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Valentine's Day in Infographics

Valentine's Day in Infographics

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Last week, Seattle Coffee's survey sadly found that 16 percent of respondents would rather put coffee before love.

Seattle Coffee has released their Valentine's Day infographic, and while 44 percent of respondents found that the secret to a healthy relationship is a date night, 32 percent thought having coffee together in the morning is more important.

As for Valentine's Day dinner, Live Science has put together a nifty chart showing that 35 percent of couples will dine at Italian restaurants, whereas French restaurants get 25 percent of lovers. Only 7 percent will wander into a tapas restaurant.

The priciest cities for Valentine's dinner? New York City, Las Vegas, and Miami, where about 20 percent of residents will be spending $200 or more for dinner.

And if you're wooing a single woman, only 5.2 percent of single ladies want chocolate, and a measly 1.6 percent want lingerie. Instead, opt for gift certificates that can be shared (chosen by 38 percent of respondents) or flowers. May we suggest peonies?

Check out Seattle Coffee's infographic below.

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