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Apple chimichangas recipe

Apple chimichangas recipe

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Soft tortillas are filled with apples, deep-fried and then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream for a scrumptious dessert!

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IngredientsServes: 15

  • 600g apple fruit filling
  • 100g cinnamon sugar
  • 15 soft tortillas
  • oil for frying

MethodPrep:15min ›Cook:7min ›Ready in:22min

  1. Heat apple fruit filling in a small pot over medium-low heat until warmed through, about 5 minutes.
  2. Place cinnamon sugar in a shallow dish.
  3. Spoon 1 1/2 tablespoons of fruit filling onto each tortilla. Fold in opposing edges and roll up as you would a burrito.
  4. Heat oil in a large, deep saucepan over medium heat.
  5. Place a batch of rolled tortillas seam-side down in the hot oil and fry until browned and crispy, 1 to 2 minutes. Turn and continue frying until all sides are browned, 1 to 2 minutes more.
  6. Place cinnamon sugar in a shallow dish. Roll the warm chimichangas in cinnamon sugar to coat.
  7. Repeat with remaining batches.

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Apple chimichangas recipe - Recipes

After an extended break, I am back to posting with my food blogging friends for #SundaySupper. Today is actually a very special day for #SundaySupper, because we are celebrating it's 1st birthday. (Throws a handful of confetti and blows on a noisemaker.)

I first learned about #SundaySupper several months ago, through my good friend Girlichef. #SundaySupper just sounded like something I wanted to be involved in, because I grew up eating dinner every day at the family table with my grandparents, and continue to do so with my hubby and four kiddies every day for lunch. And we really do have Sunday supper every Sunday with my father-in-law, Hubby's siblings and their families.

Anyway. to celebrate #SundaySuppers turning a year old, our theme this week is to cook something that has already been featured on #SundaySupper, by one of our fellow contributors. There have been so many mouth-watering recipes shared in the last 12 months of #SundaySupper, that it could have been a really difficult decision to narrow the choice down to just one. But thankfully that wasn't the case for me.

I fell in love with this recipe as soon as I saw it posted on Juanita's Cocina just a few months ago for the #SundaySupper Autumn Apple Party. Cinnamon Apple Chimichangas. Oh my! As beautiful as they looked, and as delicious as I imagined them to be, what really drew me to this recipe was that it looked like something my grandpa would have made. He loved apple desserts, and passed that love on to me.

When I first made Jen's Cinnamon Apple Chimichangas, I couldn't get over how delicious they were, from the warm, cinnamon spiced apple filling to the golden, crisp flour tortilla. (Sigh!) They reminded me of the fried apple pies you could get at McDonald's way back in the day, except these were SO much better! But Hubby said they reminded him of Toaster Strudels. That got me to thinking that these would make fort a tasty breakfast treat and wondered if they could be baked, kind of like mini-apple strudels. The results were just as delicious and they've been a big hit in our house ever since. I now keep a container of unbaked apple chimichangas in the fridge at all times. I love that they're small enough that I can toss a couple of them into our little toaster oven, while I make my morning cup of coffee.

Happy Birthday, #SundaySupper! And as we say here in Mexico, Que cumplas muchos años mas! (And many more!)

How to Make a Mini Apple Chimichanga

The key to making a perfect apple chimichanga at home is the tortilla.

A good flour tortilla should be paper thin and you should be able to see through it. When fried, the tortilla will flake on the edges like a pastry and little air bubbles will form that will fry to a crispy, light crunch.

Where to find thin flour tortillas?

Thin flour tortillas are hard to find in the grocery store so, I buy most of my tortillas at a Latin market downtown or a local Mexican food restaurant. The restaurants are happy to sell me a dozen or two.

If you buy your tortillas at the grocery store, just make sure the tortillas are as thin as possible and not the thick, doughy ones that have become so popular.

Use the same tart apples that you use for apple pies such as Granny Smith apples.

Peel the apples and dice them into small cubes.

Melt the butter and brown sugar together until it bubbles and foams. Stir the mixture until it thickens. Add cinnamon, if desired.

Add the apples to the thickened sugar/butter mixture. Stir and cook until tender.

Cut some of the edges make it easier to wrap the chimichanga but make sure to leave enough extra so that the tortilla will seal around the apples, you don’t want the sauce to run out in the oil.

Spoon the apple filling onto the center of a tortilla.

Wrap the tortilla firmly around the apple pie filling and secure it with a toothpick.

Deep Fry the Chimichangas

For the crispiest chimichangas, fry them until crispy and lightly brown all over. Drain them on paper towels.

To Serve Your Apple Chimichanga

Apple Chimichangas are delicious dusted with cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar.

You can also serve them “a la mode” with ice cream or whipped cream dusted with cinnamon.

In fact, they are delicious served with anything you would put on apple pie.

The original apple chimichanga recipe that my family loves have a powdered sugar glaze that is spread on while the chimi is hot. A dollop of buttercream icing is also good if the chimi is still warm.

I hope you give these crispy little bites a try! Be sure to let me how your friends and family like them.

You can always get in touch with me by leaving a comment here on Everyday Southwest OR you can follow the Everyday Southwest Facebook Page and leave a comment for me there. I’d love to hear about your favorite recipe and dinner ideas!

Apple Chimichangas

It’s apple season and I’ve been doing a little experimenting in my kitchen….and my husband didn’t mind being the taste tester!! He loved these Apple Chimichangas, in fact the next day when he came home from work the first things he said was that he’s been thinking about them all day and was hoping that there were still some left! I’ve always heard one way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

There are a few different ways to make these. You can use a tortilla instead of making your own wrap. This is an easier method and less time consuming. My husband is on a gluten free diet so I made the wraps from scratch with gluten free flour. They turned out great! Either way you choose they are sure to be a hit! If you use a tortilla make sure that you heat it up first so that it bends easily. You might even try getting it a little wet with your fingertips to help it stay closed while frying it.


This is an excellent dessert that you can whip up in a heartbeat and that you can easily make in batches. A pretty simple, not fussy dessert that needs only four essential ingredients. Deep-fried Chimichangas that your whole family will enjoy. This dessert hits all the sweet spots. A classic flavor combo that has been passed around for ages. My mom made these for me many times before and I never thought that I will be making these for my kids too. It is a fun dessert to make. My 7-year-old love helping me out and we both enjoyed the process. The tortillas are filled with apple pie filling and are deep-fried in hot vegetable oil and rolled in cinnamon sugar. A quick fix for the sweet tooth. I serve these sweet rolls a lot when I have guests. And they never fail to compliment how delicious these Chimichangas are. If all else fails, you can always pull this recipe out of your pocket. This recipe is to keep. So make sure to pin this and not lose this. You’ll never know. Give this a try and I promise, your family will crave this over and over again.


1 can apple pie filling
Vegetable oil for frying
1/2 cup cinnamon sugar (you can mix a tbsp of cinnamon with 3 tbsp of granulated sugar)
flour tortillas (15 of 6 inches)


Step 1: Drizzle the oil in a large deep skillet and heat over medium heat.

Step 2: Meanwhile, on each tortilla, scoop about 1/4 cup of the apple pie filling. Roll each tortilla like a burrito.

Step 3: Once the oil is hot, place the tortillas seam-side down in the skillet. Fry the tortilla until browned and crispy.

Step 4: Then, roll the cooked chimichangas in cinnamon sugar.

I recommend using caramel use as your topping. It works great with chimichangas.

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Apple Pie Chimichangas

Remember my Mexican Food Coma from THIS? Well then let’s continue it with one more Mexican inspired recipe for your sweet tooth! As I mentioned last time , Mexican food to be one of our favorite cuisines, I decided to turn classic apple pie to chimichangas.

Chimichanga is a deep fried pastry usually flour tortillas filled with vegetables or meat. Today I decided to turn them into something sweet and let me warn you, these are addictive! I used flour tortillas and filled them with apple filling from my Caramel Apple Pies and cooked them in butter and these hot crispy pockets get drizzled with caramel sauce. Usually I like to make my own caramel sauce but when running short on time, I like to go for my favorite Smucker’s toppings.

With Holiday mad rush, I find it easier to sometimes buy ready made toppings like these for my desserts which makes entertaining less stressful! And as I have mentioned hundreds of times before, Target is my go to place every time! I actually just look for excuses to go to Target and during this time of the year, I love all the holiday stuff they carry!

I suggest consuming them immediately when they are straight out of the pan, hot & crispy and drizzled with caramel sauce. You can also serve them with some vanilla ice cream! Your guests will be so impressed.

Follow along for a lot more delicious treats and life happenings on INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK ||PINTEREST ||TWITTER ||GOOGLE+

  • apple (cored and chopped) 2 2
  • zero-calorie granulated sweetener, such as splenda (divided use) 3 tbsp 3 tbsp
  • ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp 1/2 tsp
  • water 1/4 cup 1/4 cup
  • 8-inch whole wheat flour tortillas 4 4
  • nonstick cooking spray 1 1

Veggie Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast Quesadilla

Grilled Peaches with Fresh Blueberry Compote

Easy Baked Chimichangas

These Baked Chimichangas are an easy Mexican recipe that will have your family begging for more!

I was reading through a Rachel Ray magazine looking for some inspiration during meal planning and I saw a recipe for tomatillo pork chimichangas. It sounded delicious and I bookmarked it for another night. A few days later I was looking through our fridge trying to come up with something quick and easy for dinner. I saw some leftover pork from our favorite Dr. Pepper BBQ Sandwiches and I knew I had some tomatillo salsa in the cupboard. Awesome!

I was really hopeful that all the flavors would mesh well and I was even more hopeful that my kids might like it. I made 8 chimichangas and was floored when they were all eaten up. My kids each ate 2 whole ones! I couldn’t believe it.

We paired this up with my trusty old Mexican Rice recipe and some seasoned black beans. I think I might need to use this meat with the sauce instead of the ground beef with Baked or Fried Empanadas. I think all those flavors would mesh so well together too!

This was such an easy way to use up some leftover meat and I think the next time I make up the BBQ sandwiches I will make up a double batch of meat. That way there will be enough meat for the BBQ sandwiches and plenty for the chimichangas!

20 Unique Apple Dessert Recipes

After admiring some of these easy apple dessert recipes, I can see why the apple is considered the forbidden fruit. It’s natural flavor and sweetness makes for the best apple pie desserts. There are so many different ways to prepare a yummy apple dessert. Combined with the right ingredients–sugar, caramel, cinnamon, cream cheese, granola, chocolate, nuts, ice cream, coconut–it’s simply divine.

Check out some of these unique apple dessert recipes from some of the best food bloggers on the net. Because apples are most abundant in the Autumn season, they are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas treats, but can be devoured anytime of the year!

No Bake Caramel Apple Parfait

This first one is a delicious caramel apple parfait. Yes, please! The combined layers are irresistible and there’s no baking involved. Too easy to pass up.

Recipe: I Heart Eating

Apple Pie Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? But an apple pie cheesecake! They look good enough to die for. This amazing recipe wouldn’t last long in my house. My family has a bit of a sweet tooth mine the sweetest of them all.

Recipe: My Recipes

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

The biggest hit at the bake sale, for sure.

Recipe: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Snickers Caramel Apple Salad

This is by far the most unique apple dessert recipe I’ve seen so far! A Snickers caramel apple salad my two favorite sweets whipped up into an amazing indulgence. Candy bars are the one ingredient that I forget can be chopped up and added to any dessert parfait, salad, or mousse. They should just put those suckers in the baking aisle.

Recipe: Chef In Training

Apple Braid

This is an easy and beautiful looking apple braid dessert from Busy Mommy. She gives easy and thorough instructions on the preparation and baking process. Top it with cream cheese and almond slivers. Yum! I don’t see why you couldn’t also drizzle a little caramel or sprinkle a little cinnamon on top.

Recipe: Busy Mommy

Apple Dessert Bars

Apple dessert bars are perfect for taking to the office or giving out as gifts. You could wrap them each individually with a cellophane wrap and then trim them with holiday ribbon and a cute little gift tag.

Recipe: My Baking Addiction

Apple Nachos

I’m in love with this idea! Apple nachos! Bonus: It’s vegetarian and vegan friendly. Raw apples have just the right amount of crispness to act as a substitute for chips. Top them with all of your favorite goodies.

Recipe: Manifest Vegan

Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip

Like the idea of the apple nachos, but want something a little less messy? Consider a yummy caramel cheesecake dip! This would be perfect for a holiday dessert buffet and it’s made with just 4 simple ingredients.

Recipe: Instrupix

Apple Pie Chimichangas

Ok, this is a first. Apple pie chimichangas! This sounds like heaven. They are like fried apple pie burritos that have been covered in a cinnamon and sugar mixture and then drizzled with caramel. Oh my goodness!

Recipe: Juanita’s Cocina

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Cupcakes seem to be the most popular thing on the planet. I’ve seen so many different flavors and toppings, but I’m really digging the idea of this apple pie cupcake. You’re going to cut a cone shape out of the top of each cupcake to make room for your apple pie filling. Next, top with frosting or whipped cream, and enjoy.

Recipe: The Tale Of Two Kitchens

Apple Pie Apple

An apple pie apple. This is like a candied apple with several different layers of sweetness, only cut into yummy bite size pieces.

Recipe: The Cooking Of Joy

Apple Pie Bowls

I’ve seen the apple pie bowls all over Pinterest, and just had to include this on my list of unique apple pie desserts. The presentation is awesome, and it just looks like so much fun to make!

Recipe: Testado

Apple Pie Pizza

The reason I’m in love with the idea of an apple pie pizza is because you get so much more of the crispy granola, brown sugar, and pie crust in each bite with these recipes. It’s also an easy and fun apple dessert for kids.

Recipe The Girl Who Ate Everything

Apple Pie Pancakes & Waffles

Don’t forget about dessert for breakfast! Just like the pumpkin pie pancakes that I included on my Awesome Pumpkin Dessert Recipes, breakfast is the perfect excuse to indulge in something sweet.

Recipe: Desserts For Breakfast Recipe: Feast On The Cheap Recipe: Just Putzing

It only takes a minute and they will love you for it!

Thank You!

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