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Here are some epic breakfast and brunch recipes, sure to get your Christmas Day off to a brilliant start. Whether you fancy a stack of perfectly fluffy pancakes or silky scrambled eggs, we’ve got your big-day breakfast sorted!

Take a look at the breakfast and brunch recipes below, or visit the Christmas hub to discover our full collection of tasty Christmas recipes, including mains, starters, sides and more.

Perfect frittata 3 ways

Gennaro makes an art of the frittata with these 3 quick and colourful recipes. Super-simple and filling, these frittatas are delicious hot or cold.

How to make perfect pancakes

Check out Jamie’s easy one-cup pancake technique! It’s a failsafe breakfast recipe to have up your sleeve.

Jamie’s beautiful breakfast tortillas

Jamie’s making amazing tortillas, inspired by his time in LA. This recipe is a perfect breakfast, brunch or lunch, packed full of Mexican-inspired flavours.

Eggs Benedict 5 ways

This incredible Eggs Benedict recipe is finished 5 different ways. Choose from ham, smoked salmon, crabmeat, mushroom and spinach or burnt ends and enjoy!

Take a look at the other beautiful special breakfast recipes we have on the Christmas hub, or buy your copy of Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook for the ultimate festive inspiration.

Watch the video: Beths Foolproof Spinach Quiche Recipe (May 2022).


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