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Viva Italia! 7 classic Italian recipes

Viva Italia! 7 classic Italian recipes

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Straight from Jamie’s culinary heartland, Italian food is full of love, care, passione and flavour!

We’ve chosen 7 classic Italian recipes that showcase seasonal ingredients, simple techniques, and the true spirit of Italy.


Homemade tomato sauce and bar-marked aubergine layers, topped with mozzarella and basil –pop this simple dish in the oven and it will turn into something out of this world!


Feel the sunshine radiating from Gennaro’s gorgeous veggie tart. It is the perfect dish for a summer party with a tasty little Italian twist.

Ribollita is one of our favourite Italian recipes. It encapsulates what ‘peasant cooking’ is all about – cheap, tasty, power food. Make it and reheat it the next day – you’ll find the flavours just get better.

This super-elegant risotto is flavoured with vermouth, Parmesan and a good twist of cracked black pepper. Once you’ve nailed the basic recipe, you can add in extra ingredients.

Nonno Contaldo is Gennaro’s dad, and he shared this mussel linguine recipe with Jamie several years ago. You won’t believe how much flavour you can create in just 10 minutes.

This is a beautifully simple, classic Sicilian pasta dish – it’s incredibly satisfying, and full of flavour. It feels like a great big hug in a bowl, and also contains two of your five-a-day. Bonus!

This Italian blockbuster Sunday roast is a real celebration of a dish! Five birds and one sausage wheel, all piled onto deliciously cheesy polenta.

For more Italian meals and inspo, check out our full collection of Italian recipes, here.

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