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Melt the butter in a double-bottomed saucepan and leave to cool. Meanwhile, the eggs, the sugar, the essences are beaten in a special bowl, the one for boiling milk or at BainMarie with the aim, in my case with the mixer, until it thickens, lightens in color and triples its volume. Remove the pan from the heat, continue to beat until cool, then add the sifted flour and mix gently until all the ingredients are incorporated. When the mixture has completely blended, add the melted butter and mix gently until all the ingredients are incorporated. The mixture obtained is divided into three equal portions.

For walnut madlenele, add coarsely chopped walnuts, mix gently until incorporated, then take with a spoonful of the composition, fill the cheese slots, greased with a little butter, and bake in the preheated oven for approx. 10 minutes until browned and elastic to the touch. Allow to cool in the molds, then remove and the molds are cleaned and prepared for the next batch.

For the cocoa beans, sift the cocoa powder, mix well, then pour into the baking dish. Proceed in the same way as for those with walnuts. for candied fruit madlenele, add the fruit to the base dough and proceed as above.

Madlene is powdered with vanilla powdered sugar.

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