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Gluten-free recipes for Easter

Gluten-free recipes for Easter

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Hot cross buns, chocolate bakes and Simnel cake – it can be hard to avoid gluten at Easter, but help is at hand…

These delicious gluten-free recipes will guide you through the Easter celebrations with guaranteed delicious results and happy faces all round.



This recipe makes 8 beautifully fluffy buns with plump, juicy currants, warm spices and a sticky orange glaze. The perfect vegetarian, dairy- and gluten-free recipe from baker Nicole Knegt.

No roast is complete without a good old Yorkie! There are three secrets to a successful gluten-free Yorkshire pudding: sweet rice flour, allowing the batter to rest, and getting the fat in the tin to smelting temperature.

Not just for Christmas, a beautiful stuffing turns every roast chicken into a celebration! Simply using gluten-free bread makes this stuffing good for coeliacs, but the recipe works just as well with any bread.

Crispy on the top, but super-gooey in the middle, rich and an utterly mind-blowing chocolate experience, these pots are an honest and delicious expression of chocolate – they really celebrate the quality of the chocolate you choose.

For a non-chocolate option, this gluten-free recipe for sticky orange and polenta cake really hits the spot. It’s full of zingy flavour and the syrup makes it something really special – enjoy!

Back to chocolate! Aduki beans are used in Japan to make a creamy paste called anko, here they form the base of these deliciously gooey brownies. Serve them warm for choccy heaven.

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