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What’s the best tiramisu recipe?

What’s the best tiramisu recipe?

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We put three recipes for this Italian classic to the test, to discover which is our favourite tiramisù recipe

A super-traditional tiramisù recipe (literally translated as ‘pick me up’) is a killer combo of sponge, cream and coffee. Lots of recipes also include a dash of alcohol and chocolate, too.

Jamie explains what makes this Italian pud so special:

“For me (and Italians would kill me for saying this), tiramisù is the coolest trifle in the world. The Venetians don’t really have many desserts, but this is a classic. It’s usually dead simple and all about the sponge, the coffee and the cream, but I think chocolate and coffee are such good friends that you’ve got to get a bit of chocolate in there. I also use egg whites sometimes, which isn’t traditional, but they make it lovely and light, and spread the mascarpone about so it’s not so rich.”



This tiramisù recipe from Antonio Carluccio is incredibly simple, and absolutely delicious. So quick and easy to make, it’s a real Italian joy!


Jamie’s Christmas tiramisù recipe doesn’t contain raw eggs, and is lightened by pairing mascarpone with glorious ricotta cheese. It’s finished with a grating of clementine zest for extra zing!


Jamie’s double chocolate tiramisù is ramped up a notch, with chocolate sponge and extra white chocolate. What a treat!

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