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9 Top Tours for Cheese-Loving Travelers Slideshow

9 Top Tours for Cheese-Loving Travelers Slideshow

Harley Farms: Pescadero, Calif.

A restored farm built in 1910, Harley Farms is a down-to-earth, welcoming nine-acre space with more than 200 goats. They produce award-winning chevre, fromage blanc, ricotta, and feta and offer year-round, hands-on tours to curious cheese eaters.

Connage Highland Dairy: Inverness, Scotland

One of Scotland's best-known dairies, Connage produces a range of classic and organic cheeses from Dunlop to crowdie and Gouda. Visitors to the dairy can watch cheeses being made before them in the production room and chat with experts in the Connage Pantry, where you'll select cheeses straight from the source.

Hunter Valley Cheese Company: Hunter Valley, Australia

Hunter Valley is known best as one of Australia's premier wine regions. So it is only fitting that gastronomic travelers would find the Hunter Valley Cheese Company nearby. Pre-wine tasting, stop at by for an in-depth cheese tasting and talk, as well as a free factory tour. Or join one of their cheesemakers lunches for a taste of their product alongside a sumptuous, locally sourced feast.

Hawthorne Valley Farm: Ghent, N.Y.

A biodynamic and organic farm in the Hudson Valley, Hawthorne Valley Farm is dedicated to the agricultural education of all its visitors. Stop in year-round to see how their yogurts and cheeses are made and take part in one of the farm's many tastings and tours.

Parma Cheese Tour: Parma, Italy

The region of Parma in Italy is so renowned (and preceded) by its Parmesan cheese, the Parma tourism board will help visitors organize custom cheese factory tours, whether it's two hours or a full day. They're free and, of course, include tastings of the sharp, local flavor. Your guides will be passionate and knowledgeable locals, with whom you can analyze all the flavors of Parma.

Domaines & Terroirs Cheese Journeys: France

Tour the culinary (read: cheesy) map of France with Domaines & Terroirs, who operate cheese-focused tours from Paris to Provence. They'll arrange for travelers to discover the sheeps milk cheeses of Basque country, the rich cheeses of the Alps, and the seaside production of Camembert in Normandy. Of course, they make sure cheeses are paired well with other local specialties from Calvados to preserves.

Shelburne Farms: Burlington, Vt.

Shelburne Farms is a family-friendly and educational place where all parts of the working farm are on display for inquisitive guests. In true form, they invite you to take in the process of making their famous Vermont farmhouse Cheddar. The cheesemaking tours only run from May to October, but you'll learn about every inch of the dairy and the cows they raise, before tasting the delicious, sharp Cheddar.

Wisconsin Cheese Trail: Wisconsin

Wisconsin recently released their official guide to "America's Dairyland," which highlights more than 100 cheesemakers, specialty shops, and dairy farms for locals and visitors. The varieties of Wisconsin cheese are endless, as is the passion of cheesemakers throughout the state — big and small, many farms welcome visitors for tours and tastings.

Caseificio Seggiano: Seggiano, Italy

A small cheesemaker in the Grosseto region of Italy, Caseificio Seggiano churns out lauded specialties that showcase flavors of the surrounding region, like local walnuts, olive oil, and truffles. Visitors must call and schedule an appointment ahead of time, but tastes of their pecorino, tartufo, and the daily handmade ricotta cheese are well worth the call ahead.

Can’t Make Your College Tour? The Campus Will Come to You

Bella Johns, of Danville, Pa., daughter of Bucknell University's vice president for communications, demonstrates Bucknell's virtual-reality tour for prospective students.

Rachel Wolfe

High-school junior Bridget Rushing had long looked forward to seeing “dream school” Columbia University’s Manhattan campus. A digital slideshow of snapshots narrated over Zoom from a student tour guide’s off-campus bedroom wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

“It’s a difficult way to feel really engaged,” said Bridget’s mom, Jessica Bradley Rushing, who watched Columbia’s PowerPoint deck alongside her daughter last month from their Pembroke, Mass., kitchen.

“You don’t really get, you know, the atmosphere of New York City during a virtual tour on your laptop,” Ms. Bradley Rushing said. The younger Ms. Rushing, for her part, sees some benefits in Zoom tours, finding they make it easy to ask questions.

The spring tradition of school-by-school cross-country road trips is under way, and some families with juniors in high school are finding novel approaches to get a sense of campus. Some are taking Zoom tours, while others are experimenting with more creative university offerings, like exploring campus mock-ups in the videogame “Minecraft,” tasting their way through college-inspired cookbooks and strapping on Oculus headsets for virtual-reality tours.

Columbia has offered on-demand virtual tours for years on its website, but last summer the school introduced live virtual campus tours, hosted by current students, as a result of the pandemic. “Prospective families have found them to be incredibly engaging and informative,” a University spokesperson said.

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French Cantal

&ldquoCantal is one of France&rsquos most beloved cheeses, and if you don&rsquot know it, you should,&rdquo says Jenkins. Made from cow&rsquos milk in the Auvergne region, its flavors range from sweet and fresh to peppery, depending on age. It also carries an official AOC designation, or Appellation d&rsquoOrigine Contrôlée, meaning its characteristics are prized and distinct to its region.

Available online from, $20/lb.

Take-Along Treats

Here are 7 tips for packing treats to tote along as you travel:

1. Pack a frozen bottle of water. This will keep any perishable foods you've packed chilled for hours. Then, your ice pack becomes a refreshing bottle of ice water to drink! This works with 100% fruit juice in pouches or plastic bottles as well.

2. Power bars or breakfast bars pack well. They're not the perfect food, but if you choose bars with some fiber (at least 3 grams per bar) and protein (at least 5 grams per bar) but not too much sugar (less than 35% calories from fat) or fat, they aren't bad at all. You can find good choices among the following brands: Clif, Odwalla, Power Bar Harvest, and Luna.

3. Bring a fast food salad to go. Buy a grilled chicken salad or a spinach or green side salad from one of the fast-food chains (like McDonalds or Wendy's), and keep it chilled with an ice bottle. Then, when you are ready to eat, dress it with a packet of reduced-calorie dressing (McDonald's has a reduced-fat balsamic vinaigrette and Wendy's has a reduced-fat ranch). Don't forget to pack a plastic fork!

4. Try a parfait in a pinch. Bring along a yogurt parfait from McDonald's and keep it cool with an ice water bottle. When you're ready for a cool, creamy treat, just pop off the lid and you're good to go. Don't forget your plastic spoon.

5. Drink your meal. Diet shakes (or meal replacement shakes) may not be the magic diet bullet that some advertisements suggest they are. But some are far preferable to the junk foods people typically grab when traveling, according to WebMD Weight Loss Clinic Director of Nutrition Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD. Look for a shake with less added sugar (around 10-17 grams of sugars per 11-ounce can), and 3 or more grams of fiber, with around 10 grams of protein but not too much fat. Some types to look for are: Slim Fast Optima 50% less sugar, Glucerna Shakes, and Glucerna Weight Loss Shakes. Tip: Freeze a can or two of your favorite flavor the night before you travel. Just before you leave, take the shake out of the freezer and slip it into your carry-on. In about four hours, it will be icy and refreshing. Bring a straw for easy sipping.


6. Munch on some whole-grain crackers. Crackers work well when you're on the go, but make sure you choose a type that has some fiber and not too much fat, such as Ak-Mak, Ry Krisp, or Reduced Fat Triscuit.

7. Pack a deli-style sandwich (with an ice water bottle or ice pack) that you know you'll like instead of taking your chances en route. Use a firmer sandwich roll, which will stand up better in your tote or carry-on. You can even buy a low-fat sandwich at an outlet such as Subway and bring it with you. When making or buying your sandwich, choose mustard instead of mayo, and lean fillers (like turkey breast or lean ham) over higher-fat options like salami or mayo-drenched tuna or chicken salad.


SOURCES: News release, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, nutrition director, WebMD and the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic.

3. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

The Appalachian Trail passes through Harpers Ferry, a small town only 60-odd miles from Washington, D.C. You can look down from high bluffs to the dramatic meeting point of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, where the borders of West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland come together. It's also where white abolitionist John Brown led a failed slave revolt in 1859 after raiding a U.S. armory.

Many active travelers arrive by bike on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal trail and stay at the town's cozy bed-and-breakfast accommodations. "It's a fantastic multi-day bike trail from D.C. to Harpers Ferry and beyond," says Chesak. Go for a day hike or stay longer to raft, fish and canoe. You can also go zip lining and rock climbing.

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Recipes from around the world #TRAVELATHOME

Italian is one of the most popular cuisines and for good reason. Pizza, pasta, gelato - this food is incredible. One of the things that travelers are often most excited about when going abroad is the food, and when you travel to Italy, be prepared to try it all because you won’t want to miss a thing. From Bologna to Rome, there are various regions you should visit to try the varying dishes. Each region is known for something different. Here’s what to eat and where to eat during your Italian adventure!

Australia has a variety of culinary delights that are sure to excite and inspire even the pickiest of eaters.

The culinary delights found in Southeast Asia give you a taste of the best of Asian cuisine. Each country in the region offers diverse options, making for a unique experience during every leg of the journey. It is essential for every traveler to dive into the food culture so we have narrowed down some of our favorite dishes from Southeast Asia.

Lush mountain coasts, world-class snorkeling, secluded beaches, a red rock canyon, and so much more. Kauai is the perfect island with a mix of beaches, mountains, and plenty of in-between to keep every traveler oohing and awing.

Uganda is a unique place full of vibrant cultures, fascinating people, and delicious foods. Uganda’s flavorful dishes are more than enough to earn Uganda a space on your bucket list. Uganda has several mouthwatering recipes indigenous to East Africa, so don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine on your next trip there! While planning your trip, take a look at some of Uganda’s most popular dishes.

The food in Madagascar greatly reflects the country’s beautifully immense cultural diversity. Malagasy culture and food have East African, Arab, and Indonesian influences due to centuries of trading and migration throughout the region, as well as French influence due to the country’s history of colonization. Typical meals in Madagascar are relatively simple, including rice, one main meat dish, and vegetables, its diverse flavors provide travelers with a spectacular culinary experience. Continue reading to discover some of Madagascar’s most popular dishes!

Based on its remote location, Antarctica is a destination without much native food. While there may be few main dishes, we recommend trying all of them for the full experience! Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect to eat when you head to the arctic:

When you think of Uzbekistan you may immediately go to the awe-inspiring architecture. What you may be missing out on is the amazing food in Uzbekistan. Expect to find a variety of delicious food with influences from all over Asia and the Middle East. We have highlighted our favorites below for you to enjoy:

Ethiopia is filled with a rich cultural history, flavorful dishes, and compassionate people. Are you already dreaming of the day you can hop on a plane and travel to Ethiopia? While nothing can truly replace travel, you can start by bringing the flavors of this country into your own home. If you can’t wait, read through these traditional Ethiopian dishes and try your hand at making some at home.

This global pandemic and the accompanying essential restrictions have limited us in many ways, but it does not have to extinguish our ‘wanderlust’. There are so many ways we can explore our world from the comforts of our home. Food is such a vital component of traveling and gives insights to other cultures, but it also gives us connections in these strange times. Try exploring a dish together with the beauty of Facetime, compare notes, have a virtual dinner party, and have a laugh. Cooking can be fun!

Japan is truly a food-lover’s paradise. The wide variety of amazing flavors and delicacies provides travelers with a plethora of options. Though it’s certainly impossible to try it all, we have compiled a list of some of the top foods that you absolutely MUST try on your next trip to Japan!

f you are planning a trip to Japan, an experiential Japanese Tea Ceremony is an absolute must! A traditional tea ceremony, called Chanoyu, Chado, or Sado, is a historical Japanese cultural ritual that involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of the traditional matcha green tea. These formal presentations typically take place in a traditional tea room with a tatami floor. Guests have the chance not only to enjoy the beautifully refined art of tea making, but they also have the chance to enjoy delicious Japanese tea and take a glimpse into the history of Japanese culture.

Alongside beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and lush rainforests, Costa Rica is home to some of the most unique and delicious foods. With fresh fruits and vegetables to die for, the cuisine reflects the diversity and distinctive culture of Costa Rica. Here are 8 tastes of Costa Rica you don’t want to miss:

Like most people from western countries, when traveling to a South Asian country you may be a little curious, or even a little skeptical about what to expect from the food that you will be eating there. Although, it may be scary to get out and try new things, once you try it you will not regret that you did. The food in Bhutan will blow your taste buds away. With so many unique and delicious dishes, you are sure to find one of your new favorite foods in this small South Asian country. Here is a list of some of the most popular dishes that you might find there.

Getting ready to travel to Kenya? Wondering what you will be eating if you decide to book a trip to Kenya? The food in Kenya may be unfamiliar to you but it does not make it any less delicious. Whether you are traveling to Nairobi, Masai, or doing a Kenyan Safari your tastebuds will go wild over these 10 must try foods in Kenya!

Have you always been drawn to the mysterious atmosphere of Iceland, but are afraid of its foreign lifestyle? Making trips to foreign countries, especially ones so geographically unique like Iceland always takes some courage and planning. However, with Acanela’s help, your trip can be a lot easier and rewarding. First of all, Iceland isn’t as cold and exotic as you might think. Because of the North Atlantic Current, Iceland’s weather is mild (30 to 53) in terms of its altitude. Also, some of the foods Icelanders like to eat can be familiar to you.

There are many beautiful places to explore in the world, but one that seems to have it all is Greece. This southern European country is full of rich culture, fascinating history, breathtaking beaches, more islands than you can count, and who could forget, some of the most mouth-wateringly good food in the world. Here are the top six foods that you must try on your next trip to Greece!

Traveling can be an educational and fun experiences. One of the best ways to learn about the culture of a country is to taste its food.. Finding authentic traditional food can be troublesome. To make your trip easier and rewarding, here are 8 must-try food in Greece.

Morocco is known around the world not only for its beauty but also for its quality and diversity of delicious dishes. Expect to see, smell and taste more spices your senses have ever experienced! The infinite flavor combinations will leave you wanting more.

Japan has developed a bit of a global reputation for incredible… but also somewhat exotic foods. Ingredients such as sea urchin, puffer fish, fish eggs, and octopus are not uncommon sights in many restaurants in Japan. While these dishes can be intimidating for a visitor, I’d recommend being a little adventurous and trying these with a local friend or guide to show you best eateries and food hotspots!

No one knows exactly how the culture of “tapas” began. Some trace the origin of the tradition back to the 16th century when taverns began serving strong-smelling cheese to accompany cheap wine so that the scent of the cheese would disguise the smell of the bad wine. Others believe that the tradition started when bartenders began placing a small, flat piece of bread on top of drink glasses to help protect from fruit flies it then became a habit for taverns to cover, a drink with some sort of snack.

Calling all foodies! While everyone is already familiar with Iceland’s dramatic natural beauty, many are not familiar with all of the amazing Icelandic food the country has to offer. Get your tastebuds ready to eat your way through Iceland! We have come up with the top 8 dishes you must try during your next time in stunning Iceland:

Ecuador, a small country with a large diversity of delicious food. From meat-lovers to vegetarians, there are dishes for everyone to enjoy. It is widely known that you can’t completely understand a new place or culture without getting to know its food first. Get your appetites ready for this one…. To help you foodies discover the best cuisine, we have compiled this guide complete with all of the must-tries while in Ecuador:

India is a huge country with many different landscapes and cultures. One of the best ways to experience its diversity is through the food! Vegetarian-friendly and filled to the brim with impressive flavor, Indian cuisine is definitely stuff to write home about.

Traveling to Japan can be a full-on cuinsinal experience if you want it to be! Kyoto is home to delicious tea, hot soba, and many more dishes that you will definitely want to write home about! So you have the opportunity to try all the best foods and drinks the country has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of the top culinary delights to try when planning a trip to Japan.

Can you actually describe the flavors of such a diverse and complex nation in just one word? We are certainly going to try. The flavor of Israel is fresh. Why fresh? Fresh is alive with possibility. Fresh is joyful. Fresh is young, welcoming, bountiful, and so much more. Fresh is life-giving, and when you are primarily a desert nation, fresh is as good as it gets.

The cuisine in Lisbon centers around seafood, which comes as no surprise as the capital city sits at the mouth of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean! This city is also well-known for its delectable cheese and wine, and, of course, the famous pasteis de nata – the egg custard tarts. Let’s take a look at some of the popular dishes to eat and what to drink while in Portugal!

Throughout the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Japan, the world’s largest and most populated metropolis has plenty of food options to offer. While Tokyo offers a ton to see and do, most can agree that the main attractions are the restaurants and the main activity is eating as much as you can. Here are some of the top restaurants in Tokyo.

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is widely known for its amazing safaris, breathtaking hikes and delicious local cuisine. Take a look at the top 11 food picks when dining in Tanzania!

Schnitzels and sausages and roasts, oh my! We are salivating over Vienna’s dedication to a hearty meal over here. Now, it’s not just Vienna, but the capital city of Austria is known for being a cultural epicenter. However, we’ve been all over the country and can confirm that a Wiener Schnitzel can still be expertly made in Graz and Salzburg as well. Just what is it that makes Austrian meat so craveable?


Traveling with children allows a perfect opportunity to bond and have fun as a family. Parents get to help their kids create childhood memories while rejuvenating from the hustles of life while at it. However, in as much as you would like to travel the world with your children, the danger of the COVID-19 disease is still roaming. If you decide to take a family vacation, your safety is something that you need to keep in mind.

We have put together a perfect gift guide for travelers of all ages. Whether you are shopping for a globetrotter or looking for some new items for your own travel needs, here are some awesome travel gift ideas:

In Costa Rica, they live a “Pura Vida” lifestyle, meaning pure life, and you’re going to want to do the same on your trip. This lifestyle celebrates stress-free living, something we all need a little more of. So start packing and take notes for what to do in Costa Rica.

Be the traveler that is extra prepared for an awesome adventure. 2021 is just around the corner and international travel is coming back strong. Get yourself ready to conquer the globe with some of the most innovative apps for your travel experience. We put a list together of some of the best travel apps for 2021.

Whether you want to go to a location with the best Christmas celebration areas or you’re seeking to soak in some sun, here are some of our top picks for the festive holiday jaunt.

Holidays are the perfect opportunities to escape the stress and tension of everyday life and reconnect with loved ones. Holiday travel is usually known to be difficult, but this year it doesn’t have to be with these top ten travel tips for the holidays.

Traveling is an even better experience when you have others to share it with. Exploring the world with your family and inspiring others to channel their inner wanderlust makes for some great bonding moments. Here are some of the most child-friendly destinations, activities, and other features your kids will love to travel during the year 2021!

Big industry changes related to change fees, sanitation, and seating have made flying much safer and easier for you. We have mapped out everything you need to know about flying in 2021 so that you can be confident when booking your next adventure.

What better place to be when the weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing colors than a warm beach? Whether you want to stay stateside or go international, there are beaches around the world that are calling your name!

Tips to help you make smart travel decisions during this time of uncertainty. *Always seek advice from the CDC and Government websites of your home country and the countries or locations you are planning to visit.

Autumn is the best time of the year to travel! From September-November the leaves are changing colors and it’s not too hot or cold to be outside exploring. North America has incredible National Parks, historical sites, museums, and activities perfect for any age group. If you are on the hunt for places to travel this fall, grab some friends and family and make sure to check out these exceptional places.

Is the traveling bone making your head and heart itch with all these restrictions? Why not keep your trek relatively closer to home? The United States hasn’t closed, and there are tons of attractions you can visit.

Many people might never even think that Madagascar could be an amazing travel destination, but I’m here to tell you that it is! With captivating wildlife, stunning beaches, and thick jungles to explore, Madagascar is quickly becoming the perfect expedition spot. And to prove it, here are 8 good reasons you NEED to visit Madagascar!

Travel can benefit your mental health immensely. It breaks you away from the daily grind and opens your mind to new possibilities. However, in the COVID-19 era, you might feel understandable anxiety about boarding planes and meeting strangers. The heightened tension can exacerbate symptoms of mental illness.

June is easily the best month of the year! The weather is starting to warm up, barbecue season is on, and school is ending for the summer, which means it’s time to TRAVEL! But how can you possibly narrow down where to go? That’s why I’m here! I’ve done the first part of the research for you, and have narrowed down 10 of the best places to visit in June!

Here’s an update on where travel stands during the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic.

Ever heard of a ‘couch traveler’? It is the cheapest way to see the world, by watching travel TV shows, documentaries, and reading books! To help you continue exploring the world during these unprecedented times, here are 8 travel shows you NEED to watch!

Brazil is an adventure and cultural traveller’s dream. But with so much to see and do, how do you narrow down where you should go? This is the ultimate travel guide for helping you decide the must-see destinations while on an expedition through Brazil!

If you have ever traveled to Costa Rica, or if you are currently planning a trip, there is one crucial phrase that you must be familiar with: “Pura Vida.” Literally translated the phrase means “pure life,” and Costa Ricans (or Ticos) use it to express almost anything, from “hello” to “goodbye" to “everything’s great,” and so much more!

So you’ve decided to travel to Bhutan, but what should you pack for such an adventure? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you know what to pack for a expedition through this stunning country!

Sydney is like no other city in the world. With its bustling activity, gorgeous beaches and fantastic weather, Sydney needs to be a must on your Australian bucket list. Home to over 4 million residents, it is Australia’s largest city and its most toured destination with over 32 million visitors a year.

In the mood to travel to the land down under? Or, have you already booked your trip? From the vibrant cities, legendary Outback, sun-filled beaches to the world’s oldest rainforest, Australia has a diverse range to offer. Picture hopping on a plane to your dream destination. While extremely exciting, the anticipation up until departure can be quite… overwhelming. This is why we have curated the perfect Australia packing list that will keep you enjoying every second of your adventures. Happy packing!

Situated just south of Mexico, the nation of Guatemala is often overlooked by tourists in favor of nearby tropical destinations like Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico. However, this beautifully diverse country has remained a hidden tourist gem for decades. Home to some of the most impressive Mayan sites, along with rainforests, volcanos, lakes, and colonial cities, Guatemala has a lot to offer its visitors. Keep reading below for some of the top places to visit in this amazing country!

When considering which regions to visit during a trip to Italy, the beautiful “floating city” of Venice often is at the top of the list, and for good reason! This North Italian city is full of rich history and culture, and along with the classic sights and stops that have made Venice iconic, there are many surprises to add to your itinerary. Read on to discover the ultimate to-dos in Venice!

What does it take to be a Girlboss? How do you travel like a Girlboss? What happens when you get a bunch of Girlbosses in a room together, or in a foreign country five-thousand miles away from home? Can ten Girlbosses even travel together successfully?

During the holiday season, and even throughout the year, gift giving is fresh on every mind. As we remember those we love and wish to show them just how much we care, staying in a budget can be difficult. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the best travel gifts, all under $100!

India is one of the largest countries in the entire world, meaning that the weather and best time to visit varies from region to region. Travel and experience the beautiful landscapes of North India’s deserts and down to South India’s tropical greenery. From there and everywhere in between you will find endless experiences of food, people, culture and views. To help you make the best of your upcoming trip, we have developed this extensive guide breaking down the best times to visit India by its different regions:

When you’re preparing for an international trip, the excitement might have you daydreaming. In addition to organizing your itinerary, however, it’s important to take care of technical details like safety and protection. You don't want to be a target for thieves — or worse — when you travel abroad. Losing your wallet or arriving home to discover a shattered souvenir can spoil the joy of the trip.

Summertime often evokes images of frosty glasses full of ice-cold lemonade, scrumptious ice cream cones, and lazy days on a sandy beach with a great novel in hand. For most people, the lengthening days bring with them a much-anticipated break from school or a slower work schedule. It is no wonder that this season has become readily associated with vacation time! The lingering twilight, warm sunshine, and slower pace of life make the summer one of the best times of the year to adventure with those you love. Perhaps you hope to jet off on a romantic getaway to a faraway island, or maybe you want to simply seek respite from the heat in the coolness of the mountains either way, summer is the perfect time to explore the world. So, whether you are planning to visit the other side of the globe or just the other side of the country, here are some of my top vacation destinations to get you started thinking about your next summertime trip!

Heat oven to 375°F and arrange a rack in the middle. Pour enough olive oil on a rimmed baking sheet to just coat it, add the baguette slices and toss to coat. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Bake in a single layer until crostini are toasted and crisp, about 15 minutes, turning crostini halfway through.

The crostini can be made up to 4 days ahead store in an airtight container at room temperature.

Meanwhile, place ricotta in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, all of the lemon zest except a few pinches, a large pinch of salt, and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper. Stir vigorously with a spoon or whisk until the ricotta is light and airy. Taste and add more olive oil, lemon zest, salt, and pepper, as desired. Set aside until ready to use.

The ricotta mixture can be made up to 2 days ahead of time. Store refrigerated in an airtight container until ready to use.

Meanwhile, bring a medium saucepan of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the peas and cook until just tender, about 3 to 4 minutes, then drain and rinse with cold water.

The pea mixture (without the herbs) can be made up to 2 days ahead of time. Store refrigerated in an airtight container until ready to use fold in the herbs just before serving.

Transfer cooled peas to a medium nonreactive bowl, lightly mash peas with a potato masher or the back of a fork. Add olive oil, Pecorino cheese, half the lemon juice, and herbs, season with salt and pepper and stir to combine. Taste and adjust seasoning as desired.

To serve, top each crostini with about 1 tablespoon of ricotta, a spoonful of peas, and the remaining lemon zest. Drizzle with a good quality extra virgin lemon-infused olive oil (or truffle oil would work too) and serve.

I like to use the O Organics Meyer Lemon Olive Oil or even a good-quality truffle oil for garnishing this recipe.


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Machu Picchu & the Amazon Jungle Tour

Amazon Rainforest Tours

Renowned as the world’s largest jungle, the Amazon rainforest spans across 6 countries. The most diverse ecosystem on earth offers something for everybody – extraordinary landscapes, amazing wildlife, even visiting a shaman. Mix up your Amazon rainforest tours with a few days in Rio de Janeiro for a truly unique experience of South America’s most contrasting destinations.

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Rio de Janeiro & the Amazon Rainforest Tour
Rio, Ouro Preto and Brazil Amazon Tour

South America Cruises

Much of South America’s most spectacular scenery is best viewed from the water. Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s most renowned places for viewing wildlife. Or explore the isolated fjords and untamed lands of Patagonia on a luxury expedition cruise at the bottom of South America. Browse all South America cruises or start with these guest favorites:

Recommended South America Tours:
Luxury Galapagos Cruise & Ecuador Train Tour
Patagonia Cruise to Ushuaia, Torres del Paine & Santiago

Multi-Country South America Tours

From natural wonders and ancient civilizations to colonial villages and cosmopolitan cities – South America has it all. Why explore just one country when you can experience the best of South America with one extraordinary vacation package. Browse all multi-country tours or start with these three popular itineraries:

Recommended South America Tours:
World Wonders of South America
Chilean & Argentine Patagonia Tour
The South America Wine Tour

South America Custom Tours

Of course, every traveler to South America is unique – that’s why we highly recommend customizing your tour – a guaranteed 5-star experience all about you! You can customize any part of the tour ideas listed on our site or create your own South America custom tour.

Machu Picchu Tours

Rio de Janeiro Tours

Patagonia Tours

5 Best South America Tours for 2021

Tour Name Price Duration Description
South America Deluxe Tour from $4770 26 Days This deluxe tour is perfect for honeymooners or those who want to see the highlights of South America in style. On this deluxe tour, you will visit.
The Essence of Peru from $2890 15 Days Historic Lima, the Ballestas Isles (the 'Galapagos of Peru'), Nazca Lines, the white city of Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, mystic Cuzco, the Sacred Valley.
World Wonders of South America from $1990 11 Days The Iguazu Falls, located on the border of southern Brazil and northern Argentina, and the ruins of Machu Picchu, nestled in the cloud forest of.
Rio de Janeiro & the Amazon Rainforest Tour from $1450 8 Days Rio de Janeiro, the former capital nestled between tropical mountains and sea, welcomes you. Let nature dominate at the Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge.
Very Best of Argentina from $2500 13 Days Discover the Highlights of Argentina on this one-of-a-kind best of Argentina tour through the most scenic landscapes in Argentina. From the.

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