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Will Disney Bid on Food Network?

Will Disney Bid on Food Network?

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Scripps Networks may be open to sale, AdAge reports, and a good buyer might just be the founding company of Mickey Mouse

Wikimedia/Walt Disney Company/Scripps Networks Interactive

Here's an idea that will blow your socks off: Disney, home of the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, could potentially make a bid to Scripps Networks, home of Paula Deen and Guy Fieri.

AdAge points out that Scripps Networks Interactive could bring in bids from buyers now that a family trust has disbanded; the holdings of the Scripps family trust will be distributed between descendants of Edward W. Scripps. And because all those shares are now distributed out, and other investors are in on the decision-making process, analysts think there is a possibility of a sale. "It certainly seems to be more likely that if someone were to make a great offer, that you could see more pressure from certain beneficiaries that maybe are in favor of selling," one analyst at Edward Jones said.

Potential bidders could include Disney and Comcast, as each would want to fill a "yawning gap" in their audience, as they look to reach "upscale, older women." Naturally, Scripps Network representatives claim they are not looking to sell the business, but Grub Street seems pretty excited about the theoretical Disney/Scripps fusion. Imagine a Jonas Brothers cooking show, or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody... Around the World. Yep, seems about right.

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