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Gorgeously gluten-free!

Gorgeously gluten-free!

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Take out the gluten and pack in the flavour, with these brilliant gluten-free ideas for the holidays. From tasty party ideas to clever bakes, we’ve got your no-gluten December covered.

Take a look at the gluten-free recipes below, or visit our Christmas hub to discover the full collection of tasty Christmas mains, puds, starters and sides.

Tim Shieff’s winter rolls

Tim Shieff combines winter veg with a Vietnamese style roll for a gluten-free and healthy starters or DIY party dish to feed a crowd.

Easy vegetable soup

This failsafe soup from cook Anna Jones is absolutely gorgeous. A lovely starter for Christmas Day, or Boxing Day recipe to use up any veggies from the big day.

How to make gluten-free tortillas

Cook up a Mexican feast with your own gluten-free corn tortillas! Perfect for a festive party, you can pile up these flatbreads with your choice of meat or veggies.

How to replace gluten in baking

No gluten? No problem. Nicole Knegt of Four Spoons Bakery shows you how to replace gluten in your baking in just one minute flat.

For all the Christmas recipe inspiration you need this year, visit our Christmas hub or buy Jamie’s Christmas Cookbook.You can also sign up to our newsletter and fill in your recipe preferences for helpful festive content, tailored to you!

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