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Chocolate pralines filled with ness cream - Valentine`s day

Chocolate pralines filled with ness cream - Valentine`s day

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It's not a great philosophy, just a lot of care and a lot of chocolate, everywhere :))).

First we prepare the cream, we mix the nougat cream with the whipped cream, we beat well, then we add the ness. Mix well to dissolve the ness, then add the butter and chopped walnuts. Melt the chocolate with the oil, I don't use butter because I suffered it and the chocolate powder was made, so it's best with oil :) and pour a little in each form and walk the chocolate on the walls of the form, I tried on two forms, the first date.

I put the shapes in the freezer to make things work faster :) make sure that the walls are not thin, because when you take them out of shape you risk breaking. I took it out of the freezer and put the cream, not much, so that when you pour the chocolate it is at a level with the shape and I poured the chocolate to cover the cream. I put the form back in the freezer and left it for 10 minutes.

After that I took out the shape, I overturned it on a plate and I lobbed the shape with the knife, they came out perfect, I thought it wouldn't come out :) and I have to melt the chocolate again and find another way. I did the same with the following pieces. Powder with cocoa and decorate with strawberries dipped in chocolate, a delicious combination!

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