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How to make squash & ricotta ravioli

How to make squash & ricotta ravioli

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Each month, we bring together two simple kitchen skills to help you master one of Jamie’s classic recipes.

There’s no better way to celebrate autumn than with a comforting plate of homemade pasta – especially when it’s packed-full of sweet and nutty seasonal squash. Check out the videos below, then have a go at Jamie’s delicious squash ravioli.


Whether you’re using it in a warming, spiced pie or a savoury centrepiece, squash is a total joy. In this simple one-minute video, Jamie shows you how to safely prepare a butternut squash or pumpkin.

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Homemade pasta has never been so easy! This is Gennaro’s ultimate guide to preparing pasta shapes. He covers all the classics here, including ravioli.

Super-creamy ricotta, rich homemade pasta and fresh seven-veg tomato sauce are the makings of something truly special. You know how to prepare the squash and shape the pasta, now try the recipe!

Fore more clever ideas in the kitchen, take look at our collection of how to features.

Watch the video: Pasta Part II: Filled Pasta. Basics with Babish (May 2022).


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