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8 TV Drinks We'd Like to See In Real Life

8 TV Drinks We'd Like to See In Real Life

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Photo Strawberry Martini Modified: Flickr/daspunkt/CC 4.0

We feel you, Courtney Cox.

Let's make one thing clear: we are totally on board with all the TV show-drink collaborations we've been seeing lately. The Game of Thrones brew from Brewery Ommegang was killer, as is, we expect, the newest IPA collaboration for Breaking Badmade by Marble Brewery. And obviously, we can't forget about the Downton Abbey-themed wines that launched this summer. The more we thought about it (and reminded ourselves to binge-watch Breaking Bad on Netflix to get ready for the premiere), we wondered — what other beer/ TV show collaborations could we come up with?

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After all, the shows on today are quite literally pouring on the booze, thick. Like that one little well-known show — oh, what's it called, Mad Men? Don't tell us you really drank Old Fashioneds before that show came on. And we feel for Courtney Cox's character on Cougartown when she starts downing the red wine (and simultaneously reach for our own). So we started daydreaming how we'd want to be drinking with our favorite characters and shows; after all, with fall premieres just around the corner, we need to gear up for all of our TV watch parties.

Here's a few of the ideas that we had for the next big TV-drink collaborations — Jake Johnson, we're here whenever you want to talk beer choices. Same goes for you, Jon Hamm.