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7 gluten-free recipes for the week ahead

7 gluten-free recipes for the week ahead

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Want to make gluten-free cooking even easier? Check out these must-have pantry staples

Our selection of Jamie’s beautiful gluten-free recipes take you effortlessly from Monday to Sunday, one delicious dish at a time.


This super-tasty (and gluten-free) twist on a Mexican breakfast is the perfect way to start the week, either as a laid-back brekkie or speedy supper. Serve with warm slices of gluten-free bread.


Need a dose of midweek comfort? This is the recipe to call on. Crispy chicken, creamy potato gratin and gorgeous braised greens – all ready within 15 minutes!


In under an hour you can treat your family to something truly special with Jamie’s beautiful fish tikka curry. Budget-friendly, packed with veggies and heroing frozen fish, What more could you want?

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Gluten-free pizza has never tasted so good! This recipe is a labour of love, but totally worth it. Make it your own with your favourite toppings, slice it up, and tuck in!


Really impress your guests with this epic Friday night feast. Creamy white beans, fragrant rosemary and hearty mushrooms make this recipe an absolute joy to eat. You only need five ingredients, so trade-up on your steak if you can – it will make all the difference.


Start your weekend right with these Strawberry buckwheat pancakes. The vegan and gluten-free batter is made with blitzed almonds, banana and buckwheat flour. Delicious!


Jamie’s gorgeous Pork & mash gratin from 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food is a fantastic gluten-free Sunday lunch. Topped with crispy sage and melted Cheddar cheese, it’s a total joy.

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