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5 ways with avocado

5 ways with avocado

Creamy, nutty and gorgeously green – avocados are delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. You can smash them, blitz them, slice them, freeze them and even bake with them. Plus, they’re good for us – hooray!

Avocados are a source of vitamin E, which helps to protect our cells (the tiny building blocks of our body) against damage so we can stay healthy and strong. They’re also high in unsaturated fats that help to keep our blood cholesterol healthy.

These fats also help us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D. In our weird and wonderful bodies many nutrients need fat in order to be properly absorbed. Try using avocado oil (or any other oil low in saturated fat) in your salad dressings to help absorb nutrients from your veg and salad.

Our 5 fave avocado recipes

Ready in 20 minutes, this pan-fried squid is a tasty light lunch or a stylish starter. The avocado is simply scooped from its skin and mashed with a squirt of lime juice.

Paired with fresh herbs and a punchy salsa of chillies, onion and tomatillos, the avocado in these tacos is sliced and tumbled into perfect handheld treats.

This classy little dish gives us three of our 5-a-day. Plus, salmon is full of vitamin D, which our bodies need for absorbing calcium to keep our bones and teeth healthy.

A riot of fantastic veggies, you can scale up this gorgeous, easy-to-make salad to feed as many people you like.

Give lean and tasty turkey a bit of attention all year round with this light and fresh salad. The avocado is blitzed with yoghurt to make a delicious dressing.

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