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How to make Christmas pudding

How to make Christmas pudding

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Making your own Christmas pudding is a wonderful way to add a little extra love to the Christmas table. Plus, it’s incredibly easy! You can make this festive pud well in advance of the big day and let it mature, but it’s also delicious prepared just a couple of weeks beforehand, too.

Here, we share two clever little skills to help you master this classic Christmas pudding recipe. Firstly, how to secure your board for a marathon of chopping fruit and nuts, secondly how to light the pudding safely!

How to secure your chopping board

Keep your fingers safe whenever you’re using a knife in the kitchen and make sure your surface isn’t going to slip.

How to safely light your Christmas pudding

Lighting your pud safely – and in style – is the perfect way to finish off your Christmas feast. Learn this vital festive skill here.

Now you’ll be able to wow friends and family with a super-confident flaming end to your Christmas feast! Enjoy.

How to make Christmas pudding

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