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How to get 5-a-day, every day!

How to get 5-a-day, every day!

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Hitting five portions of veg and fruit has never been easier with these gorgeous breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that provide your daily quota of the good stuff.

Include a couple of these dishes into your day for an extra boost of veg and fruit – or choose one from each section for a guaranteed eight portions!


Both these breakfasts set you up for a brilliantly nutritious day, with two full portions of veg or fruit each.

A protein-rich, high-fibre recipe that’s so delicious and perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Just add 80g of roasted fruit to porridge, plain yoghurt or wholegrain cereal.


Easy to assemble, this colourful plate of mixed veg and tortillas is a joy.

Simply combine rice and chickpeas with a rainbow of veg and spices – beautiful!


Vegan shepherd’s pie

Lentils, mushrooms and sweet potato come together in this fantastic dish that just happens to be vegan.

A simple curry, big on flavour and texture that you’ll make again and again.

Feeling inspired? These recipes will give you 5-a-day in one dish! For more info on a balanced diet, check out Jamie’s guide to eating well.

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