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Vegetables stuffed with chicken breast

Vegetables stuffed with chicken breast

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Wash the vegetables well, because we leave them all peeled! Cut in half, lengthwise, eggplant, zucchini, zucchini and bell pepper. Remove the seeds from the peppers and the core from the eggplant and pumpkin with a spoon. Then chop it finely and set it aside. Cut green onions and garlic into thin slices, then fry them in hot oil. Cut the meat into pieces, place it over the onion and stir until it changes color. Add the eggplant and zucchini kernels, add water or vegetable soup, tomato paste, season with salt and pepper to taste and cook for 15-20 minutes over medium heat.

Turn off the heat and add the finely chopped dill and basil. After the composition has cooled a little, fill the halves of the vegetables and place them in a pan greased with a little oil.

See all the preparation steps here

1 chicken breast (about 300 grams)

The mushrooms are washed, their tails are broken and the first layer of skin is peeled. They are squeezed with the hat down. Meanwhile, chop the tails and mix with the diced chicken breast, finely chopped onion, parsley and chopped dill. Mix everything and season with salt and pepper. Fill the mushrooms and place in the pan.

I put a drop of olive oil in each mushroom and put them in the oven and put them in the oven and preheated for a quarter of an hour before, for about 15 minutes, over medium heat. Remove the mushrooms and grate the cheese on top.

Chicken breast rolls & # 8220Boierești & # 8221. Delicate meat with fragrant and tasty filling.

The & # 8220Boierești & # 8221 chicken breast rolls are delicious, very tender and tasty, ideal for a hearty lunch or as a snack on the holiday table. Filled with vegetables and cheese, these rolls turn into a royal dish, worthy of all praise. All guests will be captivated by the irresistible taste and aroma of the rolls. Enjoy them with vegetables or sauces.



1. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices (you will get 6-8 slices), beat them lightly, season with salt and pepper and set aside.

2. Prepare the filling: clean the carrot and put it through the large grater, add the grated cheese, finely chopped parsley and the garlic given by the press, mix all the ingredients, add a little mayonnaise and salt to taste.

3. Put the filling on the slices of meat and roll them into rolls, fix them with toothpicks or threads.

4. Fry the rolls in oil until golden brown, remove the toothpicks or threads.

5. Place the rolls in a pan or pan, add a little water or soup and bake for 30-40 minutes.

6. The rolls are ready! You can serve them hot with garnish or cold, cut crosswise as an appetizer.

Chicken breast with caramelized vegetables in soy sauce

I matched this chicken breast with caramelized vegetables in soy sauce, with some gluten-free spaghetti, which, unfortunately, does not behave like the usual ones, break a bit during cooking, but anyway, they are tasty and healthy.

It can be paired with rice, with any garnish of potatoes, or it can be served simply, it is delicious anyway.

I really like caramelized vegetables, I also said, and in combination with chicken breast and soy sauce, a dish of the highest grade came out, as appreciated by those who enjoyed it.

We especially liked it and I highly recommend this recipe Chicken breast and mushrooms in cheese sauce, but not this one Mushroom stew with chicken breast it is not inferior.

Chef tips for pancakes stuffed with chicken breast

  • If you have other preferences or there is an ingredient you want to put in the pancake filling, do not hesitate. Use your imagination!
  • You can use any cheese that melts easily. Emmentaler or Cheddar are good options.
  • For extra consistency and taste you can use bacon. Put crispy bacon in the filling or wrap the whole pancake in bacon after you have followed all the steps of the recipe.
  • Next to pancakes you can put fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.
  • A soft-eyed egg placed on top of the pancake will complete the breakfast.
  • Sprinkle a little parsley at the end. You can also use fresh dill.
  • If you don't want to put the pancakes in the oven, you can put them in the sandwich maker. To use the sandwich maker, put the cream and cheese inside the pancake.

Quesadilla with grilled chicken and vegetables + GIVEAWAY

Because I had good weather and beautiful spring days, I decided to inaugurate the new barbecue season right in my own garden. And not anyway but testing a very nice and modern device: electric grill HEG-1800XMC from Heinner Electrocasnice from the range Master Collection & # 8211 see here.

I liked that it is not just a simple sandwich maker but that it has generous dimensions (23 x 29 cm) and that has 2 operating modes: grill and barbecue. That is, it can be used as a press but can also be opened completely, obtaining a double frying surface. Smart! In this recipe for quesadilla with chicken and vegetables I used both functions: I fried the meat and vegetables on the large surface of the grill (barbecue) and I au gratin the stuffed tortilla using the press function (grill).

This electric grill from Heinner has a modern design with stainless steel finishes, cold handle with protection, warm storage function and removable grill plates. This last aspect delighted me because we all know how difficult it is to clean sandwich appliances or grills that cannot be dismantled. Electric grill HEG-1800XMC from Heinner Electrocasnice it is not expensive at all and can be purchased from here or here.

At the end of the recipe, a GIVEAWAY very nice!

From the quantities below it results approx. 4-6 servings of quesadilla with chicken and vegetables or tortilla stuffed with cheese.

Appetizer pancakes stuffed with chicken breast

A delight for everyone in the house, Appetizer clams stuffed with chicken breast, is the proposed recipe below.
pepper belongs to the family Piperaceae. It is of several types: black, white, green, red, pink. It can be called the king of spices, being used in the vast majority of countries, in many dishes. The country of origin is India, then it was cultivated in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Pepper contains potassium, manganese, vitamins K & C, calcium, copper, iron, chromium, fiber. Prevents intestinal gas, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, plus provides energy.
It is used in the seasoning of many culinary preparations: meat dishes, vegetable dishes, sauces, fish dishes, salad dressings, soups and even certain drinks.

Photo: Appetizer clams stuffed with chicken breast & ndash Archive & # 259 Burda Rom & acircnia

& Icirc & # 539i must for cl & # 259tite:
2 or & # 259
1 pinch of salt
1 can & # 259 milk
1 can & # 259 ap & # 259 mineral & # 259
dried vegetable spice
chopped green parsley
2-3 tablespoons oil
f & # 259in & # 259 c & acirct comprinde
& Icirc & # 539i need for stuffing & # 259 & # 537i crust & # 259:
1 chicken breast
2 onions
1 large carrot
2-3 tablespoons oil
ground white pepper
2 or & # 259
200 ml oil & icircncins
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Put the meat through a mincer. Peel an onion, grate it and squeeze the oil. After it softens, add the finely grated carrot and the minced meat. Season the composition and you will laugh after the meat has boiled. Take the pot off the heat and add 1-2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs to bind the composition.
Mix the ingredients for the dough and bake the pancakes in a non-stick pan greased with oil.
Fill the cups with meat compositions, roll them and pass them through the beaten eggs, then through the breadcrumbs. Preheat the oil bath and remove them from the absorbent cloth. When they are still cold, cut them obliquely, in 2 trunks. You can serve them with a tzatziki sauce, made from grated cucumber, with yogurt, sour cream, garlic and olive oil.

Preparation: 40 minutes: Baking: 25 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 de Manuela Solcan, Ion & # 259 & # 537e & # 537ti, jud. Boto & # 537ani

Mushroom recipe stuffed with chicken breast

The other day I made some absolutely delicious chicken breast stuffed mushrooms. I've been making stuffed mushrooms for a long time, and now it's time. I found some Maarari mushrooms at Lidl and stopped thinking.

These stuffed mushrooms are good both as a main course, but also as a side dish, they are made quickly and easily and are good bad.

Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese in the oven

Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese, in the oven & # 8211 a quick, good-looking, easy-to-crunch dinner option, perfect for long working days when you feel like you want to make your own food.

Preheat the oven.

Grow one pocket in each chicken breast. Beat the yogurt with the tomato sauce and mustard. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Grate the cheese. Lightly grease the inside of the pocket with the sauce mixture (not until you finish it all, because you will put it on top). Put a slice of ham in the pocket of each chicken breast. Sprinkle cheese inside (not until you're done, because you'll put it on top).

Put the chicken pieces in the pan. Sprinkle with a little oil and bake. Bake in the preheated oven over medium heat for 15 minutes.

Remove the tray. Grease the top of each chicken breast evenly with the rest of the sauce mixture. Put the rest of the cheese on top and put in the oven until the cheese is browned. Sprinkle a few fresh parsley leaves on top and serve hot.

Baked chicken breast & quotCamprese & quot with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella

Try this delicious Baked chicken breast recipe with "Tomatoes" in basil, basil and mozzarella. It is extremely easy to prepare - place the ingredients in the chicken and put them in the oven. In half an hour you will get an extremely delicious and high-protein meal. This one Simple recipe for baked chicken breast also has few carbohydrates, so if you enjoy it with a simple salad, you don't have to worry about carbs, if it's something you avoid. In addition, I will reveal the secret of the most juicy chicken breast :)

Sometimes I think we can create countless tasty dishes using chicken. No matter how you prepare it, it always comes out great. This chicken recipe is no exception. We will prepare it in the Italian Caprese style, so we get a combination of flavors thanks to tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil leaves - the combination is really excellent and nutritionally valuable.

How do we prepare a juicy chicken breast?

If you want to prepare a chicken breast that is not dry, you have to follow a few rules. It is very simple. Sync needed. Because chicken breast is a type of lean meat, it should not be cooked for a long time, otherwise it will dry out. Therefore, it is essential to bake the chicken breast at higher temperatures - to bake quickly, but at the same time enough. The ideal baking temperature is 220 degrees Celsius. For medium or large chicken fillets, the baking temperature is about 20 minutes. If you have a meat thermometer, the ideal temperature the meat should reach is 73 degrees. If the meat is not uniform, you can beat the meat beforehand to fry it (in this case, 15 minutes are enough to cook it). After baking, it's good leave the meat covered for at least 5 minutes, so that it absorbs the juice from the sauce, thus becoming even more juicy.

I tried different recipes and tricks, but it worked best for me. What are your experiences?

Baked chicken breast & quotCaprese & quot can be served with any favorite garnish - with cold or hot salad, rice, quinoa, couscous or baked potatoes.

Tip: If you want to prepare a sauce for this food, I recommend a healthy tartar sauce, the recipe of which you can find here:.