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The Black Friday Cider

The Black Friday Cider

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For those of you unwinding after a long day of shopping, you just may need a drink. Fortunately, Joe Brooke, head bartender of Mixology 101 in Los Angeles has made a Black Friday special made with the Black Grouse scotch (no pun intended). The Black Grouse, from the same makers as the Famous Grouse, is a smoky blended scotch that will make all your shopping nightmares sail far, far away.


  • 1 3/4 Ounce The Black Grouse
  • 3/4 Ounces orange blossom honey syrup
  • 1/2 Ounce lemon juice
  • 2 Ounces hot mulled cider

Boiled Cider Pie Is the New England Classic to Bring Back this Thanksgiving

I recognize that the day before Thanksgiving is a brazen time to publish a pie recipe, but really, what’s one more pie? Besides, this one is really something special—and I bet you already have the ingredients on hand.

Say "Bye-Bye" To Bad Pie With These Easy Fixes

Welcome back to Sunday Sustenance! As we have discussed before, apple season is finally here, just…

Last Thanksgiving I made three nine-inch pies for two people and had to call for backup on Black Friday. Upon arriving at the table, my friends eyed the strange, beige pie sitting next to the pecan with suspicion. It was boiled cider pie, I explained, a “New England thing.” Shockingly, this didn’t help at all, but I promised that if they tried a bite, they’d like it. Turns out, I was right the boiled cider pie disappeared first, well before the cranberry streusel and even the pecan.

If you’ve never had boiled cider pie before, it’s custard pie flavored with apple cider that has been boiled down into a thick, sweet-tart syrup. Traditional recipes are double-crusted and super sweet, but mine makes a balanced, surprisingly light single-crust pie. Grated apples and a generous squeeze of lemon provide some welcome tartness and keep the filling from tipping over into toothache territory. It’s the perfect foil to the usual pie suspects—sweet potato, pecan, apple—and contrasts nicely with the heavy richness of Thanksgiving dinner. Best of all, boiled cider is the chillest possible custard pie blind baking the crust is completely optional, and the custard comes together in 5 minutes in one bowl.

Boiled Cider Pie (adapted from the James Beard Foundation )

Note: This recipe is written for a nine-inch pie. To make the cute little six-inch pie you see above, I halved the custard ingredients (because Small Thanksgiving ) and baked for 35-40 minutes. If you’re making a small pie, do not skip the blind-baking step.

Mulled cider recipe

We have the perfect mulled cider recipe for those winter and Christmas evenings when you want to get in the festive mood.

There is nothing nicer than being tucked up inside, while the weather outside is turning colder, with a glass of something hot and spicy.

Mulled drinks, liked mulled wine, are perfect for those cosy nights in and with the popularity of cider rising, we think you should give mulled cider a go this year.

Which is the best cider to use?

Full bodied, dry and cloudy ciders that thin out when heated, are often a popular choice to mull. A sweet cider with a strong apple flavour is preferable, but it's also important that there's a hint of acidity to cut through the syrupy richness that too sweet a cider can result in. Tart ciders can be used, but just be sure to add more sugar. Similarly, very sweet ciders can be used, but add extra acidity, such as a squeeze of lemon, at the end of mulling.

Which spices can be used?

Spices that compliment that flavour of apple best, are

If you like a highly spiced flavour to your mulled cider, then make sure to toast your spices first in a dry pan to get the best flavour out of them. A combination of any of your favourite spices can be used, so experiment and see what you like best. Make sure to strain out any spices before serving to prevent any unwanted bits when sipping!

Low and slow

We recommend mulling your cider on a low heat (never allow it to boil), and once it starts simmering, instantly remove it from the heat and leave it to infuse. This will prevent the cider from reducing too much which would result in an overly sweet flavour and syrupy texture, or from the cider/spices from burning, that would leave it bitter tasting.

Mulled cider recipe

Hands on time 5min. Cooking time: 10min, plus 5min infusing.


  • 1litre good dry cider, scrumpy is best for this
  • 3 tbsp light brown sugar
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 star anise
  • 8 cloves
  • 1 vanilla pod, halved lengthways
  • 2 cinnamon sticks, snapped in half
  • Juice 1 orange, plus 1 sliced.

In a large pan stir all the ingredients together apart from the orange slices, cover the pan with a lid and bring slowly up to a simmer, this will take about 10 minutes.

Once the cider is bubbling, turn off the heat, add the orange slices and leave the lid on to infuse for 5 minutes. Pour into heatproof glasses or mugs.

Garnish with the orange slices, and cinnamon sticks if you like.

Added booziness

If you'd like to add even more warmth to your mulled cider, additional alcohols, such as sloe gin, calvados or brandy, can be added sparingly.


Mulled cider can be kept in a sealed jar in the fridge for up to 3 days. Gently reheat in a pan.

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50 Can't-Miss Black Friday Kitchen Deals That Will Make You a Better Cook

Most of us are skipping the early mornings and long lines of traditional Black Friday sales, and stores have been making up for those lost in-person sales with some truly amazing early Black Friday deals. But true to form, they&aposve saved some of the very best sales of the year for Black Friday — with some savings topping 75 percent off.

Stores like Macy&aposs, Target, Walmart, and Amazon just unveiled deals on top-selling cookware, appliances, bakeware, and more from shopper-favorite brands including Instant Pot, Vitamix, KitchenAid, Ninja, Le Creuset, and more. These Black Friday discounts include classic gift options, like this Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker for 31 percent off and this Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Brewer for 25 percent off.

But if you&aposre looking to treat yourself and boost your own cooking game — after all the cooking you&aposve likely done this year, you may want to consider replacing some overused things — you don&apost want to miss Anolon&aposs 11-piece hard-anodized nonstick cookware set that&aposs marked down 33 percent and comes with a free gift with purchase. (It&aposs our pick for the best nonstick cookware.) And you can&apost go wrong with this Alexa-enabled Crock-Pot slow cooker that will let you change settings without stepping food in the kitchen.

It&aposs not just the big-ticket appliances that are on sale this Black Friday, however. Some great storage and home organization items are greatly marked down, too, including this colorful 36-piece food storage container set and this sink mat that&aposs designed to protect delicate dishes from chips and cracks.

If this Black Friday Week is any indication of how quickly deals will go today, we recommend you quickly add to your cart anything that catches your eye. Sales are limited and unlikely to restock at the deeply discounted price any time soon. We went ahead and found the 50 best Black Friday kitchen deals so you have a great place to start your shopping.

Best Buy kicked off their Black Friday sale earlier this month, but the retailer is still offering 50% off small appliances and a different doorbuster every day. Plus, Best Buy is opening for extended hours on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so you can start shopping at 5pm local time Thanksgiving day.

BB&B is running a three-day Black Friday savings event, starting on November 27. Online holiday shoppers will get 20% off through November 29 and free shipping on orders over $19 through December 2. If shopping in-store, sales begin November 28, and shoppers will get an in-store-only coupon for 25% off entire purchase. While shopping, look out for deals on coffeemakers (from Nespresso and Keurig!), SodaStreams and air fryers.

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Apple Cider Recipe!

In the mood for a new take on the standard apple cider this fall? If so, I recently found this Slow Cooker Cinnamon Apple Cider Recipe. I haven’t made this drink yet, but it looks fun to make. I’ve never made a apple cider drink in the slow cooker, but it seems easy enough. Plus, the smell of this cider will probably make my home smell wonderful. If this recipe interests you too, be sure to have the following ingredients:

  • 1 gallon Tree Top Apple Cider (128 oz.)
  • 1 cup Original Red Hots Cinnamon Candy
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks

You only need three ingredients! Isn’t that great?! For further instruction on making this cider recipe, be sure to visit the Never Ending Journeys Webpage. Let us know if you enjoyed this recipe in the comments below. We love to hear from our readers.

Black Friday: Unwind & Indulge With The Black Grouse Cocktail

Bennett started blogging about decor when she moved into her new place. Everything hot and haute in the home is her specialty. Not stopping at just her home, Bennett's decorative prowess manifested itself in fashion too. She teaches readers how to freshen up their wardrobes with the season's "must have" items. If you're ever clueless on what to wear or how to enhance your home, Bennett's got you covered.

You’ve braved the crowd and crazies this Black Friday, and scored on all those deals you had your eyes on. Why not round up your BFF’s and have a cocktail to soothe your sore feet and chaotic mind which was in overdrive for the last few hours.

Indulge in a cocktail with The Black Grouse, the distinctively smoky blended Scotch whisky from the makers of The Famous Grouse.

The Black Friday Cider

.75 oz. Orange Blossom Honey Syrup

Build in a Toddy glass and stir, garnish with a cloved orange peel.

Cheers to doing it all again in our seat this go ’round on Cyber Monday!

Frozen Apple Cider Slushee Cocktail

Frozen apple cider turned into a slushee cocktail with apple brandy.

Definitely time for another cocktail recipe on the blog. In the spirit of autumn, we're going all in with apples for October's seasonal menu. This cocktail uses apple cider as well as apple brandy and it is ridiculously simple to make. Unlike so many other frozen blended drinks, this recipe is SMOOTH. It's the perfect 'slush' thanks to frozen apple cider instead of regular ice cubes. The flavor is also nice and concentrated instead of watered down. We've made this several times over the past few weeks. it's that good. And for those of you who have hot Octobers: here you go. No sweaters or vests for you, but please enjoy frozen apple cider cocktails (especially during trick-or-treat duty).

9 Restaurant and Food Deals to Take Advantage of on Black Friday

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of Black Friday-specific restaurant deals this year. You𠆝 think chains would take advantage of the super high volume of shoppers out and about the day after Thanksgiving. Regardless, here are some ongoing deals (plus a few Black Friday-specific ones) you should know about before you head into the hysteria on November 29:

WATCH: How to Make Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce

Below are the Top 5 Black Friday Desserts Recipes:

#1 Fudge

Fudge is the best and creamy American confectionery that is made up of the milk, sugar, butter, and various toppings and flavorings for delicious taste.


  • Three cups of semisweet chocolate chips
  • 14 ounce or one can sweeten condensed milk
  • ¼ cup of the butter
  • One cup of chopped walnuts


Step #1

First of all place the chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and the butter or margarine in a large size microwaveable bowl. And then zap in microwave on medium until chips are fully melted, about five minutes, stirring once or twice during the cooking. You can also stir in nuts if desired.

Step #2

After that, you have to pour it into a well-greased 8࡮-inch glass baking dish. And then refrigerate until set. Yummy Fudge is ready to serve.

#2 Almond Malai Kulfi

Almond Badam Malai Kulfi is a famous North Indian dessert recipe, which is loved by all the people! Moreover, it is the best thing to prepare in a jiffy because it doesn’t take much time.

You can get ingredients for the Black Friday Cocktail Recipe.


  • Two cups blanched & peeled, ground almonds
  • Two cups condensed milk
  • One cup of milk
  • One cup fresh cream
  • Fifteen strand saffron
  • Six pieces pistachios


Step #1

First of all, you have to boil the milk and almonds. And then add ground almonds, cream, and the condensed milk in a large-sized bowl. After that, you have to whisk them together until it becomes thick. Now keep it aside for some time.

Then, you have to take a saucepan and add milk to it. Heat the milk over a high flame and then boil the milk. When the milk starts to boil, you have to add the saffron strands. Mix very well and remove the saucepan from the flame and allow the mixture to cool for some time.

Step #2

Once it has fully cooled down, then add it to the almond mixture and constantly stir well. The consistency should be creamy and enough thick. At that time take another pan, heat it over the moderate flame and add coarsely chopped pistachios along with almonds in the pan, and dry roast them for a few times. Once it is done, you have to add them to the kulfi mixture, and reserving some for the garnish. Then mix well and pour the mixture into the kulfi molds.

Step #3

In the end, just cover the top with butter paper. Keep them in your freezer for four hours or until set. Once done, you can remove the kulfi from the mold and sprinkle some of the reserved pistachios and almonds. Serve this yummy and delicious dessert recipe with the chilled falooda for an even better culinary experience.

#3 Lemon Tart


  • The completely baked tart crust
  • For the lemon curd filling
  • Two large eggs plus two egg yolks
  • 3/4 cup of the granulated sugar
  • One tablespoon lemon zest
  • Half cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Two tablespoons heavy cream
  • Half cup unsalted butter and cut it into small pieces


Step #1

Firstly you have to make the lemon curd. For this purpose take a medium heatproof bowl, and then place eggs, sugar, lemon zest, lemon juice, and heavy cream and whisk to combine it. You have to place the bowl over a common saucepan of simmering water.

Step #2

After that, you have to cook it on the moderate heat, and whisking continuously, until this mixture becomes very thick. In case if you have a thermometer, then it should register 170°F/75°C. The curd will be thickened more once cooled.

Step #3

In the third step, you have to remove it from heat and immediately strain the mixture with the help of a sieve. And then add butter, a few cubes at a time, and whisk until completely melted and incorporated, and the mixture is fully smooth. Allow it to cool for some time before filling the tart. You can fill the tart shell with the lemon curd, and then refrigerate it for at least four hours until chilled. Serve it with berries and whipped cream if you like it.

#4 Low Fat Tiramisu


  • 2/3 Cup of the coffee
  • One tbsp. of sugar
  • Two egg yolks
  • 1/4 cup of the sugar
  • Two tbsp. brandy
  • 200 grams mascarpone cheese
  • 100 grams of ricotta cheese
  • Bitter chocolate and the cocoa powder
  • Ladyfinger biscuit


Step #1

First of all, prepare strong espresso coffee and then mix a spoon of sugar in it. You have to bring it to room temperature and put it in your fridge to chill.

Step #2

You have to beat the egg yolks till they become fully creamy. And then beat in the sugar and add the brandy.

Step #3

Take another bowl, and mash the mascarpone cheese with a rubber spatula till it’s creamy. In another similar bowl, you have to beat the ricotta cheese till it’s smooth.

Step #4

Now you have to put together your three mixtures. Firstly add the ricotta to your egg yolk mixture and mix it very well. Then fold it in the mascarpone and be careful not to overdo the mixing.

Step #5

You have to take a flat bottomed glass bowl. After that, lightly soak the ladyfingers in the chilled coffee, one at a time. You can place them next to each other, and layer the base of the dish.

Step #6

Then just distribute the cream and ricotta cheese mixture on its top. And then repeat the step above described with a second layer of the ladyfingers, and top it with the best creamy cheese.

Step #7

In the end, you have to grate and sprinkle some bitter chocolate on the top and sieve a very thin layer of cocoa powder for the finishing touch.

#5 Coconut Kheer


  • One cup grated coconut
  • One cup of sugar
  • Three tablespoons of cashews
  • 100-gram jaggery
  • Four cups of the milk
  • Half cup of the rice
  • Three tablespoons of raisins
  • One tablespoon of ghee
  • One teaspoon powdered black cardamom


Step #1

To prepare this delicious recipe, you have to start by soaking the water in water for an hour. After that, drain the excess amount of water and transfer it to a separate bowl. Then, you have to take the almonds and the cashews and crush them into a bowl and then keep aside.

Step #2

Now, you have to take a pan over medium flame and boil the milk in it. At the time when the milk starts boiling, you have to turn the flame to medium and add jaggery, grated coconut, grounded cardamom, and rice and stir it very well. Then turn the flame to low and allow the mixture to cook till it turns thick and much creamy.

Step #3

In the next step, you have to add the crushed almonds and then cashews to the milk and stir it very well. After that, turn the flame to medium once again and turn it off when the mixture appears to get very thick.

Step #4

In the end, transfer the kheer to a simple serving bowl and garnish it with the almonds and cashews. Then serve and enjoy this delicious dessert.

Try these Top 5 Black Friday Desserts Recipes. Please have a read our latest recipe of a Black Friday Turkey Sandwich.

Watch the video: Black Friday Live at Little Orchard Cider and Music Festival, Healeys Cider Farm (May 2022).