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What to eat in October

What to eat in October

The golden month of harvest festivals and Halloween, October is all about crunchy apples, juicy pears, plump game birds, British nuts, wild mushrooms and – of course – pumpkins!

There’s also lots of native British seafood and shellfish in season, with even more to come as we head into the winter. Think clams, mussels and winkles, as well as white fish such as coley, monkfish and bream.

Here are a few of our favourite seasonal treats to enjoy in October.


You can’t beat a beautifully ripe pear, and October is the time to find them! Pears are gorgeous in all sorts of sweet bakes and puds, plus they’re perfect partners to roast pork. Dive into this Pear-roasted pork loin for a memorable Sunday roast, or dish up a tasty pud such as this Pear tarte tatin, or simple Baked pears with walnut cream.

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The ‘Glorious 12th’ (12 August) marks the start of the British game season, and by October it’s in full swing. Ask your butcher for seasonal recommendations, and keep an eye out for venison, partridge or pigeon at the meat counter of your supermarket. Slow cook pigeon for a stunning autumn stew, or pair venison with seasonal mushrooms for a super-special stroganoff.

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A pumpkin’s not just for Halloween! As well as carving a jack o’lantern on the 31st, make sure you enjoy this brilliant veg throughout the rest of the month, too. Go for something like this comforting stuffed and baked pumpkin, or spend a little time making a show-stopping pumpkin pie. It’s worth the effort, we promise!

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