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4 DIY doughnuts

4 DIY doughnuts

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Mastering the homemade doughnut is easier than you might think, and can produce some seriously delicious results. Here are four doughnut recipes that demonstrate the many sides to this favourite fried treat.

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Beautiful blueberries add a vibrant pop of colour to this tasty homemade recipe, while also providing a vitamin C boost, helping us absorb the iron found in the flour.

Hot and crisp on the outside, deliciously soft in the middle and with a sweet, oozy filling – these indulgent delights are everything that a doughnut should be!

A fun spin on a holiday favourite, this zesty, spiced recipe is a perfect spring treat. Have fun experimenting with different decorations and toppings.

Warm, sweet and crispy, these are a fantastic naughty snack that everyone will love, whether they’re a vegan or not!

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