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Woven white bread

Woven white bread

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I first heated the oven to 200 degrees.

I put in the mixer bowl first the dry ingredients, ie flour, salt, yeast.

I warmed the milk a little, I added it to the bowl, I also added the olive oil and I mixed the composition for about two minutes, not very long, until it was homogenized. I got a dough that doesn't stick to my hands.

I wanted to make two loaves, so I broke the dough into two uneven pieces.

I then divided each piece into two equal parts and formed a stick from each piece.

I overlapped the ends of two sticks and began to weave them. I formed a larger and a smaller bread, suitable for the silicone trays I have at home.

I greased the breads with egg yolk, which is yellow-yellow, having eggs from chickens and I left them to rise for about 40 minutes.

I sprinkled poppy seeds over one of the loaves.

I baked the breads for 30 minutes, then I took them out on a napkin and covered them with one end of it, so as not to leave the bread crust hard.

After the bread cooled, I cut a corner and spread a little butter on it and ate it with gusto. That's about the habit of the house.

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