicious recipes…

Soft, buttery leeks add a tasty twist to a classic quiche Lorraine recipe. Using a pre-made pastry case, this recipe is really easy and packed with flavour.

This vegetarian quiche is a springtime stunner – asparagus, ricotta and Cheddar cheese, all encased in wholewheat pastry.

A simple gluten-free quiche recipe using smoky bacon and sweet leeks to pack a real flavour punch. A delicious dinner for everyone to enjoy.

Fresh peas, broad beans and goat’s cheese make this seasonal quiche extra special. Lovely and light, it’s a perfect picnic.

Lighten up a classic quiche with filo pastry for extra crunch but lower calories. Purple sprouting broccoli and strong Cheddar give it an extra flavour kick.

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