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Apple cake

Apple cake

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Caramelize 8 tablespoons of sugar as much as it is golden. Turn off the heat and put over the caramelized sugar 150 g butter. Peel the apples, peel them inside (remove the seminal box), wash and place in the pan with hollow up where the caramelized sugar is. Put the jam or jam inside the apples according to your preference and put the ground walnuts on top. Put the apples in the oven for 30 minutes on high heat.

Mix separately 5 egg whites and add 5 tablespoons of sugar and mix until the sugar melts. Then add the yolks, vanilla essence and mix again. At the end put 5 tablespoons of flour mixed with baking powder. Remove the pan from the oven after 30 minutes. and put the pandispan dough over the apples. Put it in the oven again for 30 minutes on the right heat. Check with the toothpick when the top is ready.

Turn over on a plate and leave to cool. When cooled, garnish with whipped cream.

It's easy to make and super tasty!