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Can You Guess Which States Drink the Hardest?

Can You Guess Which States Drink the Hardest?

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A study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has determined which states binge drink the most and least

If you had winters this bad, you'd binge drink a lot too.

Where do you stack up in the United States of Alcohol? The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation just released an analysis of binge drinking in America between 2005 and 2012. Personally, we think we’d drink a whole lot more on a white sandy beach, but to each his or her own. Without further ado, the five states with the highest heavy drinking rates in America, in ascending order, are Iowa, the District of Columbia, Montana, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Congratulations, Wisconsin: As the state with the highest binge drinking rate, 12 percent of your residents drank heavily in 2012 (which means more than seven drinks in one week for women, or more than 14 drinks in one week for men).

We’re not shocked to hear that the state with the lowest heavy drinking rates was Utah (only 5.2 percent of the state’s residents drank heavily in 2012). The other states with low alcohol reliance rates are West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. In a heat map produced by The Washington Post, it’s clear that the lightest drinking is found in the South, while the Northwest and Midwest have the highest rates of binge drinking.

The purpose of the report was to point out where alcohol abuse was a problem in America. Overall, heavy and binge drinking prevalence increased in most counties between 2005 and 2012. On average, 8.2 percent of Americans are heavy drinkers, and 18.3 percent of Americans admitted to occasionally binge drinking.

50 Drinks in 50 States: The Wyoming Boilermaker

Last week you enjoyed the classic cocktail-that’s-really-dessert (the Michigan Hummer ) but now it’s time to head west. We’re going to Wyoming and we’re going to try boilermakers.

The boilermaker is probably the least complicated alcoholic drink you could make, aside from just cracking open a can of beer. The gist of the drink is that you drop a shot of whiskey into a cold pint of beer, and then drink the two together with the shot glass remaining in the glass as you drink.

There are two theories about why this popular drink came to be called a boilermaker, and further, how it became so beloved in Wyoming. The first theory is that the drink is an ode to the state’s most famous attraction: the Old Faithful Geyser . Geysers are essentially steam explosions , which erupt when boiling groundwater becomes hot enough to blast its way to the surface. Much in the same way that dropping a whiskey shot into a glass of cold beer causes bubbles to erupt in the glass.

Others Wyomians claim, however, that the drink is named after the workers (called boilermakers) who built steam locomotives in the 1800s. These guys quickly developed a post-work habit of ordering a beer and whiskey shot combo at the bar in order to ease the pain of a hard day’s work.

No matter the origin, the boilermaker is a sure-fire way to jump start your night. You can order it at the bar, or just whip it up at home. Although it’s not quite a recipe in the general sense (two ingredients, no mixing, no serious measuring)… we’re still showing you how to make it!

15 oz cold beer (we suggest Landshark!)
1 ½ oz Bourbon or Rye whiskey

Fill a shot glass with your favorite whiskey. Fill a pint glass ¾ of the way with your favorite beer. Drop the shot glass of whiskey into the pint of beer. Bottoms up!

Alternative: You can also make a Boilermaker by pouring the whiskey shot directly into your pint. It’s not quite as theatrical, but it gets the job done!

A Girl Scout Cookie shot is made easily with the above ingredients. The shot is named for its taste, which is similar to the girl scout cookies, Thin Mints.

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Guess which state is drinking the most during the coronavirus pandemic?

An analysis of Twitter shows that residents of Texas may be consuming the most alcohol amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The study, carried out by cooking website Seriously Smoked, looked at geotagged Twitter data to see where the most booze-related commentary was coming from.

After compiling over 200,000 tweets from the last 30 days, the blog says it determined based on certain keywords and hashtags that the Lone Star State has been the thirstiest as millions across the country isolate at home.

While it’s unclear what the standings were prior to the global pandemic, KXAN notes that Texas previously topped the list when the cooking site analyzed tweets for National Margarita Day last month.

Coming in at second place was none other than California, while New Mexico snagged the final spot on the podium.

Beyond the top 3, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho, and Georgia made the list as well.

With unprecedented time and anxiety on countless Americans’ hands, it’s unsurprising that many appear to have reached for the bottle.

Texas’ spot at the top also comes not long after the state announced that it would temporarily allow restaurants to deliver alcohol along with food in an effort to keep the service industry afloat.

Some health officials have even expressed concern over hoarding of alcohol and increased consumption from those looking to self-medicate. And for the record, contrary to false internet rumors, drinking alcohol will NOT protect you from the coronavirus.

While some may be turning to booze, many in the alcohol industry itself are turning their operations toward manufacturing hand-sanitizer to help combat the spread of the virus.


Cocktails made with beer are classified as beer cocktails.

This fruity, blended piña colada is typical of many rum-based cocktails.

Margarita is the most popular cocktail in the U.S.

A Bloody Mary garnished with lemon, carrot, celery, and pitted manzanilla olives

An Old Fashioned cocktail

Fortified wines Edit

The following drinks are technically cocktails because fortified wines are a mixture of distilled spirits and wine.

Wine Edit

Wine variation Edit

The following drinks are not technically cocktails unless wine is secondary by volume to a distilled beverage, since wine is a fermented beverage not a distilled one.

Sparkling wine Edit

Champagne Edit

Red wine Edit

White wine Edit

Anise-flavored liqueurs Edit

Chocolate liqueur Edit

Coffee liqueurs Edit

Cream liqueurs Edit

A liqueur containing cream, imparting a milkshake-like flavor

An intensely green, mint-flavored liqueur

A colorless mint-flavored liqueur

Fruit liqueurs Edit

Apple-flavored Edit

Orange-flavored Edit

One of several orange-flavored liqueurs, like Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, or Curaçao

Other fruit flavors Edit

A clear, bright-green, melon-flavored liqueur

Nut-flavored liqueurs Edit

Swedish Punsch-flavored cocktails Edit

Misc. liqueur-based cocktails Edit

Bitters Edit

Cachaça Edit

Pisco Edit

Schnapps Edit

  • Cobbler – traditional long drink that is characterized by a glass 3 ⁄ 4 filled with crushed or shaved ice that is formed into a centered cone, topped by slices of fruit
  • Collins – traditional long drink stirred with ice in the same glass it is served in and diluted with club soda, e.g. Tom Collins
  • Crusta – characterized by a sugar rim on the glass, spirit (brandy being the most common), maraschino liqueur, aromatic bitters, lemon juice, curaçao, with an entire lemon rind as garnish
  • Daisy – traditional long drink consisting of a base spirit, lemon juice, sugar, and grenadine. The most common daisy cocktail is the Brandy Daisy. Other commonly known daisies are the Whiskey Daisy, Bourbon Daisy, Gin Daisy, Rum Daisy, Lemon Daisy (the non-alcoholic variant), Portuguese Daisy (port and brandy), Vodka Daisy, and Champagne Daisy.
  • Fix – traditional long drink related to Cobblers, but mixed in a shaker and served over crushed ice – traditional long drink including acidic juices and club soda, e.g. Gin Fizz – traditional half-long drink that is characterized by inclusion of sugar and egg yolk
  • Julep – base spirit, sugar, and mint over ice. The most common is the Mint Julep. Other variations include Gin Julep, Whiskey Julep, Pineapple Julep, and Georgia Mint Julep. – wine (often port wine), mixed with hot water, oranges or lemons, spices, and sugar – wide assortment of drinks, generally containing fruit or fruit juice see also punsch – highball made from usually gin or bourbon, lime, and carbonated water – red wine and chopped fruit, often with other ingredients such as orange juice or brandy – one of two different types of drink – a fruit liqueur typically made with rum or brandy mixed with sugar and the juice or rinds of citrus fruit, or a vinegared syrup with spirits, water, or carbonated water – traditional long drink prepared by stirring ingredients over ice in the glass and filling up with juice or club soda – type of mulled wine, punch or wassail – mixed drink consisting of a base liquor, lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener – mix of liquor and water with honey or sugar and herbs and spices, served hot

Strawberry Edit

Strawberries can be muddled or puréed and added to many drinks, and they are liquor-friendly, being compatible with, e.g., bourbon whiskey, [1] Cointreau, vodka, tequila, rum, and Champagne, [2] among other spirits and liqueurs and so on. [3]

Some recipes call for a strawberry syrup that can be made using strawberries, vanilla extract, sugar, and water. [4] Some strawberry cocktail recipes do not call for a syrup, but rely on puréed strawberries to play that part. [5]

Strawberries are often mixed with basil. [6] Strawberry is popular in smashes since after the beverage has been drank, the alcohol-infused strawberries can be consumed as well.

  • Strawberry berryoska (Russian Standard Vodka, lemonade, strawberries) [7]
  • Strawberry whiskey lemonade (whiskey, lemon juice, strawberry syrup) [8]
  • Champagne Bowler (Cognac, white wine, sparkling wine, simple syrup, strawberries) [9]
  • Cherub's cup (vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Brut Rosé sparkling wine, lemon juice, simple syrup, strawberry) [10]
  • Christmas Jones (vodka, sugar, pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda, strawberries) [11]
  • Fresh strawberry and lime Tom Collins (gin, lime juice, club soda, agave, strawberries) [12]
  • Kentucky kiss (Maker's Mark bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, club soda, strawberries) [13]
  • Strawberry beer margarita (tequila, Corona beer, limeade concentrate, lemon lime soda, strawberries) [14]
  • Strawberry gin and tonic (gin, lime juice, orange bitters, tonic water, strawberry syrup) [15]
  • Strawberry mint sparkling limeade (Champagne, mint leaves, lime juice, honey) [2]
  • Strawberry rose gin fizz (gin, sugar, rose water, salt, club soda, strawberries) [16]
  • Strawberry Pom mojito (white rum, mint leaves, lime juice, pomegranate juice, club soda or lime soda, strawberries) [17]
  • Strawberry gin smash (gin, strawberries, sugar, lime juice, elderflower liquor, club soda, mint sprigs) [18]
  • Strawberry smash (vodka, basil leaves, lemon juice, honey, club soda, strawberries) [19]

Carrot juice Edit

Carrot juice can be mixed with spirits such as agave spirits, whiskey, tequila, gin, or mezcal. Vodka is sometimes chosen because its neutral taste allows more of the carrot juice taste to shine through. Carrot juice can also be mixed with liqueurs such as amaro. ginger, orange, lemon and honey can be other ingredients in carrot juice cocktails. Turmeric infusions are also common. Examples of drinks made with carrot juice include: [20]

  • Jessica Rabbit (Big Gin, carrot juice, yellow Chartreuse, kümmel, lime juice, lime oleo saccharum, carrot top oil, arugula flower)
  • 24 Carrot Gold Punch (gin, carrot juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, ginger beer, pineapple slices, edible flowers) [21]

Pineapple juice Edit

    (light rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut) [22][23]
  • Shark bite (coconut rum, pineapple juice, blue curaçao) [24]
  • Yaka Hula Hickey Dula (dark rum, dry vermouth, pineapple juice) [25]
  • Electric shark (rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, ginger beer) [26] (dark rum, campari, simple syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice) [27]
  • Wiki wiki (rhum, mango brandy, lime juice, pineapple juice, cane syrup, kiwi)
  • Chuck Yeager (named after American Air Force Pilot Chuck Yeager. Includes pineapple juice and Jägermeister) [28]

Smashed fruit Edit

A smash is a casual icy julep (spirits, sugar, and herb) [29] cocktail filled with hunks of fresh fruit, so that after the liquid part of the drink has been consumed, one can also eat the alcohol-infused fruit (e.g. strawberries). The history of smashes goes back at least as far as the 1862 book How to Mix Drinks. [30] The Old Style Whiskey Smash was an example of an early smash. [31]

The herb used in a smash is often mint, although basil is sometimes used in cocktails that go well with it, e.g. many strawberry cocktails. The name "smash" comes from the idea that on a hot day, one takes whatever fruit is on hand and smashes it all together to make a refreshing beverage. [32] Generally a smash will have crushed ice. [33]

  • Apple bourbon smash (bourbon, honeycrisp apple, honey, lemon, nutmeg, cardamom) [34]
  • Blueberry smash (vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon rounds, lime rounds, blueberries, mint leaves) [35]
  • Bourbon blackberry smash (bourbon, lime juice, mint leaves, blackberries, simple syrup, club soda) [36]
  • Bourbon peach smash (bourbon, brown sugar simple syrup, peach, mint leaves, ginger beer or seltzer) [37]
  • Bourbon strawberry smash (bourbon, strawberries, simple syrup, lemon juice, mint leaves, club soda) [38]
  • Cranberry smash (vodka or bourbon, cranberries, mint leaves, lime, brown sugar, ginger ale) [39]
  • Grapefruit smash (cachaça, ruby red grapefruit, simple syrup, mint) [40]
  • Kiwi smash (gin, basil leaves, kiwifruit, honey syrup, lemon juice) [41]
  • Pear bourbon smash (bourbon, maple syrup, water, pear, mint leaves, lemon juice) [42]
  • Pineapple smash (spiced rum, pineapple rum, pineapple rings, lime juice, soda water) [43]
  • Raspberry smash (Champagne, vodka, lime wedges, sugar, raspberries) [44]
  • Watermelon smash (Vodka, watermelon juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, mint leaves) [45] (bourbon whiskey, muddled lemon wedges, simple syrup, and (optionally) muddled mint leaves)

Lemonade Edit

A number of hard lemonades, such as Lynchburg Lemonade (whose alcoholic ingredient is Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey) have been marketed.

  • Boozy lemonade sorbet (vodka, lemon sorbet, lemonade) [46]
  • Fireball lemonade (Fireball cinnamon whisky, grenadine, lemonade) [47] (vodka, sweet iced tea, lemonade)
  • Lemonade margarita (tequila blanco, Cointreau, and either frozen lemonade from concentrate or a naturally sweetened lemonade made of lemon juice, maple syrup or agave, and water) [48][49]
  • Moscato lemonade (vodka, pink Moscato, strawberry lemonade) [50]
  • Vodka lemonade slush (vodka, frozen lemonade concentrate, lemon zest) [51]
  • Boozy frozen lemonade (limoncello, lemon vodka, or lemon liqueur lemon sugar lemonade) [52]
  • Fresh raspberry vodka lemonade (vodka, raspberries, sugar, lemonade) [53]
  • Lemonade grape cocktail (vodka, triple sec, grape soda, lemonade) [54]
  • Lemonade rum punch (coconut rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, lemonade) [55] (vodka, tequila, gin, light rum, orange-flavored liqueur, simple syrup, lemon juice, cola carbonated beverage) [56]
  • Pink lemonade vodka punch (vodka, lemon-lime soda or club soda, raspberries, lemon, pink lemonade concentrate) [57]
  • Sangria lemonade (light rum, white wine, raspberries, orange, Granny Smith apple, lemonade) [58]
  • Sour apple smash (apple vodka, pineapple rum, apple pucker, lemonade) [59]
  • Spiked pineapple lemonade (vodka, pineapple, lemons or limes, mint, pineapple juice, lemonade) [60]
  • Strawberry lemonade margarita (tequila, triple sec, strawberries, limes, frozen lemonade) [61] (gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water)
  • Watermelon vodka slush (vodka or watermelon vodka, watermelon, honey or simple syrup, lemonade) [62]

Lemon-lime soda Edit

A lemon-lime soda cocktail is a cocktail made with lemon-lime soda such as Sprite. This includes many coolers. Henry's Hard Soda sold a Henry's Hard Lemon Lime soda. [63]

    (whisky and 7 Up)
  • Citrus splash (vodka, Sprite, and grapefruit juice) [64]
  • Corbins Riptide Crash (blueberry vodka, Frost Riptide Rush, Sprite) [65]
  • Midori sour (melon liqueur, lime juice, lemon-lime soda) [66]
  • Mediterranean Sunset (vodka, blood orange liqueur, Sprite, grenadine) [64] (tequila, Cointreau, orange juice, lime juice, green olive brine, Sprite)
  • Orange crush (vodka, orange liqueur, navel orange, lemon-lime soda) [67][68] (Pimm's No. 1, lemon, ginger ale, cucumber, ice cubes, lemonade) [69]
  • Pink lemonade vodka punch (vodka, raspberries, lemon, pink lemonade concentrate, lemon-lime soda) [70]
  • Pink lemonade vodka slush (vodka, frozen pink lemonade concentrate, soda water, lemon-lime soda) [71] (vodka, peach schnapps, blue curaçao, Sprite) [72]
  • Smirnoff Passion Fruit Punch (vodka, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, bitters, lemon-lime soda)
  • Whiskey Sprite lime cocktail (Irish whiskey, Sprite, soda water, lime wedge) [73]

Apple juice Edit

Hard cider has been produced by a number of companies, e.g. Woodchuck Hard Cider. Apple-flavored malt beverage products have also been sold my companies like Redd's Apple Ale, but these do not actually contain fermented apple juice.

    (Żubrówka vodka and unfiltered apple juice)
  • Apple chai gin and tonic (dry gin, apple chai syrup, tonic) [74]
  • Hard apple cider slushie (Fireball whiskey, cinnamon or crushed Red Hots, hard apple cider) [75]
  • Angry hard cider slushie (white rum, lime juice, white sugar, strawberries, hard cider) [76] (vodka, Calvados, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Granny Smith apple juice) [77]
  • Boozy apple cider slushie (bourbon, brown-sugar cinnamon simple syrup, lemon juice, dry hard cider, apple cider or juice) [78]
  • Boozy cider slushie (bourbon, ginger beer, chai tea, lemon juice, apple cider) [79]
  • Bourbon cider slushie (bourbon, cinnamon vanilla syrup, lemon juice, apple cider) [80] (cognac, champagne, apple juice, simple syrup, green apple chunks) [81]

Grape juice Edit

  • Gin and grape juice [82]
  • Early morning piece (Jack Daniel's whiskey, orange juice, grape juice) [83]
  • Episcopal punch (vodka, ginger ale, white sparkling grape juice) [84]
  • Grape ape/Bling Bling [85] (vodka, lemon-lime soda, grape juice) [86]
  • Grape fizz (Seagram's grape twisted gin, ginger ale, white grape juice) [87]
  • Grape rocket (Whiskey, vodka, grape juice) [88]
  • Jeweler's hammer (vodka, soda water, grape juice) [89]
  • John Rocker (vodka, peach schnapps, white grape juice) [90]
  • Boozy Concord-grape ice pops (gin, juniper berries, sugar, lime juice, Concord grape juice) [91]
  • Frosty grape fizz (gin or vodka, orange liqueur, soda water, purple grape juice) [92]
  • Grape quencher (Vodka, triple sec, lime juice, grape juice) [93]
  • Henry Joose (Bombay Sapphire gin, Seagram's Extra Dry gin, 7-up, cranapple juice, grape juice) [94]
  • Mardi Grape (Grape Vodka, grapefruit juice, club soda, grape juice) [95]
  • Mardi Gras madness (Vodka, pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda, grape juice) [96] (Greenbar Tru Lemon Vodka, Licor, lemon juice, grape juice) [97] (vodka, ginger syrup, lime juice, Concord grape juice ice cubes, and club soda)
  • White grape margarita (tequila, triple sec, lime juice, white grape juice) [98]

Ginger soda Edit

A ginger soda cocktail is a cocktail with ginger ale or ginger beer. Small Town Brewery produced the 5.90% ABV Not Your Father's Ginger Ale. [99] Coney Island Brewing Co. Henry's Hard Soda produced the 4.2% ABV Henry's Hard Ginger Ale. Others have included Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4.8 percent) and Spiced Orange Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4.8 percent), Fentimen's Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4 percent), and New City Ginger Beer (8 percent). [100]

    (rum and ginger beer)
  • Presbyterian (scotch and ginger ale) [101] (Smirnoff Ice Screwdriver and ginger beer) (rye whisky and ginger ale) (vodka, grenadine, and ginger ale) (Irish whiskey, ginger ale, lime juice) (vodka, ginger beer, lime juice)
  • White wine ginger spritz (dry white wine, ginger beer, lime juice) (apple cider, dark rum, ginger beer)
  • Ginger apple cooler (apple whiskey, maple syrup, lemon juice, ginger beer)
  • Ginger fizz (gin, alcoholic ginger beer, muddled limes and cilantro)
  • Stoli alibi (vodka, ginger simple syrup, lime juice) [102] (orange juice, gin, cherry brandy and ginger beer)

Cola Edit

Some cola cocktails are made by the brewer for example, McAles sells a "hard cola" that is a malt beverage with kola and other natural flavors and caramel color added. [103] Jack Daniel's and Miller Brewing also introduced a hard cola, "Black Jack Cola". [104] Henry's Hard Soda introduced a hard cherry cola.

    (tequila and Coke) (rum and coke) (red wine and Coke) (Tecate Light and Coke)
  • All American (bourbon, Southern Comfort, and Coke) [105] (vodka, coffee liqueur, and Coke) (white rum, chocolate liqueur, Kahlua, and Coke) (vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, cola) (tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a dash of Coke)

Tonic Edit

A tonic cocktail is a cocktail that contains tonic syrup or tonic water. Tonic water is usually combined with gin for a gin and tonic, or mixed with vodka. However, it can also be used in cocktails with cognac, cynar, Lillet Blanc or Lillet Rosé, rum, tequila, or white port. [106]

List of Funny Drink Names

The Non-alcoholic Ones

Planning to throw a party this weekend? Alcoholic cocktails would top the list, but the party welcomes kids and pregnant women too or may be some who aren’t in the mood of getting drunk.

Make some colorful and fun-named drinks. Some quick-to-prepare and less costly (due to lack of liqueur) funny drink names include:

• Atomic cat
• Bora bora
• Crazy cow
• Mickey mouse

• Pussy foot

The Alcoholic Ones

Alcoholic beverages serve the most popular drinking medium. For celebrations, parties, or whatever excuse we can find to drink, the alcoholic drinks don’t really need a reason to fit in. The funnier ones add a little more fun to them. These are:

• Bee’s knees drink
• Cement mixer
• Crouching tiger
• Elephant shake
• Flaming gorilla
• Flying Fair brother
• Fire hammer drink

• Grasshopper

• Hair of the dog
• Iron butterfly drink
• RumChata
• Screwdriver
• Voodoo

• Swimming pool cocktail

• Strawberry cosmopolitan

• The Bahama Mama cocktail

• Tom and Jerry drink

The Energy Drinks

Stay sharp, focused, and energetic all the time. For a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon at the office, or a booster dose while playing, let’s have a look at the funny list below:

• Betty Boop Juice
• PAC-man energy drink
• Duracell
• Super Mario

List of Bizarre Drinks

These unusual drink names may seem interesting, but are a big deal to have them.

• Lizard wine
• Panda dung tea
• Pepsi Shiso
• Pepsi White-Yogurt flavor

• Snake wine

Drink Names Inspired from Natural Disasters

Sounds shocking, isn’t it? Yeah, these are mixed drinks with funny names. Sometimes they are named for their appearance, while other times for the effect they leave on the drinker. These include:

• Earthquake

• Hurricane

• Mudslide

An intro to apéritifs

Apéritifs are a category of spirits with complex flavors derived from fruits, herbs, and botanicals. Their lighter alcohol content (less than whiskey, more than wine) makes them perfect to sip all evening.

Easy to drink

The perfect anytime drink, sip Haus on its own or with simple mixers you probably already have like soda or tonic.

Natural ingredients. Nothing fake.

Artificial ingredients and refined sugars are a big culprit in hangovers. Feel good about what’s in your glass that night — and the next day.

Delivered to your door

We blend, bottle, and ship our products straight from Sonoma, CA to your doorstep.

The 50 Most Popular Cocktails in the World in 2021

In January 2021, Drinks International (DI), a trade publication for the alcohol industry, released its list of 2020’s best-selling classic cocktails around the globe. To create the annual ranking, DI surveys the world’s top bars and asks each to name its best-selling drinks for the year. The responses are then weighted and ranked. For the latest version, the publication surveyed 100 bars to create a ranking of the year’s most-ordered drinks at top establishments around the world.

A big takeaway from the newly released list is: Tropical cocktails are always in season. Three of the seven newcomers feature bright flavors and fruity ingredients — including the Jungle Bird, El Diablo, and the Zombie. Perhaps almost a year of staying at home has inspired imbibers to experience their beach vacations in a glass. On another note, the Long Island Iced Tea has found its way onto the year’s ranking, proving that these days, we should always expect the unexpected.

Here are the year’s top 50 cocktails.

Everything You Can Order Online To Stock Your Home Bar For The Long Haul

50. Jungle Bird

This year’s list proves that tiki is still on the crest of its comeback. It doesn’t get more classic than the Jungle Bird, which was reportedly invented in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, circa 1978. While high-end cocktail bars often serve the drink in a bird cage for the ultimate presentation, at-home bartenders can stick with a rocks glass and a pineapple wedge garnish.

49. Long Island Iced Tea

New to the list in 2020, the Long Island Iced Tea combines four spirits: light rum, vodka, tequila, and gin. It’s the ultimate cocktail for indecisive imbibers. Love it or hate it, the sickly sweet cocktail is back.

48. Gin Gin Mule

You might do a double-take when you see the Gin Gin Mule on the list of the world’s most popular cocktails. The Gin Gin Mule (a.k.a. the Ginger Rogers) is a cross between a Moscow Mule and a Mojito, with gin as the star of the show.

47. White Lady

This cocktail originating in the 1920s was reimagined with a dash of egg whites by Peter Dorelli, former manager of The American Bar in London. Its base is gin, mixed with fresh lemon juice and either Cointreau or Combier.

46. El Diablo

An underrated tequila Highball and yet another example of tiki’s increasing popularity, the El Diablo combines reposado with ginger beer, lime juice, and crème de cassis.

45. Cosmopolitan

The days of the Cosmo as the bartender’s piñata are over. You may even see crafted spins on this drink, but mostly, there’s indifference. If you need reminding, it’s vodka, triple sec, cranberry, and lime. Despite dropping 14 spots since 2017, the Cosmo has remained relevant, meaning it might be time to give the pink drink a second chance.

44. Zombie

Fruity, bright, and crushable, this tiki cocktail was first invented in Hollywood, Calif. by bartender “Don The Beachcomber” in 1934. The cocktail consists of lime, lemon, and pineapple juices, passion fruit syrup, Angostura bitters, brown sugar, and three different types of rum (light, dark, and 151-proof).

43. Hanky Panky

Bartenders around the world are increasingly showing their love for amari, pushing the category into the mainstream. This cocktail is a simple combination of Fernet-Branca, gin, and vermouth.

42. Vodka Martini

The Vodka Martini spiked in popularity in 2017, dropping four spots since its peak. It’s pretty basic — a shot of chilled vodka mixed with a little dry vermouth — but is somehow still in demand at the world’s best cocktail bars.

41. Caipirinha

Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha, had its moment in the spotlight during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The following year, it claimed the No. 25 spot on this list. However, it falls to No. 41 in 2021. The cocktail is made with Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça, along with sugar and lime.

40. Tom Collins

The original Tom Collins recipe calls for gin, lemon, and soda water essentially, it’s a spritzy lemonade for grownups. This quintessential gin Highball, however, has fallen five places since the previous year’s list was released.

39. Bamboo

We may have sherry’s resurgence to thank for the Bamboo, a cocktail made with one-and-a-half parts sherry, one-and-a-half parts dry vermouth, two dashes Angostura bitters, and two dashes orange bitters.

38. Tommy’s Margarita

Developed by bartender Julio Bermejo of San Francisco’s Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in the 1990s, the Tommy’s Margarita doubles the amount of agave present in the traditional Margarita by swapping out the orange liqueur for agave syrup. You’ve probably had your share of Tommy’s Margaritas without even realizing it.

37. Last Word

A drink from the days of Prohibition, the revival of the Last Word — which combines gin, green chartreuse, Maraschino liqueur, and lime juice — has been credited to bartender Murray Stenson, who came across the drink in an old bar manual while working at Seattle’s Zig Zag Café in 2004.

36. Irish Coffee

The Irish Coffee was pioneered by Irish Chef Joe Sheridan in the 1940s. James Beard winner and author of “The Craft of the Cocktail” Dale DeGroff describes Irish Coffee as, “cold cream, hot sweet coffee, laced with wonderful Irish whiskey.” What’s not to love? Exact proportions and types of whiskey, sugar, and cream preparations can vary slightly, but when done right, it’s delicious.

35. Aviation

After acquainting yourself with Tom Collins, meet an Aviation: Served up in a Martini glass, the gorgeous lavender-colored cocktail is made with Crème de Violette or Creme Yvette, Maraschino liqueur, gin, and lemon juice. The Aviation has had a bumpy flight these past few years, descending 15 spots since last year.

34. Sidecar

Brandy, tragically underrepresented on this list, earns a well-deserved moment in the worldwide spotlight as one of the world’s most ordered cocktails. The Sidecar is a good place to start for those not familiar with the category-spanning spirit: The drink mixes brandy, lemon, and triple sec, making a tart, refreshing tipple.

33. Pornstar Martini

A newcomer to the list, this passionfruit and vanilla vodka cocktail is traditionally served with a shot of Prosecco on the side. Yes, it sounds a little extra, but with a name like “Pornstar Martini,” would you expect anything less?

32. Piña Colada

Another nod to the tropical cocktails resurgence, this 1970s-era Puerto Rican slushie pleasure is made with white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice.

31. Bellini

This famous Prosecco-based brunch staple was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. The two-ingredient cocktail simply combines the Italian bubbly with peach puree in a flute glass.

30. Brandy Crusta

The Brandy Crusta is a complex creation inspired by New Orleans cocktail culture. It is a delicate combination of brandy, curaçao, lemon juice, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and Maraschino liqueur.

29. Bramble

Created by Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in London in the 1980s, the Bramble combines the bright, tangy berry flavors of gin and blackcurrant liqueur (Merlet Crème de Mures is a favorite of some bartenders, although crème de cassis works as well). It also includes gin, lemon, simple syrup, and plenty of crushed ice.

28. Gin Fizz

A delicious craft gin can make the Gin Fizz shine. The simple drink is a mix of gin, lemon, sugar, egg, and soda.

27. Rum Old Fashioned

Rum has grown out of its rum-and-Coke banality to world-class cocktail mixer. The Rum Old Fashioned is simply an Old Fashioned made with rum. Its simplicity seems to work in its favor, as the Rum Old Fashioned rose 10 places in popularity since last year.

26. Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour is both a staple at the world’s best bars, and a drink we’ve compared to a liquid Sour Patch Kid. It’s both sweet from the nutty amaretto and sour from lemon juice, while egg white smooths out the tang.

25. Americano

Not to be confused with the espresso drink (in fact, it has nothing to do with coffee at all), this Italian cocktail was created by Gaspare Campari, who served it in his bar Caffè Campari in the 1860s. This Campari, vermouth, and soda water drink is quickly rising in popularity.

24. Vieux Carré

The Vieux Carré is an American cocktail invented in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Similar to the Manhattan, it’s made with brandy, whiskey, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura, and Peychaud’s bitters.

23. Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour, made with the Peruvian and Chilean national spirit pisco, along with lime, syrup and an optional egg white, is appropriate for any occasion.

22. Paloma

The Paloma is among the most-loved tequila drinks at VinePair. It entered this list for the first time in 2017, and it has not only stuck around, but raised in rank — moving up 14 spaces since last year. The Paloma mixes tequila and grapefruit — we think Avion, Spindrift grapefruit soda, and a squeeze of fresh lime work best — or you can switch it up with seasonal ingredients, or substitute tequila or slightly smoky mezcal.

21. French 75

The French 75 calls for gin, lemon juice, sugar, and Champagne. It’s a classy affair, but can also be found as one of our favorite canned cocktails.

20. Sazerac

The Sazerac has slipped from its former top 10 status, but its staying power is clear. The drink originated in the 1850s in New Orleans, and remains deeply entwined with Crescent City culture. It can be made with rye or brandy, along with Demerara syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters, a lemon twist, and absinthe as needed.

19. Mai Tai

Perhaps the tiki-est of tiki cocktails, the Mai Tai was hard to resist among the world’s drinkers last year. Its recipe typically includes different varieties of rum, orange juice, triple sec, and several sweeteners.

18. Boulevardier

The Boulevardier is the Negroni’s fraternal twin that utilizes whiskey instead of gin. It’s equal parts rye, amaro, and sweet vermouth. Garnish with an orange twist, and you’ve got yourself an afternoon.

17. Clover Club

The Clover Club was originally named after a men’s club in Philadelphia, but for us is synonymous with the eponymous premiere cocktail club in Brooklyn. The bright pink drink contains gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and an egg white.

16. Corpse Reviver

Talk about a revival. This drink rises eight spots this year, and has an interesting twist: There are two versions. Corpse Reviver #1 calls for Cognac, calvados, brandy, and vermouth while Corpse Reviver #2 uses equal parts gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, and a dash of absinthe. Choose wisely.

15. Dark ’n’ Stormy

The Dark ’n’ Stormy contains a mix of Gosling’s rum (and only Gosling’s rum) and ginger beer. Sometimes, simplest is best.

14. Penicillin

Nothing cures the weary winter drinker like a Penicillin, made with blended Scotch, smoky Islay Scotch, lemon juice, and honey ginger simple syrup. Created by Sam Ross, co-owner of New York’s Attaboy, it’ll bring you back to life like a Z-pack.

13. Moscow Mule

This famous mug-dwelling drink contains ginger, vodka, lime, and soda. It’s famously served in a Moscow Mule mug, which we venture to guess is much of its slushy appeal.

12. Gimlet

Two parts gin, one part lime juice, and one-half part sweetener, the Gimlet is an easy sipper that inspires many iterations, and has maintained its 12th place spot for two years running.

11. Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is as much an experience as a drink. The brunch-time staple is best enjoyed with a house mix of tomato juice, vodka, and spices. And, if it’s your thing, an array of garnishes — from celery and olives to bacon to entire cheeseburgers — are known to make appearances.

10. Mojito

The Mojito might be Cuba’s most popular contribution to cocktail culture. The mix of white rum, lime juice, cane sugar, and soda (with muddled mint, please) is fresh and tropical, and it’s a classic that we don’t expect to disappear any time soon.

9. Aperol Spritz

If you haven’t noticed the Aperol Spritz, you haven’t been drinking (or on Instagram). Moving into the top 10 from No. 22 in 2017, this popular aperitif is as visually pleasing as it is tasty and easy to make: a three-two-one ratio of Prosecco, Aperol, and soda. May the summer of spritz compel you.

8. Manhattan

It’s hard to stray from the Manhattan, and the recent rise of rye whiskey makes it even more difficult. Spicy rye, sweet vermouth, and two dashes of Angostura, stirred, strained, and garnished with a brandied cherry can make you feel like a true class act.

7. Whiskey Sour

This dependable drink is an easy fit for whiskey lovers, as well as those weary of the brown spirit: its lemony lift and slight sweetness make it appealing for citrus lovers, too. The simple recipe calls for whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar.

6. Espresso Martini

Like a refined Red Bull and vodka for coffee lovers, the Espresso Martini promises a pick-me-up, calm-me-down effect in a tasty package. The after-dinner drink will wake you up while still keeping your buzz going. It’s also been called a Vodka Espresso and Pharmaceutical Stimulant.

5. Margarita

The Margarita, in its tart, tangy simplicity, is probably the most well-known tequila cocktail in the world. It’s also one of the most popular cocktails in America. It keeps its spot as the world’s top tequila-based classic in 2021.

4. Dry Martini

A well-made dry Martini is elegance in a glass. The classic mix of gin and dry vermouth ranks No. 4 in the top 50 cocktails of the year.

3. Daiquiri

The Daiquiri is often misunderstood. While many associate the drink with fruit and blenders, a true Daiquiri is simply made with white rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. It is a clean and refreshing drink for any occasion.

2. Negroni

We love Negronis at VinePair, and we’re sorely disappointed when a bartender doesn’t know how to make one. Thankfully, that shouldn’t happen much longer, as the Negroni claims the No. 2 spot for the sixth year running. Gin, Campari, and vermouth in a perfect, punchy package.

1. Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is timeless. This simple classic made with rye or bourbon, a sugar cube, Angostura bitters, a thick cube of ice, and an orange twist delivers every time. That’s it — the most popular cocktail in the world.

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