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How to make pomegranate, ginger & lime flavoured water

How to make pomegranate, ginger & lime flavoured water

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Each month, we take two super-useful kitchen skills and put them together to produce one delicious recipe. This month, we’re looking at tackling the pomegranate and peeling raw ginger. Once you’ve mastered these clever chef’s techniques, reward yourself with a cooling jug of Pomegranate, ginger & lime flavoured water.


You won’t believe how simple it is to get the seeds and juice out of a pomegranate using Jamie’s clever hack… and it’s so mess-free, he even does it in a white shirt!


Ginger is such a gorgeous ingredient, you want to get the most from every piece. Jamie’s clever little tip gives you maximum return for minimum effort.

Now kick back and enjoy a chilled glass of Pomegranate, ginger and lime flavoured water. Make a batch and take it to work, or keep it in the fridge for those thirsty moments!


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