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Simple Italian style cake

Simple Italian style cake

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Tiramisu adapted recipe

First we boil the milk mixed with sugar to obtain the cream.

Meanwhile, we quickly pass the biscuits through the juice of a compote (fruit cocktail). We must be careful that the biscuits do not soften too much, because they will draw their moisture from the milk cream.

When the milk has boiled, we begin to gradually add the starch powder, and to this operation we use a target, so as not to remain lumpy; when the cream catches the consistency of a pudding, remove from the heat and add, to taste, grated lemon peel, orange peel or vanilla. Also in this cream we add the pieces of fruit from the cocktail from which we initially used only the syrup.

Once you finish these steps, we move on to assembling the cake, as follows: a layer of biscuits, a layer of cream, and biscuits on top of the cream (just like tiramisu). Leave the cake to cool for about 2-3 hours; during this time we also prepare a fruit sauce from a bag of berries with 3-4 tablespoons of sugar (to taste). Bring the fruit to a boil over low heat on the stove.

I personally did not find berries on the market, but I successfully replaced them with frozen cherries.

Dementially good this cake !!!