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What to eat in February

What to eat in February

With chilly temperatures and wintry weather, February is a month of hardy veg that work well in wholesome, comforting dishes. Think mashed potato, cheesy leek gratin or classic cabbage and bacon combos.

Here are three fantastic seasonal vegetables for February, in season right now, plus our favourite ways to cook them.


Fragrant and versatile, leeks are at their best in the early months of the year. Use them as a base in soups or make them the hero and serve in this indulgent three-cheese dish!

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Forced rhubarb is grown indoors over winter, and has stunning delicate pink spears. Enjoy the gorgeous colour in dishes such as this rhubarb sorbet, or stick to the unbeatable combo of rhubarb crumble with homemade custard.


It’s the middle of the UK game season, so look out for venison at your local butchers or farmers market. This lovely carpaccio recipe also celebrates horseradish – another seasonal highlight in February.

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