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Green beans with chicken hammers at Multicooker

Green beans with chicken hammers at Multicooker

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Laurențiu-Ionel, since he “landed” in Zmelior's house, has no rest;) So now we have subjected him to new tests;) He seems to be doing his job very well;)

  • chicken hammers 12 pieces,
  • pods approx. 500 g,
  • yellow onion 1 piece,
  • carrots 2 pieces,
  • celery stalks 3 pieces,
  • dill 1 link,
  • iodized salt,
  • freshly ground pepper,
  • 3 tablespoons rapeseed oil,
  • paprika 1 g,
  • tomatoes approx. 2 pieces.

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Green beans with chicken hammers at Multicooker:

The multicooker connects to the power source, press the Menu key, then program FRY for approx. 10 minutes, add the rapeseed oil and six cleaned and washed hammers. After the time has expired, do the same with the other six hammers;) Meanwhile, clean the yellow beans and break them into larger pieces. After partially frying, the hammers are removed from the bowl, then in the remaining sauce, fry the onion, carrot, finely chopped celery oil in the FRY program for about 10 minutes;) Then place a layer of pods. , alias yellow beans;), hammers, then beans again;) Season with salt, pepper, paprika, complete with approx. 500 ml of cold water and tomato pieces. Set the appliance to STEW for 1 hour;) After the time has elapsed, add the finely chopped dill;) Tasty I can say, especially since no food steam was felt at all in the kitchen;)

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