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Silver Wedding Cake

Silver Wedding Cake

My parents have been married for 25 years, so I surprised them with this cake :) I achieved different things, including the wonderful 25 years. So I made two bottles: one pink - which means their daughter (meaning me) and one blue which means their son. We also made our puppy that we have had for more than two years, the two wedding rings and a replica of the parents' napkin used on the wedding day.

The interior is vanilla top with cream cheese and whipped cream.

Was once upon a time

This is how all beautiful stories begin. And so has this beginning of this custom of the anniversary of love, which has reached the beautiful age of 25 years. It is an ancient rite, which has its roots in the Roman Empire. However, what has come to be preserved even today, more precisely the so-called silver wedding, seems to have become better known in the medieval period, on French territory. At that time, wealthy men gifted their consorts with a fine silver crown, a symbol of lasting love. Christians are accustomed to, on this occasion, to somewhat reconstruct the wedding that united their destinies from the beginning, respecting, for the most part, about the same traditions, with special clothes, godparents, guests and all that, differing only the material from which they are made. wedding rings.

Year 25: Silver Wedding

Associated flowers: Iris

Associated precious stone: Tsavorit (stone of abundance)

It is called the Silver Wedding because, long ago, the spouses gave their wives, on the occasion of this anniversary, a silver crown. The first anniversary of the Church was recorded in England in 1624 (Silver Brides). In Germany, the term was described in a 1806 letter ("Silver Party"). The 25th anniversary of marriage is a major milestone in the life of any couple, and it should not go unnoticed.

Gifts for partners

For the Silver Wedding, a renewal of vows and the addition of silver wedding rings are celebrated. You can give your partner silver objects or a painting with your favorite picture from the wedding, in a silver frame.

Birthday gifts

  • Silver decorative objects.
  • A watch with silver pieces.
  • Silver plated pens.
  • Set for serving wine inlaid with silver.
  • A silver jewelry box.

Silver Wedding Cake 2

We are always happy to make silver wedding cakes and even more to decorate them with elegance and refinement, with edible lace and flowers.
How did you imagine the cake for the beautiful silver wedding?

Wedding cakes

To ensure that it is as you wished, in Armand Confectionery, each order for the wedding cake and candy bar, has a special treatment consisting of free consulting and tasting with our cake designer who will help you you choose the perfect taste for your guests, the theme and the details of the cake that will tell your love story.

The wedding cake must not only be spectacular, but also tasty and refined, and for decorations you can be inspired by the catalog with the entire collection of models provided by Armand Confectionery, all to create a unique, elegant and special cake.

The theme can be one of your common passions or even an important detail of your life together, and the sweet decorations on the cake can be the accessories on the wedding dress (lace, precious stones or embroidery), or can be inspired by the bride's bouquet. or floral arrangements.

At the meeting with the cake designer, Armand Confectionery, you will be able to taste the available cake assortments for free and you will view the entire catalog of models for wedding cakes. Besides all this, you will be advised about the optimal quantity, the right theme and the perfect color palette for a fairytale cake.

We guarantee that we use only the best quality ingredients, brought from Belgium, France or from certified Romanian manufacturers and we are against preservatives and additives.

If you are not convinced, we are waiting for you with great pleasure to cross our threshold and to be attracted by the special aromas of the cakes that we prepare very carefully every day.

The significance of wedding keychains & # 8211 This is why this tradition has been preserved at some weddings

The tradition of wedding keychains which is put in the cake is one full of romance and elegance. Understanding this tradition is part of the fun of selecting wedding cake accessories. Wedding keychains date back to the Victorian era. In those days, small silver keychains were attached inside the wedding cake to which ribbons were attached. During the wedding reception, the bridesmaids and other bride and groom (the knights of honor, the ring-bearer, the little girl with flowers, etc.) pulled the ribbons and took those keychains out of the cake. This ceremony was called "cake pull" and is still practiced today in the southern United States.

Today, this tradition is not limited to bridesmaids and other wedding participants. Children, the groom's parents, as well as other guests, can also gather around the cake. Before the cake is cut, the guests pull the ribbons and take the keychains out. Each keychain represents a prediction about the future and is also a nice memory related to the wedding.

Incorporating keychains in the wedding cake

If you want to include this tradition in your own wedding, you will need to find a confectioner who understands how the process is done. The keychains do not bake with the cake. Instead, they are hidden, either between the cake tops or under the bottom countertop, making them easy to insert and remove. The ribbons usually used are made of satin and are white.

If you are going to make your own cake, here's how to successfully incorporate wedding keychains:
• Bake the cake tops as usual.
• Put the icing over the cake, but be careful not to cover the edges of the tops. The edges of the countertops will be covered with glaze after the keychains are inserted.
• Insert the keychains between the cake tops or between the bottom top and the tray.
• Make sure you insert the keychains around so that the ribbons protrude evenly through all sides of the cake.
• Add the rest of the icing to cover the edges of the cake.

The meanings of keychains

This tradition of keychains is no longer just related to the wedding cake. In fact, the tradition came to be adopted at the bachelorette party. Wedding keychains represent a variety of symbols and depending on the shape they have, their meanings can be:
• Ring - future marriage
• Heart - a new love
• Kite - a fun life
• Lily flower - love will flourish, prosperity
• Four-leaf clover - good luck in life
• Anchor - adventure awaits you
• A star - your wish will come true
• A thimble - you will remain unmarried
• Hot air balloon - a life full of adventure and travel
• Butterfly - eternal beauty
• A wreath of flowers - happy life

The bride can buy sets that include various keychains, or she can buy individual keychains to coordinate with the wedding theme. For example, for a beach wedding, the bride can use keychains in the shape of dolphins, shells, anchors, boats and fish.

What happens to these keychains after the ceremony? The answer to this question solves the problem of gifts given to bridesmaids. Many brides buy bracelets on which this type of keychain can be added. Some guests can return the cake keychains to the bride, and she can add them to her bracelet, thus creating a nice new memory from her wedding day. You can buy these keychains either online, or from jewelry stores, or even from stores specializing in weddings. Incorporating the tradition of keychains into the wedding cake can be a fun way to add more significance to this event and also to create new beautiful memories.

Silver wedding gift & # 8211 recommendations

Recommendations and ideas inspired by the silver wedding gift that you can use on the 25th anniversary of the civil wedding. The silver wedding is an important event in the life of a couple and should be given the attention it deserves.

Any couple celebrating 25 years of marriage deserves to be appreciated, so the most suitable silver wedding gift should be a special one as well as the event itself.

Silver wedding gift & # 8211 recommended from the collection for the couple and the bride and groom

You can focus on the most appropriate birthday gift, taking into account the following ideas:

  • Silver gifts
  • Crystal gifts
  • Silver plated gifts
  • Personalized gifts

Because we are talking about 25 years of marriage, we are talking about maturity, love, tolerance and friendship. So the gift offered in such situations must represent elegance and good taste.

Silver wedding anniversary gift, set of two fine porcelain cups 25 years of marriage, Amore by Juliana

1. Silver objects

During the religious ceremony, celebrants often give themselves silver wedding rings, so you can also offer such gifts. If you want to make your mark on the gifts, you can choose to personalize the objects you offer to the couple.

You can leave a meaningful message, or simply a famous quote describing the intensity of the event.

Silver watches, silver frames, shirt buttons, bracelets, are some of the jewelry that can be given as a gift to loved ones who have the opportunity to celebrate this event.

2. Crystal objects

Crystal objects have been considered works of art for hundreds of years. Since the 17th century, crystal objects, which contain lead oxide, have been associated with luxury, good taste and elegance. So crystals are perfect for silver wedding gift.

The complex process of obtaining this type of glass is a special craft and is still practiced exactly as several hundred years ago by Czech specialists in Bohemia.

You can choose one of the sets of wine glasses with specific design. If you want to add personality to the gift, add a 25-year-old wine bottle. If you opt for brandy, choose the right set of glasses, etc.

Chandeliers, tips, crystal photo frames are also suitable objects for such events, so they should not be ignored.

Also here, I would include the sets of crystal glasses. You can choose sets of two crystal glasses for him and her. As well, you can choose sets of six crystal glasses for the family.

Whether you choose wine glasses, champagne glasses or whiskey glasses, it is important to choose glasses made of quality crystal. Bohemian crystal can be the starting point if you have chosen to offer glasses.

3. Collectibles for the house

You can offer boxes of precious jewelry, of different shapes such as the Faberge egg.

Faberge eggs are collectibles. These are real pieces of art, created for crowned heads, so they can be offered as a gift for such special events.

Fabrege eggs have long been exclusive objects, and their cost is exorbitant.

Their replicas, however, are real, more affordable jewelry that creates a strong impression.

Zoffoli globe bar

It is the perfect gift for the 25th anniversary of marriage. Both the husband and the wife will be happy to have a piece of collectible furniture in the house. In addition, it is a useful accessory, perfect for your home.

Sets of fine porcelain cups or mugs

Choose a set of coffee or espresso cups, made of the finest porcelain.

A set of two fine porcelain cups can be just as good as the ones below. It can be a set of coffee cups inscribed with a special message dedicated to the 25th anniversary.

Set of two mugs for the 25th wedding anniversary

4. Silver plated gifts

Juliana's collection of gifts for couples and grooms includes a lot of silver-plated gifts, beautifully crafted and presented in elegant boxes.

Photo album decorated with silver heart and certificate holder, silver plated, Juliana collection Certificate box, silver rings and silver horseshoe Amore by Juliana

Frame in the shape of wedding rings and box for marriage certificate

5. Personalized or engraved gift

You can choose a personalized gift by engraving. A crystal trophy is an inspired idea.

25 years of living together for better or worse deserve a prize, a trophy from loved ones. You can choose a crystal trophy to be personalized with an engraved message, especially for this occasion.

Where can you buy a silver wedding gift?

To order, enter the online store, in the section for couple and bride and groom! To confirm the stock, please call the Juliana store phone number: 0785 232 325!

Earth globe bar for dining

The antique globe bar from the Safari collection from Zoffoli is the perfect gift for the couple, on the occasion of the anniversary.

Of course, you can choose a globe from the classic collection from Zoffoli. It's just as beautiful.

The Safari collection differs from the classic one by the lighter shades of the paper that decorate the globe.

Dream cakes from Armand Confectionery

The delicacy of this wedding cake is offered by the purity of orchids, sensitive, beautiful flowers, handmade and colored in shades of purple and lilac.

A royal cake pattern, decorated with elegant lace and highlighted by a few red roses, handmade petal by petal & # 8211 a suitable option for a refined wedding.

In pastel shades, the garland of roses with which I decorated this wedding cake gives it a note of elegance and refinement. Pearls and brooch are some of the delicate and elegant little details.

If you also like butterflies, you will be pleased to present to your guests this wedding cake decorated in a cascade, in shades of royal blue.

If you are looking for an elegant, refined cake model that will tell your story in the most appropriate way, then the Ivory wedding cake, decorated with orchids and delicate lace, is the perfect choice. The colors and assortment of the cake are your choice.

Delicate pink is a wedding cake created especially to tell the love story of future spouses, decorated with elegance and refinement, this is definitely the show of the evening.

The royal details of this cake are the ones that take it out of the ordinary and give it a noble air. The monogram can be customized.

Split into two halves, it is one of the most unique models of wedding cakes. The two equal halves are completed by a lot of colorful flowers, all handmade petal by petal. Dare to have a spectacular cake at your wedding.

9. British royal cake

Every woman dreams of being treated like a princess on her wedding day, so we come to complete this dream with a fabulous, elegant and last but not least, royal cake. It is a replica of the well-known cake that paid homage to the wedding of Prince William and his beautiful wife, Kate Middleton. It is decorated with over 900 handmade flowers, signifying eternal love, purity, protection, innocence, simplicity, happiness and fruitfulness. The cake in the picture was made for a wedding of 400 people and was about 1.4 meters high and 1.2 m at the base. This cake takes about two weeks, so the order must be placed three weeks before the date of delivery.

In Armand Confectioneries, you can taste their products, but you have to call them in advance for an appointment. You also benefit from free transport to Bucharest for orders of at least 150 lei.

Here are some other great wedding cakes that you can buy for the big day.

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12 models of funny wedding cakes

Wedding cakes with funny figurines are starting to be more and more popular at such events. They can be chosen either according to the bride and groom's personality or according to their hobbies, it is certain that the moment when they will be taken out in front of the guests will be an extremely happy one. See 12 models of wedding cakes from which you can be inspired for your event!

The figurines in which the groom tries in vain to escape the marriage occupy an important place in the top of the funniest wedding cakes. Whether he is caught with a fishing rod or pulled over his shoulders, the groom has no escape.

The funny "war" between the groom and the bride does not end here. The more daring people can choose torture models in which the figurines fight in all kinds of poses meant to arouse the laughter of those present.

Are you a brave couple who are not afraid of criticism? Then opt for a cake in which the figurines kiss with passion or compete with the famous characters Ms. & amp Mrs. Smith.

What does a groom do who loses his bride? He waits a little longer for her to return from shopping, looks for her through the top of the cake or "finds" another.

Usually, a wedding cake has the bride and groom in the foreground, but a funny model who will have some figurines with some of the guests, such as close friends or family, will arouse curiosity and make everyone laugh.

Which of these funny wedding cakes do you like the most?

If you want to celebrate at church & # 8230

If you also want to celebrate through a church service, keep in mind that you must speak, in advance, at the church chosen with the parish priest to schedule you. It will not be a second wedding ritual, but a service of thanksgiving to God, for the years spent with the loved one. It can be made, upon request and if possible, right at home at the "bride and groom". It would be good for the godparents at the wedding to be present if they are still alive or for another family to hold the candles. These do not have to be "wedding", but two candles of the right size, made of pure wax, are enough. You don't even need the wedding dress anymore. You can dress the way you want for this holiday.

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