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Chicken and amaranth salad

Chicken and amaranth salad

Chicken and amaranth salad recipe of 13-07-2017 [Updated on 09-03-2018]

L'chicken salad and amaranth is an unusual salad because it is prepared with meat, cereals, vegetables and a little cheese. We could therefore consider it a nutritious second course or a complete dish. For me it was the first time I cooked amaranth and it delighted me a lot, so much so that I already have some other ideas on how to use the remaining sachet I have in the pantry: P
Salads, be they of vegetables, cereals or pasta are my obsession for this summer, I'm really offering them in all sauces and I hope you like it;)
Basins and good day to those who pass by here: *


How to make chicken and amaranth salad

Cook the amaranth in a pot with water following the times indicated on your package. Usually amaranth is cooked in water (double its weight) for 20 minutes about
When it is ready, drain it and let it cool.

Meanwhile, cook the chicken in a pan with a drop of oil.

Clean and dry the baby spinach and place it in the bowl with the amaranth, blueberries, parmesan flakes and slices of pear.
Then add the chicken cut and season with a little oil and salt.
Jumbled up.

Your amaranth and chicken salad is ready to be brought to the table.

Chicken and Amaranth Salad - Recipes

This dish was specially created by Carlo Cracco for Iper la Grande

Do not miss the funny video where you can see me in the kitchen with Cracco who good-naturedly reproaches me but also tells me that I braised the radicchio well!

For 4 people

  • 2 late radicchio from Treviso IGP
  • 200 gr of amaranth
  • 400 ml of water
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • butter
  • salt

Cut the round tips of the radicchio and set them aside.

Then cut the radicchio in half, lengthwise.

Brown it in a non-stick pan with a little oil and butter and turn it gently halfway through cooking, wetting it with a little water and adding salt.

Cook the amaranth in boiling salted water for about 30 minutes and place it on the plate

placing the braised radicchio on top and, to give color to the dish, a few tips of radicchio kept aside.


Bring a pot full of water to the boil (about 2l), add salt and add the amaranth.

Follow the instructions on your package for cooking times.

Plunged the amaranth into boiling water, first everything will remain on the surface, but slowly, absorbing the water, it will go to the bottom.

While you are cooking the amaranth, prepare the hard-boiled eggs: put them in a pot, cover them with water and count ten minutes from when they come to a boil. Turn off, drain and shell when cold.

When the small spheres are cooked, drain them with a narrow mesh strainer and collect them in a bowl, give a drizzle of oil and leave to cool to room temperature.

When cold, add the seasonings and mix, but add the eggs only after serving, you will prevent them from pulping by stirring.

Place in the fridge and let it cool before serving.

Store any leftover part in the fridge, in a bowl well covered with plastic wrap or its lid.

Amaranth and vinegared chicken salad

The amaranth and vinegared chicken salad can be made with the vegetables you want. I used peppers and courgettes because, due to my nickel allergy, they are the vegetables that my body tolerates without causing me unpleasant reactions.

Amaranth and vinegared chicken salad

Amaranth is not a cereal but it has many of the beneficial properties of this food category and its protein content is far superior. Completely gluten-free, it is also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease and is also one of the foods recommended in nickel-free diets.

Ingredients for two people:

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

½ glass of apple cider vinegar

How to prepare the amaranth and vinegared chicken salad:

Wash the amaranth well by placing it in a very fine mesh strainer. Boil lightly salted water in a nickel tested pot with high sides and when it comes to a boil, cook the amaranth for about twenty minutes. Drain it and leave it in the colander until the other ingredients are ready.

Finely chop the shallot and brown it together with the oil in a nickel tested pan over low heat. In the meantime, wash and seed the peppers and cut them into not too small strips, wash the courgette and cut it into cubes of about three cm.

Add the vegetables to the shallot by adding the apple cider vinegar

Cut the chicken breast into pieces about 3 cm by 6 cm. The measurements are indicative because they do not necessarily have to be all the same size or precisely cut. Turn the chicken over into the pot and cook over medium / low heat until the vinegar has all been withdrawn.

At this point, turn off the stove, add the amaranth and mix everything well to distribute ingredients and flavors equally. Let it cool before serving.

Amaranth and vinegared chicken salad

Chicken and Amaranth Salad - Recipes

This dish was specially created by Carlo Cracco for Iper la Grande

Do not miss the funny video where you can see me in the kitchen with Cracco who good-naturedly reproaches me but also tells me that I braised the radicchio well!

For 4 people

  • 2 late radicchio from Treviso IGP
  • 200 gr of amaranth
  • 400 ml of water
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • butter
  • salt

Cut the round tips of the radicchio and set them aside.

Then cut the radicchio in half, lengthwise.

Brown it in a non-stick pan with a little oil and butter and turn it gently halfway through cooking, wetting it with a little water and adding salt.

Cook the amaranth in boiling salted water for about 30 minutes and place it on the plate

placing the braised radicchio on top and, to give color to the dish, a few tips of radicchio kept aside.

Cold quinoa and amaranth salad

Between most consumed foods in the summer we definitely have the classic rice salad or spelled salad: today I wanted to combine two sprouts for an alternative salad but not without taste: quinoa and amaranth salad.

Quinoa and amaranth salad: the properties

Quinoa and amaranth are rich in vegetable proteins. The proteins of vegetable origin, unlike the animal ones, there they help reduce cholesterol and saturated fat intake.

Quinoa and amaranth are source of phosphorus (which helps to give us energy) and of fibers (they promote intestinal regularity and give satiety).

Quinoa and amaranth are also source of magnesium, a valid ally against fatigue.
Finally, amaranth is a source of vitamin B6.

With a sprout salad like this and the addition of some vegetables, we will get a healthy dish, colorful and tasty.

Amaranth flour

Cut the round tips of the radicchio and set them aside.
Then cut the radicchio in half, lengthwise
Brown it in a non-stick pan with a little oil and butter and turn it gently halfway through cooking, wetting it with a little water and adding salt.
Cook the amaranth in boiling salted water for about 30 minutes and place it on the plate, placing the braised radicchio on top and, to give color to the dish, a few tips of radicchio kept aside.

The photo is always taken from the aforementioned site and at this link you will find further detailed information on the AMARANTH

I hope I have found something new and interesting and who knows how many recipes you can make with Amaranth flour.


I just didn't know about the existence of this ingredient. there is always something to learn about raw materials too!

But not even I sometimes involuntarily discover so many things then curiosity makes the rest good weekend.

And so I learned a new thing, I completely ignored the edibility of this plant.Thank you!

I changed the name and address of my blog, I'd love to have you back among my readers, I've lost them all!
Now I'm here:

Have a good weekend, a hug.

Arrived seen done I'm sorry. yes this flour is a shame not to find it is good and one more flour for many things for celiacs. Happy weekend.

Interesting, but a bit problematic to find this flour.
As for the plant, its flower is very beautiful, with that color. amaranth!
Hello and a kiss

I think it is another niche product but I put the emai address of whoever sells it to whom interested can give us a look
Happy weekend

Nice recipe dear Edvige, certainly very good this dish.
Hello and good weekend dear friend.

Hello good weekend

The plant is not new to me, I must surely have seen it somewhere but that it could be obtained from flour is a novelty for me.
I commonly use gluten-free flour to make mostly desserts (and I must say that they come as good to me, like the one from my birthday post)
and if I find gluten-free products around, I buy them with my eyes closed, thanks Edvige. Assunta.

Maybe you can find it in some specialized shop but I think it is little known because it is not advertised but try to see it on that online site that I have reported. Maybe they have some good weekend outlets.

I love radicchio! This is a must try! Maybe I will take advantage of the snow to start cooking on the weekend and I will already experience it!

I understand that you know where to buy amaranth flour maybe tell us maybe we can help someone. Hello good weekend.

I really like the taste of amaranth

I think you know it because you don't know where to buy and the brand maybe we help someone find it hello and have a good weekend.

You never stop learning and return to the above information so I recommend to a friend. Thanks for sharing. Good weekend :)

Thanks to you Rosalba maybe through the site that sells it online you can ask and find maybe even in your city ciaooo good weekend kiss

what a nice post, thanks I didn't know this flour either, grazieeee

I'm glad I was useful I hope that those who are interested have taken a good note of ciaooo and have a good weekend

surely for me you have found something new. I had never even heard of this flour. I'll go see the link you suggest !! A hug and good we pass!

Thanks either, but I'm curious. I think it is to be noted that the address can always come in handy ciaooo and have a good weekend kiss

heard of it but nothing more, it is good to inquire, I am interested! Happy Sunday.

I think at the biologiogiu nell'androna where there is also the Eurospin I never remember the name of the street I think the abbiano have a lot of weird flours.
Good Sunday my dear a hug.

What an interesting recipe, I did not know this type of flour, definitely worth trying, we hope to find it! Have a nice weekend, bye!

I think in some organic or mature things shop or directly from the site reported ciaooo happy Sunday.

And even today I learned a new one. you intrigued me, I need to investigate.
A kiss, Tatiana

tatiana I don't remember the name of the street but I think it can be found in that shop of natural and biological things where there is also Eurospin that started via Lazzeretto damn my memory. kisses and happy Sunday.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I never remember, thank you. maybe you will find them. Have a nice day

So there they are, they told me about an organic shop in via Economo! Thank you!

Siii is also very big it has many things it seems to me even fresh vegetables few but there are if you pass by there and you find it tell me thanks.

You never stop learning. Thank you dear for introducing me to this flour that I had never heard of. nice recipe. A kiss and happy Sunday :)

Giulia your comment went to spam I found it today I'm sorry I wish you a good weekend ciaoo

I did not know this flour .. but how do you know so many things. You are truly unique. Great recipe. :)

You know I am sooooo curious and therefore I read and I also have a good memory as Maritozzo says and then I do the research etc. I have other things in store my curiosity never ends and it is also due to the fact that I read everything. Big kisses
Maybe you can find the flour in the organic one in the androna where via Laxxaretto starts, I don't remember what it's called and Eurospin.

Chicken and Amaranth Salad - Recipes

Cooking amaranth: the perfect recipe not to have a sticky pimp that is then unappetizing.

For years now I have been dedicated to improving the nutritional, taste and consistency of basic cooking foods according to blood type. When I prepared the lesson on amaranth alla school of cookery blood group , I tried to pre-treat it, as I do with the other pseudo cereals, namely quinoa and buckwheat: the result was excellent, to the point that when cooking it according to some recipe, some of my students declared that this was how they found it much more digestible, as well as better.

Maybe you already know the treat for cooking the quinoa to the best:

& # 8230e the buckwheat:

Now it's the turn of the & # 8217amaranth, perhaps the most difficult of all, because very gelatinous. With this treatment you can use it immediately in any recipe (even an amaranth risotto!) Or store it in glass jars on the kitchen shelves. Even cooking it won't give you that jelly-like texture.

The only one fundamental tool it's a vegetable milk bag or a fine mesh sieve.

[amazon_link asins = & # 8217B0114XOUQQ & # 8217 template = & # 8217ProductCarousel & # 8217 store = & # 8217dentrolacucin-21 & # 8242 marketplace = & # 8217IT & # 8217 link_id = & # 821741a762c2-4f6-846d-4cb624]

[amazon_link asins = & # 8217B01GCT47KQ, B0057MKMCW, B071SKK4J7 '' 8242]

For cooking amaranth: the perfect recipe it's this one. Like all other seeds (cereals, pseudo, legumes, dried fruit, oil seeds) l & # 8217amaranth brings some to the surface of the grain antinutrients (trace elements, saponins, phytates and others) indigestible and harmful to our body. The seeds are equipped with these elements for reasons of protection and nourishment.

amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat soaked and dried in the oven

The best treatment however, as with all other seeds, is preventive soaking: in this way the grain completely releases the impurities and antinutrients and starts germination, a highly beneficial process, which increases dramatically vitamins (E And group B) and enzymes contained in the grain, and makes them bioavailable, ready for our digestion.

So said done: I left l & # 8217 amaranth to soak in fresh water for about 8 hours (at least 4 in any case), then I rinsed it thoroughly with a very fine mesh sieve. At this point I spread the amaranth on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (thin layer) and let it dry in the oven at 90 ° C for many hours (about 7). Time depends on your oven, you have to check that it becomes perfectly dry. After that we used both risotto (not sticky), both to do dumplings (which did not discard), both to make spinach. Having pre-treated 2 kg, I then put the l & # 8217 awaydry amaranth leftover in glass jars, using it after 2 months was still perfect.

You can also then obtain an excellent flour with pretreated amaranth in this way! with a mill or other tools.

Then if you want to cook it for drying in the traditional way, just cover it with water up to 1 cm above and cook it gently with a lid for about 15 minutes.

I was finally able to taste the 8217amaranth without that sticky aspect that didn't go well with any of my greedy recipes! In parentheses it is because of its stickiness that amaranth bread cannot be made. (If not with eggs and in small pieces, that is, it is no longer bread, rather a muffin).

`` from Jo's kitchen ''

But, you ask, what will amaranth ever be?
It is one of those products that can be found in Fair Trade shops, the vacuum package full of tiny grains intrigued me immediately.
The attached note on the product says it is grown on the Himalayan hillsides of northeastern India, but Mexico is among the largest producers.
It is not a cereal as you might think, like buckwheat and quinoa, but it was already cultivated in ancient times, it is gluten-free, the grains are enclosed in purple ears and contain a lot of fiber and over 70% of the RDA * of iron , calcium and lysine.
In short, a product certainly to be recommended in the nutrition of children and adults and in those with iron deficiencies.
I admit that, totally unfamiliar with how it could be cooked, I adhered to the recipe attached to the label, a flan with leeks and onions which, among other things, I like very much.
Before use it must be screened, looking for any foreign bodies, then well washed and cooked in proportion of two abundant parts of water to one part of amaranth.
It's amazing how such tiny grains keep their crunchiness even after cooking.
For sure it will not enter our daily diet but, once in a while, it can be used above all by virtue of its many healthy virtues.
I go on trust with the recipe.
Doses for 6

250 g amaranth
2 onions
2 leeks
vegetable broth (onion, carrot, celery)
grated cheese
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

I clean the onions and thin slices putting them to stew in a pan with a veil of oil, when they are transparent I season them with a pinch of salt, a few leaves of marjoram and a grating of nutmeg.
I cook the amaranth over low heat for at least 20 'in 600 ml of boiling vegetable broth (you know that I make it express, but if you can't use the products in granules or tablets) making sure that it absorbs all the liquid because it is practically impossible to drain it, its microscopic grains are not held back by any passino.
I let it rest for 10 'before seasoning it with the stewed onions.
I clean the leeks and divide them into 7/8 cm slices which I then cut in half lengthwise. I blanch the sheaths for about 7 'then drain them. (If I do this first I can use their cooking broth to cook the amaranth or in any case I won't throw it away, it can always be used for a risotto or a soup).
I take a baking dish and anoint it, then I arrange a layer of leeks, the amaranth and a sprinkling of grated cheese, I make another layer of leeks and finish with the amaranth generously dusted with cheese.
I put in a hot oven, already brought to 200 & # 176, and cook for 20 '.

Octopus and Potato Salad

If you find the freshly caught octopus, let the fisherman soften it because you have to beat it vigorously for a long time to make it soft before cooking it otherwise it is inedible.
Cooking can be done in a saucepan or even in the pressure cooker (PaP) in the following way:
- in the pot , when the water boils, add the octopus and let it cook according to the size for a minimum of 40 minutes. Try it with a fork and if it seems to hold, turn it off and leave it in the water until it has cooled, then proceed to cut and remove the larger suckers.

Warning: do not immerse the whole octopus in one fly but first the tentacles that will curl and then the whole octopus.

- in a pressure cooker put the octopus and cover it with water but not completely. You can add smells such as garlic, chopped onion NOT salt and cook from the moment of the whistle for about 20 minutes depending on the size. Preferably it is better to prepare it the day before because you have to leave it in the pressure cooker until it is completely cooled in this way the octopus becomes really soft. Then usual procedure.

TIP: Even if you buy fresh octopus it is better that you put it in the freezer and then cook it still frozen in this way it will be softer.

Octopus thawed or pre-cooked


Yummy octopus and potato salad - Although to be honest I prefer octopus alive. He is a particular, unique and very intelligent creature :-)
Then I look forward to celebrating your birthday with us from 1 & # 176 November at the Refuge with the LInk Party of the Elves III Edition. All your followers who are interested are also invited Happy Friday and best weekend coming. Though probably wet

Thanks dear I will not be able to forget. Happy weekend

Hi dear. mmm. you make me water! Hello!

Thanks Annalisa dear a hug and good weekend

Very good Edvige, I love this salad, what goodness.

Thank you dear said by an expert like you. Happy weekend

Dear Edvige, I came by to wish you a good weekend, with a hug and a smile :) smiling is good!

You are right a big smile for you and good weekend

I really like your version, yum yum. kisses Sabry

I do it often and I also add black olives, delicious. Have a nice weekend

Yes, too, but I didn't have them. Happy weekend

it is a dish that I love, but I have never added the egg

Try very good good weekend

octopus for life. with potatoes is a must! to tell the truth, however, I had never seen it with the egg.

Here in Trieste they bring us the egg or the olives or both p sometimes just a lot of onion cut very thin. Happy weekend

Do you know this is one of my favorite fish dishes? Even in our restaurants it is found everywhere but it is not always good. Very good and thanks for the advice. Happy weekend Hedwig, a big kiss

Thanks Terry if you pass by Trieste apart from me I will take you to my restaurateur friend his wife is a marvel. Happy weekend

I love how you enriched the octopus with eggs it's even better! Good weekend !

Thank you dear good weekend

Dearest Hedwig,
it is a pleasure to meet you and return your visit to my blog. I am very curious to discover your recipes and your hobbies, and I will carefully browse these pages to collect ideas, since you seem to me a passionate person and full of interests! Compliments!
A hug and see you soon!

Thanks Anna it's a pleasure to read you for whatever I'm here. Happy weekend

I really like your Edvige version, I've never tried it with hard-boiled eggs ..
Kisses and have a good weekend.

Thanks a hug good weekend

Thanks for the cooking tips. I never find it fresh here, but at least if one day I have the good fortune to buy it I'll know how to do it. Kisses and good weekend!

Oh yes, even here it is not easy. A hug and good weekend

Thanks nice recipe, except that my husband does not eat eggs. I add the chopped celery. It is always a fantastic dish and it is also a pleasure to prepare it. Kisses

Yes, excellent if you can put the olives in it if he likes the small pitted Taggiasca and the big Greek ones. Happy weekend

Dearest Edvige too I prepare the octopus salad with the potatoes but I cook the two ingredients together so that the potatoes take some of the flavor of the octopus, obviously reaching the cooking first I take them off in advance of the octopus..then I dress with oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley and, if you want, olives. Also try your version, enriched with additional ingredients that I would be very curious to try, it is certainly excellent)
Thanks so much for sharing :))
A big kiss and good weekend :)).

Yummy, a recipe that I love, it's very tasty, I like the idea of ​​adding hard boiled eggs, good! Have a good evening!

Thank you dear in hug and good evening

I like this dish so much, but think I never prepared it. I have to forgive)

Try it then you can tell me. Have a good evening

Very good! I have a frozen octopus that I brought with me from summer holidays and I wanted to make it a little different from the usual seafood salad, this is perfect :)
A kiss!

Thanks Tatiana a big kiss to you too. Have a good evening

The octopus with potatoes is delicious. Your recipe is richer than how I make it. I like. I steal your recipe. Thank you!
ciaoooo and have a nice day!

I'm glad to tell me if you liked it. Have a good evening

Ciaoooo thanks a hug. Send

Ciaoooo thanks a hug. Send

Chicken and Amaranth Salad - Recipes

Ingredients for 4 people:
- 400 gr of chicken breast
- 250 gr of cherry tomatoes
- 3 sticks of celery
- rocket to taste
- 250 gr of mozzarella balls
- 200 gr of grated Parmesan cheese
- mustard to taste


Wonderful this presentation and congratulations for the delicious recipe!
Very good and good we
aunt Consu

Nice and good this salad also because I love mustard!
A greeting.

I love it too, and to think that until a few years ago I didn't like it at all!

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