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Watch: Here’s a Preview of ‘BBQ Rules’ with Pitmaster Myron Mixon, Premiering Saturday, July 11

Watch: Here’s a Preview of ‘BBQ Rules’ with Pitmaster Myron Mixon, Premiering Saturday, July 11

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Take a lesson from the winningest man in barbecue

Legendary pitmaster Myron Mixon will show you why he’s the three-time World Champion.

On Saturday, July 11, Discovery’s Destination America will premiere BBQ Rules, a brand-new show from a familiar face in American barbecue — pitmaster Myron Mixon.

Mixon, whom you have seen on Destination America shows BBQ Pitmasters and Pitwars, will teach you the rules of barbecue alongside his son, Michael.

And trust us, if there’s anyone who can teach you what you need to know about barbecue, it’s Myron Mixon, whose position as the three-time winner of the World Championship Barbecue has earned him the nickname “the winningest man in barbecue.”

We can’t tell you exactly what’s on the menu yet, but there’s at least one thing “that’s so good, it’ll make your tongue slap your brains out.” If, for some strange reason, you’re trying to stick to a diet right now, say goodbye to your self-control.

Watch a promo for BBQ Rules below and tune into Discovery’s Destination America at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 11.

Whole Hog Pitmaster Ricky Parker has passed

The Southern Foodways Alliance alerted us to the passing of Whole Hog BBQ legend Ricky Parker.

Mr Parker was taken far too soon from us. At 51 years of age he was still relatively young gentleman. With our country seeing a resurgence in interest and passion for BBQ, there was hope that he would be able to see a revival of a tradition he loved so dearly.

I wrote a bit about Parker HERE concerning his specific style of cooking and his preferred hog breeds.

Parker definitely wasn't a celebrity pitmaster. He wasn't particularly known save for a few foodies and even amongst those, very few understood exactly what he was doing and what he was preserving. When I was in college, my linguistics professor was collector of rare and dying languages. A brilliant man, he noted that we can collect data for future generations to study and make contributions to Linguistic Theory. However, any attempts to preserve dying languages are sadly futile. Regional barbecue styles are like languages. Even in its limitation of expression it can sometimes most clearly describe who we are.

Barbecue has become more popular now than ever before. Television shows, forums, Youtube videos, all point to the fact that people really care. Not only do they care they're opening their wallets for good BBQ. Real BBQ. Parker sadly is no longer with us to see the next chapter. Hopefully he will have inspired the next generation in Western Tennessee to continue the art of whole hog cookery. Express to us the public and to themselves their heritage in the living language of smoke.

Watch: Here’s a Preview of ‘BBQ Rules’ with Pitmaster Myron Mixon, Premiering Saturday, July 11 - Recipes

A Celebrated Pitmaster on His Long Road to Recovery

Jordan Jackson once ran the pits at one of the best joints in the state—Bodacious Bar-B-Q, in Longview—but he says the drinking and the pressure were too much. Now he’s working for Aaron Franklin as he starts to rebuild his life.

BBQ News Roundup: Meat-Cutting Robots and 3D-Printed Steak

Plus: Cananda misunderstands Texas barbecue.

Aaron Franklin Will Be the Next Texan to Join the Barbecue Hall of Fame

The honor comes as his business struggles to break even during the pandemic.

Dining Guide: Highlights From Our April 2020 Issue

Texas Monthly adds and updates approximately sixty restaurant listings to our Dining Guide each month. There’s limited space in the print issue, but the entire searchable guide to the best of Texas cuisine is at your fingertips online! Below are a few highlights from the new restaurants reviewed in our April 2020

Aaron Franklin on How to Clean Your Smoker

Take care of your pit, and it will take care of you.

Franklin Barbecue Pits Begins Building Its Backyard Smokers

Aaron Franklin’s new Austin welding shop says it will get the first batch to customers by Memorial Day.

Your Filthy Barbecue Pit Is Not “Seasoned”

Pitmasters should stop using the term to justify cooking in dirty smokers.

BBQ News Roundup: RIP “Smokey” John Reaves, a Top 50 Joint For Sale, and Great Chain Barbecue

Plus: Your chance to buy an Aaron Franklin backyard smoker.

There’s Something Better Than Brisket at Franklin Barbecue

The Saturday-only special of beef short ribs outdoes everything else on the menu. Just be prepared to pay big bucks.

The Best New Barbecue Books of 2019 So Far

This year's crop of smoked-meat cookbooks includes everything from an 18th-century recipe to the latest techniques for unusual dishes.

Aaron Franklin Teaches a MasterClass in Barbecue

The Austin pitmaster spills seemingly all the secrets to making his phenomenal brisket in a new video series.

BBQ News Roundup: Pulled Pork’s Rise in Texas, Dickey’s Does Dubai, and Franklin’s Breakfast Tacos

Plus, Texas Tech is to competitive meat judging what Alabama is to college football.

Aaron Franklin: “There’s Always People in a Three-Hour Line Hoping You Fail”

On this week’s National Podcast of Texas, the celebrated Austin pitmaster discusses the first ten years of Franklin BBQ, the psychology of expectations, and next week’s Hot Luck Fest.

BBQ News Roundup: Busting Brisket Myths, Obama Loves Texas Barbecue, and New Fort Worth Joints

Plus: the best steak that Aaron Franklin ever ate.

Jordan Mackay on “Franklin Steak,” Favorite Wine Pairings, and Working With Aaron Again

The meat whisperer and the book whisperer have teamed up again, and this time, it’s all about steak.

Well Done! Aaron Franklin Takes on Steak in His New Book

Along with Jordan Mackay, the acclaimed pitmaster writes the definitive guide to steaks, which is out now.

Take a First Look at Aaron Franklin’s Steak Cookbook

In April, the pitmaster and Jordan Mackay will follow up their barbecue best-seller with recipes and tips for grilling their favorite cuts.

Aaron Franklin’s Guide to This Year’s Hot Luck

For year two of Austin's food and music festival, which starts Thursday, the pitmaster walks us through the fun.

Much-Anticipated Loro Is Open: This Bite Sums It Up

The bavette exemplifies Aaron Franklin and Tyson Cole's ambitious collaboration.

Exclusive Look at Loro, Aaron Franklin and Tyson Cole’s New Eatery

The long-awaited collaboration between two of the state’s biggest names in food opens April 4. Here’s a sneak peek.

Hot Luck Festival Reveals Lineup

Co-founder Aaron Franklin says he's excited about the four-day food and music extravaganza, happening this May in Austin.

Aaron Franklin and Tyson Cole Join Forces at Loro

Aaron Franklin, Tyson Cole, and Jack Yoss come together to form a culinary dream team.

Chatting With Aaron Franklin After the Fire

Franklin Barbecue—arguably the most famous barbecue joint in the world—was hit by a major fire that destroyed its pit room and damaged other parts of the building. We chatted with co-owner Aaron Franklin about life after the fire.

Treif No More at Franklin Barbecue

Aaron Franklin goes kosher for the day.

Franklin Barbecue (Top 50)

Four years ago, Franklin Barbecue was our hands-down pick for best barbecue in the state (i.e., the world). A couple of years later, Aaron Franklin published a best-selling cookbook and won a James Beard award for best chef in the region, a first for a pitmaster. He’s the most famous

The TM General Store Is Open!

This just in: Texas Monthly’s curated BBQ Collection of made-in-Texas artisan goods.

Hot Luck Preview

Aaron Franklin’s Hot Luck festival will debut in Austin in a couple weeks. Despite Franklin’s involvement, this isn’t strictly a barbecue festival, but smoked meat fans needn’t worry. There are still plenty of talented pitmasters coming to Austin for the highly anticipated food festival. The Hi Lo and Al

Franklin Barbecue in Sweden

Although he runs Franklin Barbecue out of Austin, Aaron Franklin is known worldwide for his barbecue. Franklin’s smoked meats are respected by his peers and revered by critics, and he has a James Beard Award to prove it. He has shared his knowledge through his show, BBQ With Franklin, and his

Brisket at the Beards

Last year, Aaron Franklin made history by being the first pitmaster to win in the Best Chef category at the James Beard Awards. He’s back at the awards ceremony in Chicago this year with the dish that got him the 2015 prize. Franklin packed up twenty

Feast Forward

How much does Feast Portland tell us about the food festival Aaron Franklin will be starting in Austin next year?

Franklin Barbecue Has Killed The Professional Line-Waiter Mini-Economy

How is thirteen-year-old Desmond going to save for a car now?

Franklin for President

With all the candidates thus far who have entered the 2016 run for president, the logos and mottos abound. Our new crop of Texas Monthly interns figured that none of the candidates matched the qualifications of one Aaron Franklin, proprietor of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, so they made some alterations to the

A James Beard for Barbecue

Aaron Franklin did it. Last night the owner and pitmaster at Austin’s Franklin Barbecue became the first ever pitmaster recognized in any “best chef” category of the annual James Beard Foundation Awards. (See this earlier post for more on the significance of the win) For the

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Aaron Franklin is giving us the keys to his barbecue kingdom. Some of his meat smoking secrets have already been leaked via his YouTube series BBQ With Franklin, and more is to come with a new PBS series of the same name, but his upcoming book

Scrubbing Out Austin’s BBQ Growth?

If you live on the outskirts of Austin, your suburb might be the new target for barbecue joints looking to open in Travis County. That is if prospective restaurateurs see a new resolution from the Austin City Council as too onerous. It requires that barbecue smokers (and other wood-fired cooking devices)

A Barbecue Man in a Quiche Town

Barbecue’s reputation in the culinary world has turned a corner. Last week the nominations for the New York based James Beard Foundation’s annual awards were announced, and a pitmaster was among the names that were otherwise a roll call of haute cuisine. Under the heading “Best Chef: Southwest”

Aaron Franklin, Author

Pitmaster, pit builder, television star, dad – these all define Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue. By next year you’ll also be able to call him an author. Not only was his new television series with KLRU announced two weeks ago, but now comes

Franklin Barbecue T.V.

Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue is getting a TV show. If you’ve enjoyed the BBQ with Franklin series on Youtube, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a lot more coming. KLRU produced the popular web series, and this year they’ll shoot ten episodes with Franklin

Interview: John Lewis of La Barbecue

Owner/Pitmaster: La Barbecue Opened 2012 Age: 35 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Post Oak I talked to John Lewis over the phone while he was making preparations at La Barbecue to open up the following day. John Lewis became the pitmaster at La Barbecue on November,

How to Slice a Brisket

When I’m watching a brisket being sliced, a few things make me shudder, like the aggressive purr of an electric knife, the whine of a deli slicer, and, the worst offense, watching the fat cap being discarded (but we’ll save that for another column). I’ll concede that there are several ways

How to Slice a Brisket

Friends don't let friends slice with the grain.

BBQ Anatomy 101: The Slaughter

For three days this week I was a student at Beef 101, an intensive course taught by the Texas A&M University meat science staff, led by Dr. Davey Griffin, Dr. Jeff Savell, and Ray Riley. The class covers everything about cattle, from the time

In Defense of Gassers

Can you get the same quality barbecue from a gas-fired rotisserie?

In Defense of Gassers

For one night last week, Franklin Barbecue was transported from Austin to New York. Texas Monthly brought Aaron Franklin and his kitchen manager, Braun Hughes, to cook a little barbecue in the pit of Hill Country Barbecue Market in Manhattan. Tickets for the event sold out in less than a

“The Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait” to Air on KLRU

On Thursday, June 6, KLRU will air a television special entitled The Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait. The documentary details the experience of five BBQ pitmasters (Myron Mixon, Johnny Trigg, Jaime Geer, Nicole Davenport, and George Stone) and their trip to a military base in Kuwait to create a

Interview: Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue

Aaron Franklin Owner/Pitmaster: Franklin Barbecue in Austin opened in 2009 Age: 35 Smoker: Five steel offset smokers made from 1000 gallon propane tanks that are 5/16” thick. Wood: Post oak. Some seasoned, some green. Last week, I sat down with Aaron Franklin over a tray of ribs and brisket at

Franklin Barbecue

The best barbecue joint in Texas is only four years old. This is an unusual development, but one that will surprise no one familiar with Franklin Barbecue, which, since opening in 2009, in a trailer off Interstate 35, has built a cult following for its meats. Has any other restaurant

13 Rules For Having Fun At SXSW

It's already two days into SXSW Music. It's crowded. The schedule app is overwhelming. But the festival is what you make of it. 13 personal rules from Texas Monthly Senior Editor Jason Cohen, whose first SXSW was in 1991

John Mueller Meat Co.

You may remember last October when John Mueller was shut out of his well-regarded JMueller BBQ trailer on South First Street in Austin. He wasn’t happy about it, to say the least, but stayed quiet, plotting his return. That

Sunday, December 19, 2010

BBQ for Christmas

I don't inject anything into the brisket, but usually inject a mixture of apple juice (3 cups), honey (1/2 cup), and whatever spice rub (3 TBSPs) I'm using into the pork butts. Those amounts work well for two pork butts. You would need to adjust the quantities accordingly for less or more meat as desired.

Here's a video of the pictures from the prepping and cooking process if you'd like to see them:

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The World of Little House

The World of Little House. Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson. 1996. 160 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: We know Laura Ingalls Wilder best through her nine Little House books, which tell the story of her life as a pioneer girl.

Premise/plot: This biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder would be perfect for upper elementary or middle schoolers. In some ways it's "just" a biography, but, in other ways it's so much more than that. One thing that I loved about it, for example, is the inclusion of HOUSE PLANS for all the houses Laura Ingalls Wilder lived! That plus the inclusion of crafts and recipes and extension activities really just made me happy.

For any reader who loves the book series or even the television series, this one is a fun and easy-going read.

My thoughts: While I didn't learn anything "new" about Laura Ingalls Wilder, I found it a fun, delightful presentation of what I already knew. The only book that truly was packed with I-didn't-know that information was the recently released PIONEER GIRL. This biography shares an intended audience range of the actual books. So one could go from the series to this biography smoothly. (I can't imagine a fourth or fifth grader picking up PIONEER GIRL and finishing it. Pioneer Girl just has SO MANY footnotes.)

Easy to recommend this one!

Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship

Louise and Andie. The Art of Friendship. Kelly Light. 2016. 40 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Art, this is the BEST day ever! I'm so excited to meet our new neighbor. I hope she loves art too.

Premise/plot: Louise and Art are back in a second book! (Though the focus is on Louise and not her adorable, little brother Art!) Louise and Andie, the girl next door, become good friends quickly. But things don't stay wonderful long, soon, these two realize they have artistic differences. Can this friendship be saved?!

My thoughts: Loved this one. I did. I really loved it. It is so important--no matter your age--that you learn how to resolve conflict! I love seeing this friendship endure the stress of a big argument. I love that these two are able to work things out and really come to know and appreciate each other better.

Text: 5 out of 5
Illustrations: 5 out of 5
Total: 10 out of 10

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