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Jamie’s favourite vegetable curry recipes

Jamie’s favourite vegetable curry recipes

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These veggie curry recipes really over-deliver on flavour and impact. Plus, without the meat, they’re a bit kinder on the wallet too.

A homemade curry is a beautiful thing. Simply stock up on some key spices and herbs and you’ll soon be cooking food that’s far tastier and healthier than a takeaway. Plus, you’ll know exactly what’s gone into it.

Here are a few of Jamie’s favourite vegetable curry recipes.

Just a handful of ingredients is all it takes to rustle up the most incredible vegetable curry. All you need is a good, firm aubergine, super-ripe tomatoes, crunchy pistachios, curry paste and some fresh coriander. It’s delicious with rice or poppadoms. Happy days!

The great thing about this jalfrezi recipe is the slightly sweet and sour flavour you get from the peppers. Experiment with different combinations of veg, such as courgettes, aubergines or potatoes, once you’ve mastered this version – bigger, chunkier veggies need longer cooking times, so add them at the start, while delicate veggies (like peas and spinach) need only minutes, so they can go in right at the end.

If you can, make it some time ahead – this will give all the wonderful flavours a chance to develop. Pumpkin and chickpeas are good friends and together make a really hearty, satisfying meal.

If you can’t choose when it comes to curry, you’re going to love this gorgeous thali made up of three delicious dishes, dips and a golden homemade paratha for mopping it all up with. A proper Indian feast.

This incredibly tasty, easy dish is all about embracing the ready-made curry paste. You can find some great options on supermarket shelves, and they cut your cooking time in half – perfect for a quick midweek dinner. Sprinkle this pea, spinach and paneer curry with crushed, toasted cashews for the finishing touch.

Feeling inspired? You’ll find hundreds of vegetarian recipes here and to explore the wonderful world of veg, head to the Vegepedia!

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