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8 twists on a classic carbonara!

8 twists on a classic carbonara!

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It’s one of the most popular recipes on our site, so we thought we’d share a few ideas of how to jazz up carbonara, with some gorgeous twists.

These versions of carbonara include brilliant ingredient hacks and nice tips to take the recipe in different directions. Get stuck in and make it your own!

First up, here’s Jamie’s ultimate recipe for carbonara, made as authentically as possible:

The addition of sausage is not traditional… but, boy, is it good!

The spicy sausage really fires up the creamy sauce – a great combo with the zesty salad!

Make it a little lighter, with Jamie’s gorgeous recipe from Everyday Superfood.

Swap bacon for smoked fish in this beautiful, comforting pasta.

A proper nod to the classic, Gennaro’s recipe is a real big-hitter.

Change the pasta shapes, keep the same incredible flavours.

Add colourful courgettes to the silky sauce for a summery twist.

Use up leftover cooked spaghetti and create something epic!

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