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Meatball soup

Meatball soup

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The minced meat is mixed with the egg, parsley leaves, garlic, semolina, salt and pepper. The meatballs are formed.

All the vegetables (except the tomatoes) are finely chopped and put to harden; when they have penetrated well, add water (~ 4 liters) and the bones for the soup. Let it all boil very well, then add finely chopped tomatoes or tomato juice. Season to taste. Towards the end, add the meatballs.

When all is cooked, take the soup off the heat and let it "calm down" (~ 20-30 min). Then beat the eggs well with a fork and put them in the soup ... (in the beaten eggs add a little soup so as not to make "rags" and the soup to be fine).

It grows to taste!

Serve with sour cream and hot peppers!