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dough I made it in the bread machine, I put the ingredients in order and I set the kneading and leavening program. When it was ready, I took out the dough on the floured table and spread a rectangular sheet 0.5 cm thick.

For the filling, I mixed the melted butter with the sugar and cinnamon and I spread it on the whole surface of the dough. I rolled it lengthwise and got a roll, which I cut with a sharp knife into 1.5 cm thick pieces.

Put the rolls in the tray lined with baking paper, with the twisted side up, to look like a snail :). Leave the tray in a warm place for another 20 minutes, until the rolls double in volume.

Place the tray in the preheated oven, over medium heat, until lightly browned.

Meanwhile, prepare the glaze. Mix the soft butter with the cream cheese and gradually add a tablespoon of powdered sugar until you get a fine and soft cream.

Remove the rolls from the oven and immediately glaze with cream cheese.

The best and worst foods for sore muscles

When you get dressed, squat down to the toilet, or lift your bag, it feels worse than the workout itself, you're probably dealing with delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Resolving causes small micro-tears in your muscles, and the process of rebuilding these fibers provides strength and muscle mass (i.e. those big gains).

Pain is part of the muscle building process, but by supplementing your workout with the right diet, you can minimize the pain and move on the next day. Here are the best and worst foods to help your sore muscles.

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