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What to eat in November

What to eat in November

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November is a month for getting ahead, and whether you’re baking a festive pudding or making a start on those edible gifts, a day or two in the kitchen now will save you a load of time (and stress!) come December.

Make whatever you’re cooking extra-special by using in-season produce. These three ingredients are a great place to start.


Apples are a family favourite, and they’re at their best right now. Baked, stewed, pickled, juiced or blended… they’re so versatile and packed with the good stuff. Try grating them into porridge with pecans and maple syrup, or combine them with rich minced pork for the ultimate sausage roll filling. For something sweet, Jamie’s appleberry pie is hard to beat.

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If you haven’t enjoyed a globe artichoke over the summer, now’s the time to do so – just before the season comes to an end. They’re simple to prepare (when you know how), and taste amazing. Bake them simply with almonds and herby breadcrumbs or try with skate, capers and crème fraîche – heaven!


Sprouts aren’t just for Christmas! November is the month to make the most of them as they start to come into season, tasting sweetest after the first frost. Roast with Parmesan and a little chilli for a mega snack, or cook them with chorizo, chestnuts and a little sherry vinegar for the ultimate roast dinner side dish.

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