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Pie with minced meat and mushrooms

Pie with minced meat and mushrooms

We clean the vegetables, wash them and chop them finely.

Put the oil in a bowl on the fire, and heat the vegetables in it for 5-6 minutes, stirring so that they do not stick,

Add the chopped and drained mushrooms, but not at all. We leave them a little juicy to help stifle the vegetables, so they are not just fried.

After 5-6 minutes of preparing the ingredients on the fire, add the minced meat and sprinkle with salt and spices. Stir a few times and cover the bowl with a lid, letting them simmer well, stirring occasionally.

Leave everything on the fire for about 20 minutes to prepare the meat definitively, then turn off the heat and put the ingredients in a sieve to drain the accumulated fat and liquid. We leave them in the sieve until they cool down definitively, after which we add an egg and chopped parsley over them.

We will grease the pie sheets with a little fat drained from the mixture of ingredients.

In my package there were 18 sheets that we divide into three.

We also divide the filling into three.

Spread the sheets on the foil with which they are wrapped and roll six at a time. I put the first two rolls aside.

In the third group of sheets, roll only 5 sheets, grease the remaining sheet with fat, roll over the other sheets, then roll 4 sheets, leaving it over the bottom sheet, grease it with grease, roll the other sheets and so on until last.

We resort to this method in order not to break the sheets.

Over the last sheet we spread a third of the composition with minced meat, then roll the sheets tightening them at the ends.

We do the same with the other rolls, we grease a heat-resistant form, also with the fat drained from the ingredients and we place the rolls in it.

Mix the three eggs with sour cream and ketchup, add a little salt and pour the mixture over the rolls.

Put the pie in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Serve with sweet or spicy ketchup, according to preferences.