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7 vegetarian pasta recipes

7 vegetarian pasta recipes

Italian food isn’t just about the pancetta and salami. Why not have a go at these gorgeous veg-packed pastas?

Pasta is always a crowd-pleaser, but it’s also a great vehicle for getting loads of lovely veg into your diet! There are plenty of delicious meaty Italian dishes – think creamy carbonara or hearty Bolognese – but Italian food is also a total celebration of veg. You don’t need to be vegetarian to enjoy these Italian dishes, though: they’re super-satisfying and pack a proper flavour punch. Buon appetito!

Kind of like spaghetti and homemade pesto; but with loads of good-for-you greens thrown in. A weeknight wonder!

Sweet butternut squash, silky homemade pasta and creamy ricotta, which – bonus! – is lower in fat than most other cheeses. A timeless Italian dish.


Pasta salad has a bad rep, but this one might just change your mind. Ready in a mere 15 minutes, it would be welcome at any picnic!

This intensely flavoursome vegetarian Bolognese recipe is the ultimate in winter comfort food. Puy lentils add lovely texture, while tomato purée and mushrooms give an amazing umami kick.


It’s difficult to think of Italian food without thinking of lasagne, and this veg-packed version is a lovely lighter alternative to the original. Just skip the anchovies to make this suitable for vegetarians.

Simplicity at its best. This is best made when tomatoes are at their peak, so wait until you can find some that are perfectly ripe.


This is a beautifully simple, classic Italian pasta dish. It’s incredibly satisfying, full of flavour, and it contains two of your 5-a-day!

To really impress your friends, why not try making your own pasta at home?

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