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A Game of Thrones feast

A Game of Thrones feast

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One for the hardcore Game of Thrones fans out there – we’ve put together the perfect menu to celebrate the new series of Game of Thrones. It’s big, meaty, gamey and full of fowl. You have been warned…

Bowl o’ brown

Standard fare in the back streets of Kings Landing, we’ve given Bowl o’ Brown a bit of a upgrade, with this melt-in-your mouth beef stew.

Sister’s Stew

Creamy white seafood stew is dished up on the Three Sisters islands. We’ve topped it with mashed potato and a lobster claw.

Pigeon steak

Get hold of some decent pigeon meat, slice it into a sandwich and finish with a steak knife through the middle!

Partridge, quail, chicken and duck

This Italian blockbuster is straight out of the banqueting halls of Winterfell.

Essos oysters

Not the poisoned kind, these oysters are actually pretty special.

Bean and bacon soup

Up at the Wall, the Night’s Watch have cups of thick bean and bacon soup. Serve yours with a grating of Parmesan.

Kidney pie

They’re onto a winner in Westeros – kidney pie has got to be up there with some of the all-time favourite comfort food dishes!

Lemon cake

The treat of choice for noblewomen of the Seven Kingdoms, lemon cake is the ideal pud for a Game of Thrones banquet! After all, this is Sansa Stark’s favourite.

A drink for Tyrion Lannister

Because the new season is cause for celebration, right?

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