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The ultimate bonfire feast

The ultimate bonfire feast

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Smoky flavours, crackling textures and great warming bowls of steaming goodness – Bonfire Night is a feast of autumnal flavours and colours. So crack out the sparklers, wrap up warm, and tuck into our tasty ideas for a bonfire party – big or small.

The mild chilli warmth in these golden flaky sausage rolls is a gorgeous addition. They’re the perfect handheld treat to enjoy while standing round the bonfire.

If you haven’t already tried this technique with baked potatoes, you’ve got a delicious discovery ahead! It’s brilliant for using up any leftovers, too.

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Comfort food doesn’t get much better than a big tray of sausage, beans, bacon and tomatoes! Serve up in its roasting tray and let everyone help themselves.

A proper, rustic pot of ham hock and peas – ladle out big spoonfuls of this classic combo and serve with a hunk of warm crusty bread.

Any riff on toffee apple flavours is going to go down well in our book. These little cupcakes have added dried apricots and chocolate on top – you’re going to love them!

For more Bonfire Night inspiration, check out our gorgeous collection of recipes for 5 November, or take a look at this clever way to bake a cake on open flames!

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